Sunday 17 July 2011

rise of the bunnies

Hi guys!

It's already Sunday again, boo. But it's semester break so I only have to work 3 days a week and the rest is free time for me, not boo! ;)
I'll have so much to do over the next days and I can't wait to prepare for my week in Hungary. If you don't already know: my company sends me to Budapest. Me, I'm only a student help! I couldn't believe it but it's so cool. I'll have to teach the new colleagues there how to handle our customer data base, how to make research phone calls and all. It's a challenge but I'm sure I'll have a good time there. I'll fly next Sunday, so before I need to pack my suitcase, google sights in Budapest, run lots of errands, this kind of stuff.

♥ shirt: pimkie ♥ cardi, skirt + headband: h&m ♥ belt: primark ♥ bag: ebay ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥

This shirt with the bunny print is one of my new favourites! It's one of the many bargains I got in the sales during the last couple of weeks, I tell you my bank account is so empty. Everytime I came back home from a sale shopping spree I had a bad conscience and to make up for all the money I had spent I cleared out my closet and put the pieces to Ebay. That's a good thing because it not only means more space for the new things but also some money back ;)
I know where my financial limits are but I'm never afraid of pushing them.
Oh and this lovely bag is another bargain I got via Ebay the other day. The seller was so creative to only write "bag" into the auction title, so no one but me bid on it and I got it for 1€ plus shipping costs. Awesome if you ask me! I love its granny look!

♥ necklace: h&m ♥

This is definitely one of my new feel-good-looks that will go to any occasion. I can wear this to uni, to work (we have no dress code there), to go shopping, to go to the supermarket. It's one of these allrounder looks that doesn't look over the top - well at least that's what I think.
I also tried out this new headband and liked it a lot. It's a simple braided fake suede one that you have to tie yourself which I like better than the stretchy whole ones. You know, the stretchy headbands always mess up my hair and make me look like a member of the Conehead family.

♥ ring: bijou brigitte ♥ bangles: accessorize ♥ headband: h&m ♥

Alright, now I'll spend the rest of this day on answering emails, reading your lovely blogs, framing pictures, maybe finally putting a wall tattoo on our living room wall, cleaning up and organizing my closet. Only nice things.
What are you doing to today?

Happy Sunday! :)

now playing: radical face - welcome home

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  1. u look great with braid! so lovely!

  2. I like so much your lovely top! You look nice as always. .)

  3. I love this outfit! The colors are wonderful and your blouse is just so pretty!

  4. That's a wonderfully cute 50's outfit!

    With lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel - still living vicariously through pretty things at

  5. das outfit ist unglaublich schön!
    gefällt mir sehr!

  6. You look lovely, and it is so exciting that you're going to Hungary! Have an incredible time, and great song that you are listening to! If you love music, you might like my site!

    The Internet Garbage

  7. well, you'll be teaching them how to handle a database in styyyle... you look great, girl!!


  8. amazing outfit, love it all, you look beautiful <3

    claire xo

  9. Bin grad auf deinen Blog gestoßen und muss sagen, er gefällt mir echt sehr gut :)
    Das Outfit ist echt toll und passend für jeden Anlass!

  10. I really love this look! Definitely a great look for just about anything. That bunny top is sooo cute, and great with the yellow cardigan

  11. You look really great!
    Love your blog!
    Follow you now, follow me back?

  12. This outfit is so fantastic - I adore the color of your cardigan and your top is so cute! Plus, you have super adorable jewelry :)

  13. I have the same skirt and headband haha ^^ you need to show us LOADS of pictures from budapest! :D

  14. Once again you are sooooo that sweater of yours. xoxoxo Happy new week to you.

  15. Budapest wird dir gefallen. Tolle Altstadt und Sehenswürdigkeiten, niedliche Cafes etc.
    Ich war schon drei Mal dort und habe jedes Mal mehr Gefallen an der Stadt gefunden.

    Niedliches Outfit. Ich mag ja generell Sachen mit Tiermotiven, besonders mit Katzen. Aber Hasis sind natürlich auch toll :-)

  16. My favorite look from you ever! Following you!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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