Tuesday, 12 July 2011

roundup summer 2010

Hi guys!

To keep myself inspired and to make me aware of how my style is everchanging I thought it would be cool to post my favourite looks of last year's summer. Okay, I borrowed this idea from Tieka of Selective Potential who posted a wonderful summary of her past summer favourites the other day.
Picking up her idea these are my favourites of summer 2010:

hello yellow

delightful day

What similarities and differences do I see compared to my fashion likes and dislikes this year? Well, first of all I must admit my body looked much more in shape last year, especially my legs!
Then concerning the clothing I still love floral prints like the one above and I have also developed this obsession to combine blue and yellow, that's something I do even more now than in 2010.

more time

mini festival tour

Oh and furthermore please excuse the poor quality but by that time I didn't own a DSLR! ;)

Last year in the summertime I bought my first pair of jodhpur pants, the khaki ones above. I wasn't sure about if they would suit me and I really was a bit excited when I wore them to uni for the first time, which is pretty ridiculous when I think about it know :D
Anyway, these pants were so fab that I bought them in several colours. What makes their perfection is the superlight cotton fabric and the flattering fit, these two aspects totally saved my summer. I had some really annoying inflamed spots on my leg last year so I sometimes didn't want to wear a skirt and then these pants helped me out perfectly.

penelope and matryoshkas

autumny summer

My résumé:
- I still love dresses and skirts but I also love the comfy jodhpur pants.
- I still chose similar colours for my daily outfits.
- This year I try to stock up on breezy pieces even more.
- This year I pay more attention to layering (crisp in the morning, hot in the afternoon, I hate it...)

Do you have some special dressing rules for summer? What do you wear, what do you avoid?
Please let me know if you made a similar post about your summer looks, I'd love to see them :)

Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Love those khaki pants! I've never owned any, sort of harem-y pants before but i really want to try some, they look effortlessly stylish! x

  2. Such a good idea to look back and find your favorite looks. I especially love the first one! They're all lovely though. My rules for summer is just more easy dressing, less layers, lightweight dresses and skirts etc

  3. ooh schoen, so viele outfits auf einmal! das mit der blume is das schooooeeeenste! Die hosen sind auch super. ich habe mir gereade auch so aehnlich (?) gekauft, aber on line und sie sind noch nicht angekommen. Wir werden sehen ob ich sie behalte, ich habe ja leider so breite hueften.

  4. They're all so cute!! I love that flowery dress ;)

  5. The first two outfits are my favorite! You look especially lovely in the denim + mustard yellow combo! :D

    For the summer, I tend to avoid wearing sleeveless tops because I have such big arms :( That's why I like Fall and Winter better where I can layer and hide my flabby arms :p


  6. hach ich liebe rückblickende Posts :)
    Das zweite ist eines meiner Favs!

    Die "Test"Ergebnisse sind übrigens online ^^

  7. I really like each and every one of these :) You have fantastic style!! Loving the color combinations and the style of the pieces you pull together in an outfit.

  8. These are adorable outfits and perfectly good for this summer. It's funny how style is such a mish mash that almost anything goes (though there are always trends).

    I say skirts and dresses for every occasion. I'm not a fan of shorts by any means. Though I tried some on my trip to Mexico last week (and one leg just kept creeping up- UGH!). Back to skirts and dresses :D hehe
    Happy Monday

  9. I would definitely have to say that summer is my worst style season. I hate the thought of getting dressed just o sweat (gross). Fall and Winter definitely make me so happy when I can stay fresh and clean all day and I can layer up! I love layering and long sleeves. I think I stick to dark colors and quarter length sleeves. I am uncomfortable wearing dresses without cardigans and such. I don't know! Haha my style is so weird.

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  10. you look stunning

    check out my blog

  11. This is such a perfect post! I'd love to do it but sadly I haven't started posting outfit photos last year but I remember that I used to wear mostly black and a lot of lace and now I'm a bit more girly!

    But all that I want is that this summer I really want to wear a lot of fresh 50s inspired clothes :)

  12. You look so lovely in blue! I think it is probably the best colour on you... although, the khaki green seems to suit your skin tone/eye colour just as beautifully. I think the first look you posted is also my favourite... but the blue floral dress is lovely, too! This is such a good idea, I hate being SO BUSY and too busy to do neat posts like this.

  13. the yellow caridgan is amazing:):)

  14. You look so cute! I like so much first and second dress.


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