Tuesday 27 May 2014

birthday weekend

birthday weekend outfit post title

Hello people!

It was my birthday on Friday (28, old gal...) and my mum's birthday on Sunday so we had double birthday fun in the last days. It was basically all about good food and good times - exactly how I like it! On Friday my Dad invited me for dinner at a brewery (mmhhh Schnitzel), on Saturday I enjoyed homemade lime and mint ice tea at a Moroccan cafĂ© and a long walk through the city with friends and yesterday we celebrated my mum's birthday at my favourite tapas bar.
Oh boy was I full and happy!
Furthermore my boyfriend is the best boyfriend in the world! He gave me a Star Wars cook book for my birthday! SO friggin cool! I'm a nerd, I love Star Wars and baking so this really was the perfect gift! He also gave me a book about zombies and Gingerdead Men cookie cutters - hell yes, told you he's the best! He was so cute, he ordered everything from Australia and had it shipped to my place so I got parcels from Germany, UK and I'm still waiting for one from Asia too.

This outfit was perfect for the mild springy weather yesterday, especially because of my new denim jacket which is not really new as lucky me was able to thrift it for 5 bucks. I love a good 2nd hand bargain and a denim jacket is a wardrobe staple so I really had to buy it. The shirt is a favourite that I don't wear enough and every time I do I always think "Hey I should wear it more often." and then I end up not doing so because I have to be in the right mood for horizontal stripes (unflattering!). To complete the look I threw in a little print mix by adding the chevron bag. I actually bought it to wear it to my Mum's wedding this week but couldn't resist wearing it out before because it's soooo cute!

Mmhh yummy tapas! Dates, chorizo, chicken and veggie skewers, olives, garlic dip - Spanish snack are the perfect spring/summer food. I got so hooked up on tapas again that I plan to google recipes and try to make some treats myself.
If you guys have recommendations in this regard please post them in the comments.

Have a lovely day!


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Thursday 22 May 2014

puppy love

puppy love outfit post title


I had these photos sitting on my virtual shelf for a bit now and thought it was finally time to post them. The weather is getting warmer and more summery over here, so I should publish the transition outfits and make way for summer looks, right?
Well, I took these photos two weeks ago at my Dad's place when it was still a bit cloudy and not so warm, hence the cozy jumper layered with the plaid shirt. I was never a jumper person, I always prefered cardigans because I'm sensitive when it comes to warmer temperatures and always need the option to open the buttons or whatever there is to let some air in.
However stocked up on jumpers and have a little collection now. I'm still in the process of finding out how to style them best, but I'm definitely getting there.

As you can see in the background of these pictures my Dad has a lovely big garden. Like I said the weather wasn't really nice, but I will visit Dad again and take some photos there again in the summertime so you can see all the colourful flowers.

My Dad's dog kept me company while I was doing this photo shoot. Her name is Waleska, she's the most adorable little Jack Russell, no? She's 4 years old but still as tiny and adorable as a puppy. Below you can see how she photobombed my picture when she came running towards me, jumping, being all like "Give me attentiooooon!".

Waleska's favourite place is her cozy sheepskinrug next to the fireplace where she likes to curl up and sleep and if she's really lucky she gets a good belly rub from one of her humans too.

Have a lovely day!


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Tuesday 20 May 2014

no leaving this party with nobody to love

no leaving this party with nobody to love outfit post title

Hello everybody!

Here it is finally: the first wedding outfit.
As you might have read in my previous posts I got invited to two weddings this May. My mum will get married next week and I'm so excited!
The other wedding took place last week, I just didn't have the time to put together a post until now. My best friend's sister got married and I was really happy to be invited because I've known her since she was born (literally).
I didn't know many of the wedding guests and also didn't want to ask everyone for their permission to upload their pics to my blog, so I can't show you the bridal couple. Let me just say that she is a pretty girl with long blond hair, half of which she wore in a beautiful curly updo. Her dress was a white princess dress with black floral embroidery on the cleavage of the corsage top and along the seam of the flared bottom.

My hair looked pretty wild that day because it was really windy and at the moment I'm growing out the layers which makes it look messy unfortunately.
I tried to style it with a hair straightener for an hour and in the end it still looked like before because it's so straight by nature that no curls last longer than 30 minutes.

The outfit I wore was a lat minute thing. I had bought the dress one week before the wedding and decided to wear it with the only pair of high heels I own. Unfortunately the high heels are nude and two days before the wedding I realized that I would have to find a jacket to match the shoes because the weather forecast was not very promising. So I hurried up an down and back and forth between all the different high street shops to find a jacket in the exact nude tone of the shoes - God it was so stressful! I got really lucky because i finally found a matching jacket in one of these cheap polyester clothing shops I usually never go to. The thrift shop saved my wedding outfit!

Can't wait for the next wedding to come because I fortunately already have my outfit for it sitting in the closet well-prepared.

Have a nice day!


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Tuesday 13 May 2014

bridesmaid dresses

millybridal bridesmaid dresses post title

Hello loves!

As I got invited to two weddings, this year May turns out to be the wedding month.
Some of you might know I am not exactly a girl for princess dresses and high heels in daily life, however I enjoy getting all dolled up from time to time. I have been thinking about what to wear to these two aforementioned weddings and found a website called Millybridal with some of the loveliest 2014 wedding dresses UK. I browsed through their pictures and found quite a bit of inspiration for what to wear.
I will not be a bridesmaid, but I still couldn't help browsing through their pictures to get inspired. These are some of my favourites:

As you can see I am especially a fan of blue and green because these two compliment my hair colour and complexion best. Furthermore I prefer knee-length dresses (paired with high heels) for my rather short legs. I would love to wear a long dress but it would just make me look even shorter, so knee-length is more flattering. 
As for the rest of the wedding outfit I like to keep it simple: I have the choice between black or nude heels, these are the only two pairs of high heels I own. Furthermore I would have to add a matching cardigan, crop blazer or capelet because our German weather here is not springy at all at the moment.
Jewelry-wise I would always go for delicate elegant simple gold necklacs and/or bracelets.

Like I said, I won't be a bridesmaid and my outfit choicee has not been made yet, but I will let you know about the results soon, you will be able to see them in outfit posts about the two weddings.

Have a lovely day everyone!


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Wednesday 7 May 2014


predator outfit post title

Hi lovelies!

Here I am again, relaxed and happy after I had the last five days off. It was SO nice! I was able to go out and have fun by night and spend my time in pyjamas at home by day - this is exactly how I like it. It is so good to just waste your time doing unimportant stuff without having a bad conscience about to-do lists.
It was the first chance in months to really relax, so I listened to audio books, ate junk food, didn't count calories, didn't clean up, didn't care about the laundry - nothing! Just some nice and pure relaxation.
Okay, I admit my apartment looked like a mess and I wasn't happy about another kilo I had gained, BUT it was totally worth it. I had been so stressed about everything before. A long-distance relationship is no walk in the park, plus waiting for the bachelor results and trying to find a weekend job asap was so nerve-wrecking. Luckily everything is fine again now.

I am superhappy because I finally got a weekend job now - one thing less to worry about! I already mentioned the trial shift at a coffee shop the other day and how much I liked it there. Well, it'll be my new hangout for the weekends now, yay! I'll learn how to make coffee and yummy smoothies and frozen shakes and other cool stuff. The colleagues are really nice too and the place is located in a central area of the city where lots of different interesting customers walk in everyday. Also there are of two of the city's best Japanese sushi and ramen places just around the corner which might come in handy after work.

As for the outfit it mostly consists of recent buys. I found the lovely dress and cardi two months ago and knew they would look great together. The bag is also brand new, I bought it yesterday because I had been looking for a spacious black bag for ages and I needed to reward myself for scoring the new job. So it had to be this fringed baby which in my opinion looks supercool! My boyfriend said it reminds him of the Predator - tz tz men...

Until next post,


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