Friday, 18 June 2010

autumny summer + weekend plans

Hi guys!

God, this German weather is making me crazy! One day it's summer, hot and sticky, the next day it seems like autumn, cloudy and rainy. I get a headache from this. Regarding the colours of my outfit you can easily see that today it was such an autumn day. It's really strange outside, not really cold but awkward, somehow it just doesn't feel right that there's this cloudy sky in June.

shirt: pull & bear, skirt: surplus, belt + scarf: thrifted, cardi: mango, boots: vintage, bangle: accessorize, nailpolish: MAC blue india (I love this colour!)

Anyway, enough about the weather. It's Friday, so I'm really looking forward to the weekend! Plans: not much as my money all went away to the registration office and the driver's licence department and all (because my wallet was stolen last Sunday), BUT tomorrow evening we'll have a lady's night and housewarming party at a friend's first own appartment. Taco Bell evening! :D
She went on a trip to Florida some weeks ago and since then she's really been loving Taco Bell and as we don't have them here, we have to make the food on our own, this'll be funny.

We're always such a mixed group of girls: a history/German student, a dental student, a travel agent, an office clerk, a business student and me, the anglist/philosopher. We always have such a blast! Normally there would also be an occupational therapist and a biology student, but they don't have time tomorrow.
We're all so different but we've been friends since the 5th grade :)

What about you and your friends?
Are they totally different from you, too? Or is it the other way round? Tell me, I want to know more about my dear readers :)

Btw: Ooooh Germany has lost the match against Serbia! Booooh ;p

Happy Friday!

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  1. ugh. I completely agree with you about the weather!

  2. we are all different in what we do, dress but we all have the same vaules and enjoy the same thing's (not everything, but almost) I love that my friend's bring something different and new to my life. They are soo different from one another and have different strengh's and weakness. They are all good knid people, some are party, some are family, some are in too fashion and some are more into action of what's going on in the world. All of them love and are loved by me. They are a huge part of my life and I would not chance them for the world. Great post BTW. I love your top really cute. Have a fab weekend and fun with your friend's xxxx

  3. Booo! I'm cheering for Germany too!!
    lol, yeah my friends are all very very different!!
    I don't really have one group of friends.
    I have one that I met in 2nd grade, who works at a hospital now. Two of my friends I met around the 8th grade, one is taking her PhD in anthropology, the other works in an office. I have one good friend from my current job. And one good friend from my previous job.
    I have a good friend I met while he was visiting Canada, he lives in Australia & goes to school. And I also have 2 good friends who live in Hamburg, who I met while they were visiting Canada. One I met when I was in grade 11 & she is working at a bank, the other I met just 2 years ago, and she is a nurse.
    And my sister is my best friend. We are very alike and can do anything and everything together. The only difference is she wants kids and I don't! But that's ok, I look forward to being the crazy aunt who always brings cool presents!

  4. I just love your scarf! It's so cute. I hope you have a great weekend! Taco Bell night sounds fun :)
    Most of my friends are totally different from me, but my best friend...well we are pretty exactly alike!

  5. I will steal your boots :) They are mad cute

  6. You look very cute, and yes those rainy autumny days are here too :( And even though it's sunny the wind makes it cooold (damn Norway). As for my friends we are all different but my closest friends are similar to me in certain ways. But I say why have friends who are all exactly like you what fun would that be? You need people around you that can challenge you and expand your view of the world! Have a great time with your lovely friends :D

  7. I love ur style in clothes+ur look in general!u look great in all the photos!
    in this post i like very much the way u combined the skirt+the boots!

  8. I hate weather that is in between (like you said, raining one day, sunny the next), especially in the summer. Never know what to wear! Your skirt is really nice, i love that khaki colour.SarahD:)

  9. So einen Rock habe ich auch noch irgendwo ... (ingedankensuch).
    Deine Stiefel sind schön!

  10. The print on your shirt looks like a lot of fun! And I like your military inspired prairie skirt! :)

  11. Love the mix of patterns from your top and the scarf!


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