Monday, 18 July 2011

quality time

Hi guys!

How is your start of the week? I hope you all had a nice Monday so far - well at least as nice as a Monday can be, right?
Again I'm a bit behind with posting my stuff, that's why today you'll see the photos of Saturday when I was able to spend some time with my Mum.
We plan our mother-daughter-days every little once in a while because although we don't live far away from each other we hardly have time to meet regularly. But we talk on the phone a lot to compensate this ;)
Anyway, here's what I wore:

♥ blazer: amisu ♥ shirt: swapped ♥ skirt: h&m ♥ belt: new yorker ♥ shoes: görtz ♥ bag: ebay ♥

This skirt has become one of my new favourite pieces. Hm, I said this a lot lately, no? It's because the sales had so many pretty things waiting for me! Anyway, so this skirt is not from the sale. I had bought it before for the normal price, 9,95 Euro which is okay, but then I resented that they marked it down to 3 Euro after I got it, boo.
Long story short: I love this skirt nevertheless! Perfect length and shape, elastic band at the waist (hello comfortableness), supercute florals, well perfect!
I also got a feeling that these shoes will become summer staples too. They're made of genuine leather and were marked down to 30 Euro, pretty awesome for me because I have this price limit of 50 Euro for shoes. Chintzy me...

Okay, back to the quality time with Mum. We had a lovely afternoon in the old town together, including cake, shopping and pizza. Yep, give us food and shopping and we're completely satisfied. Simple people are happy with simple things ;)

However I have to warn you! We went to this new little café called Dulce to test it and oh my God was it horrible there! If you guys ever happen to be in Düsseldorf please go to Häagen-Dasz or Starbucks instead:

Don't let the pretty design fool you, I tell you it's deceiving!
We went in, sat down, looked around and thought "Cute interior." and then we looked at the tables and all of them had several dead fruit flies laying about, eeew... Can't they clean the tables?
At first sight the interior looks nice but at second sight you can see that everything's a bit dingy.
Anyway, I had a gift card so we stayed to try the cake.

Again, don't let the photos fool you! They really do look delicious, BUT they were not delish at all. My raspberry-coconut crumble was so sour that I couldn't even eat it up. And Mum's cherry-almond crumble looked soft and yummy but was hard and dry and hard to chew either.
These cakes looked so good! What a bummer! And furthermore the waiter was totally spaced out and unkind, we simply didn't feel well there. When I told him I wa sstill waiting for a coffee he was like "Oh but I think you already got it." Eehm, no? I wouldn't tell him it's missing if I'd already have it! Gosh...

However the last ray of hope for me is their ice cream. We didn't try it on Saturday but I'll go back and spend the rest of my gift card on their "cookies and cream" and "mango sorbet" soon. I hope it won't be a bummer too...
But apart from this Dulce café, Mum and I had a blast shopping and munching pizza afterwards :)

Here's what I got:

My mum is so awesome, she bought me this adorable dress for my Budapest trip!

And these lovely necklaces too!

And I bought this pretty shirt with bikes on it and a dotted scarf.

Here's what my Mum got:

A pretty summer dress...

... and this casual combo of which I love the colour of the blouse so much!

And here's the delicious PizzaHut "Garden Lovers" we got in the evening ;)

Aw it was such a wonderful day :)
I love to spend time with my Mum, she's the best!
Do you guys spend some time alone with your Mum every now and then as well?

Happy Monday!

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  1. i love shopping with my mom too! great bonding time!

  2. Love the print on that skirt!

    Can I also mention that you have a GREAT layout? It's so colourful and pretty and makes me feel happy :)

  3. ich geh auch mega gern mit meiner mutter shoppen! :)
    das sommerkleid steht ihr wirklich toll!

    ich steh auf dein led zeppelin shirt mit dem blümchenrock.

  4. Aw... what a great day with your mum ( accept the nasty cafe :(
    You always have the greatest skirts!
    You are going to Budapest? How awesome!
    I hung out with my Mom yesterday! She made me breakfast! She is pretty awesome!
    Thanks for coming by this morning and sharing some of you story :)
    gi gi

  5. Beautiful post and outfit ! Love your style ! Nice to discover your blog !

  6. Ohh I love this skirt with the led zeppelin tshirt! Its such a great combination. That blue polka dot dress you got is gorgeous! Can't wait to see you wear it.
    All this food looks soooo good

  7. Glad to hear you spent some quality time with your mother.
    She bought really nice clothes and your bikes print shirt is lovely.

  8. I love all of your new swag! I also loved your comment on those photos I posted today, you captured what i was thinking much more eloquently than i!

  9. Das Punktekleid ist so toll! <3

    Ich kenn' dich von KK & "verfolge" dich mal hier. :D

  10. daumen hoch für led zeppelin und das traumhafte outfit!

    liebe grüße

  11. I love your blog! You have amazing style, and I want those shoes you have so bad! Love them. Shopping with mom is the best :)

  12. You always have the loveliest things.

    I adore your floral skirt, and your cute polka dot dress! :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. really great outfit :)

  14. you look so beautiful! love the whole outfit <3

    kissess! ;*

  15. my mom is basically my best friend--i love shopping (and eating!) with her. looks like both of you scored some pretty great loot! :)

  16. I love spending time with my mom! Normally we go out to eat... neither of us are too big on shopping.

    I quite like your skirt, especially paired with the tshirt. I'm a huge sucker for pretty skirts and band t's :)


  17. ja mütter sind die besten!!!

    mag die kombination von blumenroch und led zeppelin t-shirt!!

    alles liebe


  18. Freut mich dass vielleicht der ein oder andere blog bei meiner vorstellung für dich dabei war ;D

    yam du postest auch immer so leckere sachen <3

    Liebe grüße

  19. the dress your mom got you is so adorable! :) xoxo, saskia

  20. Sound like a lovely day, I cant believe thaty the cakes weren't nice because they look very yummy!

    Rianna xxx

  21. I love the cute print on your skirt! <3 Your hair clips is gorgeous too! I just adore your entire outfit! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  22. Hello beautiful! You look stunning and it sounds like you and your mom had such a wonderful time, I just went shopping with mine too! I love her to death. I hate it when that happens about a new place! My mom and I tried out a new cafe a while back and got a coffee and a cupcake, it was t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e! Except we actually spent our money instead of having a gift card :/.

    That dress and those accessories: TO DIE FOR! Love love love love love love love.

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


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