Thursday 14 July 2011

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Hi guys!

I am finally back to blogging again! This super-stressful exam time has come to an end today, this morning I wrote my last philosophy exam for this semester, yaayy. Now there is only one more essay left to write and then in two weeks I'll fly to Hungary on my very first busines strip. Oh I feel so relieved right now :)
I'm so bad at learning for exams, I'm such a procrastinator! One the one hand I really need the pressure of time to get the learning matter into my head, but on the other hand I always, always, always ask myself "Why didn't you begin earlier?"
Haha the daily issue of almost every student in the world right? ;)
Anyway, after I have felt stressed out for the last couple of days I can finally relax again.

♥ cardi: h&m ♥ shirt: zara ♥ skirt + shoes: thrifted ♥ bag: primark ♥ jewelry: ebay ♥

I may not have been able to blog the last couple of days but I took some outfit photos and collected them, so now I have some outfit posts planned for the next days.
Although it's July the weather has not been summery here in Germany lately, we had windy and rainy days and the temperatures are always somewhere between 15 and 20° Celsius (just in case you wonder about my tights and cardi in the pics).
But you know what? I love it! It's so pleasant to get dressed and to put on my make up in the morning without looking like a sweaty mess afterwards. It's so nice: I can wear tights (which means I don't have to show my not so pretty legs), I don't have to care about pit stains, I don't get a bright red face... To me 15-20 °C is the loveliest summer weather ever (and now everyone hates me haha).

Concerning the outfit I must say that somehow I like it but that it looks a bit uncoordinated with the different patterns now that I see it in the photos. I love print mixing but somehow the two different floral patterns don't go together so well, do they?
I'm not sure about the bag anyway. I bought it at Primark the other day and I really love its pattern and style but at the moment it feels like I don't have anything matching in my wardrobe to combine it with. What would you combine with the bag? I'm always open for better ideas than mine ;)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. This tshirt and skirt look so great together!!! I love that cardigan too, it's lovely. Great bag my dear, I think it looks good with the outfit.
    It's been that weather here too, cloudy, rainy and makes me mad! It doesn't need to be super hot, but some sunshine would make me happy

  2. that bag is to die for! keep it! It doesn't have to match. It is it's own statement :)

  3. dein rock und deine tasche sind genau das richtige für das sommerwetter..... machen einfach gute laune

  4. that skirt is so gorgeous, i love the print. i can't believe that bag is primark!..and i think it works well with the rest of the outfit..the brown leather on it works well with the colour of your skirt and cardi so it ties it all together :)

  5. i LOVE that bag!! it's to die for. i know what you mean about patterned accessories, though. it can be hard to find clothes to match, but i actually think this whole look really works! the clashing florals look very folk-y.

  6. Hi Carina :)
    Ooooo Love the new blog design, very cool, has a nice edgy~ funky feel!
    I think you rock as always in your outfit!
    Have a great business trip, yay!!!
    gi gi

  7. haha na dann nehm dir mal den spruch auf dem shirt zu herzen : GO GO ! ;)

    ales liebe zu den letzten prüfungen! (:

  8. This is SUCH a cute outfit! I love your hair too :)

  9. best necklace ever. and i love that bag!


  10. Is that a college t-shirt? I love them!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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