Sunday 29 December 2013

life lately



How are you guys? I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their family and friends.

Again I didn't manage to blog regularly, so instead there is a bunch of photos I still haven't edited for future outfit posts. I promise I'll take care about it soon. For now I have the Christmas edition of "life lately" for you. Including pics of my new boyfriend for all those who are curious...

We saw a talented Danish singer/songwriter called Echo Me live the other day and I really enjoyed his music. You can give it a listen here. Furthermore I spent lots of cozy nights at home with the golden Christmas lights on.

Babe treated himself with a really chic new watch and I got a pretty new coat in the sale.

We made Christmas cookies for each other and bought Pacman cookies on a charity event - so yummyyy!!

We spent Christmas at my mum's place, got lots of awesome presents, had lots of yummy food and spent Boxing Day at my dad's place with his adorable little pup Waleska.

Tadaa, that's Jarryd and me. I know you've been curious about him so I thought it was about time for some pics. I'm really happy to be able to spend so much time with him before he goes back to Australia and I can't wait to go there next year and start a new adventure.

How were your holidays?

Until next post,


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Wednesday 18 December 2013

i fell in love on a thirsty thursday evening

i fell in love on a thirsty thursday evening outfit post title

Hello people!

How are you? Hope you had a good start into the new week?
It's the last week before Christmas, it's unbelievable how time flies! I still don't have all presents, I've only had three or four cups of mulled wine on the Christmas market, which is definitely not enough, I've only made Christmas cookies once and I haven't crafted anything christmassy at all this year. I think Christmas markets and the whole advent season should start much earlier so everyone has enough time to do all the typical things. Instead we end up hurrying through the first three weeks of December with barely any time to enjoy it, don't we? Or am I wrong and it is just me?
Anyways, I guess I shouldn't complain too much because despite the daily grind and the additional stress of buying Christmas presents I still found enough time to squeeze in some nice shopping sprees and coffee dates with my boyfriend to show him all the good coffee places in Düsseldorf. I will miss that when he goes back to Australia, but I'm also looking forward to doing this with him again when I go there.

I wore this outfit on Wednesday when I had the day off. The weather is really mild here at the moment, pleasant winter temperatures and no icy winds, so I try to wear my summer dresses as much as possible. It's so nice to just throw on a pair of thermal tights and a cardi with the dress to wear it out in December.
I bought this one on my Prague trip because I loved the denim look and kitschy romantic rose print. I think I'll wear it a lot next spring. There is a magic about the colour combo of yellow, blue and pink, it's instant happiness on fabric for me, so I made the whole outfit extra-cute and fun with the quirky necklace.

By the way, before you think the global warming has taken over:  just so you know, it's not warm enough here to go out in a dress and cardi, I still had to wear my winter jacket and a scarf to leave the house. 
Aaaand - secret trick and good advice - sheep wool inlays in my shoes to keep my feet warm despite the thin rubber soles.

Have a lovely day everyone!


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Friday 13 December 2013

storm for the rain


Hello lovelies!

Damn, again the last post here was written too long ago. Time flies! I hope everyone's fine and enjoying the pre-Christmas time with mulled wine, cookies and all the coziness?
I've worked a lot lately to avoid being broke again next month - because this month I am after all my travels in October. It sucks so much, I've never been this broke - and now of all times! I've been trying to find some nice DIYs for cheap Christmas presents, so if anyone has a good idea, then please share it!
My spare time has been spent with my new boyfriend - well, not so new anymore, it's already two months now. Did I already mention that time flies?!
Anyway, yup I've been hinting on a new boyfriend in my previous posts aaand yup I haven't written much else about him, so let me fill you in a bit now: he is Australian, he is in Germany as an au pair and he will go back home next February - that's the story so far. If I'm able to save enough money I might be going to Australia next year... Life is crazy.

Still, as crazy as life might be, at the moment we're pretty happy and try to spend as much time together as possible. I really missed this "couple life", I didn't know until I had it back, but I missed it. First I was slowly getting fed up with the nightlife and so much going out to parties and furthermore I got frustrated about all the douche bag dates and quit dating and cursed relationships - and then this guy comes along and proves me wrong. It's always like this in life, huh? Once you've given up on something you get a sign that everything happens for a reason.

As for the outfit, that was a casual and cozy number I wore yesterday on my day off to accompany the mister to the hairdresser and to a job interview. 
I love this jumper, it's the perfect piece to throw on in the morning when I'm in a hurry. I've been living in outfits like this one lately, hope you like it.

Have a good day guys!


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Monday 2 December 2013

omg a hair post


Hi guys!

How are you?
It feels like ages since I've written the last post. I'm trying hard to get back to regular blogging but it's honestly too tempting to spend time with the new boyfriend. I know that sucks for the blog, but he'll leave Germany in a couple of month and go back home to the other end of the world, so we try to spend as much time together as possible.
Anyways, after I got lots of comments on my hair in the last months, I finally managed to put together a hair post. It's funny that some of you seem to be interested in this because I normally never think about my hair too much. I wear it the same way almost each day and I don't use any special treatments or something.

I got my recent hair style and colour last year in summer (see this post). My life seemed to be changing, so what does a girl do then? Visit her hairdresser, exactly! So my hairdresser worked his magic on my head and turned me from dark brown to ginger - or as the salon says "copper". He talked me into having bangs too and it was the best decision ever, I looked and felt like a new person.

As you can see in the photo the salon I go to is called Oliver's Hair, a chain with several branches here in Düsseldorf.
I have my roots dyed once in 3-4 months, which is actually too little but I can't afford it more often, so I regularly have to rock the dark blond roots for a while instead.
The colour I wear is called "copper", but unfortunately I can't tell you more about it because my hairdresser mixes and prepares it especially for my hair type. A good hairdresser will know your hair well enough to decide what exact colour to prepare.
In my case it's that I have dyed my hair so often that it's dry and the structure is porous, so it will soak up the colour like a sponge but also let it go again very quickly after only 2-3 washings. So my hair dresser mixes in an extra portion of red because she knows the "real" copper tone I want will appear and last longer after the red has faded out a bit.
Look at the "after" photo above and then watch the following sequence of pics and you'll understand what I mean.

So as you can see the "real" copperish red-blond tone is reached after two weeks and several washings (I usually wash my hair every second day). It stops to fade out so much then and only gets slightly lighter in the course of the following four weeks, so that after eight weeks it still looks decent enough colour-wise (sorry, really had a bad hair day in the pic above style-wise though).
Then I start to get dark blonde roots and have to make a new appointment soon.
Also I have my bangs trimmed regularly, therefore I drop in at the salon once a month, otherwise I can't see anymore.
As for the products I use, that's pretty boring actually: I live on a student budget so I buy different cheap shampoos and conditioners at the supermarket. However if I can afford it I love to use L'Oreal Everpure products. The only product I always buy, no matter how broke I am is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Finish Cream (in German "Zauberformel").

Well, that's all I can think of for now. If you have more questions about my hair feel free to ask. I always appreciate the lovely comments you leave me about my hair and I'm glad you like what you see.

Until next time. Have a lovely day!


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