Tuesday 28 May 2013

do or die


Elloo people!

I have overcome my little birthday blues and apart from what I uttered in my last post actually everything has been alright in the last couple of weeks. At the moment I'm doing pretty good at being alone - let's hope it will stay like this, I'm really not in the mood for another ditch to fall into.
I've tried to stay occupied, especially at the weekends so my days/nights were full of Hart of Dixie (corny but my new addiction), concerts, good food and so on.
Furthermore I have found new strength and motovation to do something against my sleeping problems and my general laziness concerning anything that has to do with preparing my bachelor thesis. No more procrastination now! I can't afford it and I'm sick of being a lazy bum. Hope this motivation will last a while, we'll see...

Remember this skirt that did not for the life of me want to stay in its shape when I wore it for the first time? Well I figured out that I have to wear it even more high-waisted to make it stop misbehaving. It still kept crawling up my thighs while walking but it wasn't as bad as the first time, thank God! I was afraid I'd have to get rid of it but now I don't have to - it would have been such a pity because I love the colour so much!

By the way I wore this last Sunday when it was lovely weather - then I stayed over night at my mum's place and the day after I wore this outfit again but it was 8 degrees colder and rained and I froze my butt off on my way back home. Seriously, can the weather stop fooling around and pick either warm or cold and get a little more steady? Either I'm freezing because it's warmer than expected or I'm sweating because it's the other way round - both sucks.

Happy Monday!

Thursday 23 May 2013

one year older


Hi guys!

Today is my birthday.
I'm not saying it because I want happy birthday wishes and I'm not saying it because I want anyone's pity - I just need to say it (and write it down) to realize it myself. I am one year older now, I am 27. Period.
Damn, 27! That's no longer the middle of your twenties but rather the end of them.
I've been thinking a lot about time lately and how it rushes by. So much has changed since my last birthday. And the one before.
I'm at a point of my life where I have to rearrange everything, decide where I want to go, what I want to do, who I want to be. I'm all by myself now - first birthday as a single in what feels like ages - and I need to find out what else is out there for me apart from procrastinating my bachelor thesis, working for a student loan and pitying myself for having lost the love of my life while all the world and his wife are getting married and having children.
I know damn good that these are luxury problems - but they're still freaking hard to deal with.

I don't really know if I should be happy or sad about getting older. It rather feels like something negative to me at the moment and I wonder if one day I'll be like "Hell yes, getting older is awesome!".
I'm not good at dealing with changes - I never was and I'll probably never be - I think that's the problem. Of course changes are not always bad and when one door closes another one opens and of course everything happens for a reason, BUT (I apologize for the childish defiant tone in advance): why the hell does everything has to change?? Some things were good the way they were, so why the f*ck does life have to go along and make these changes? I could list thousands of things that used to be good but got overrun by change anyway and now they're not that good anymore.
I know that good things will come to those who wait and that after the darkest night there will be a bright sunshiny day and bla bla blergh, but I am seriously too freakin impatient for this crap!

Phew... I know all this stuff above sounds stupid and stubborn and sullen, but I had to get if off my chest and now I'm better. Getting older and dealing with changes sucks when you have no idea where you're heading.

Anyway, hope I haven't spread too many negative vibes now. I have to remember that basically everything is fine, my family, friends and I are all alive and well, hence there's actually no reason to complain. I just think I think too much. Stupid philosopher's brain in my head.

I will spend the evening with mum and the stepdad at a tapas bar and it will be nice despite my strange mood and I will stuff my face with tapas and drink a good sweet red wine and raise my glass to the memories of everything that used to be perfect before life came and tore it down with its stupid changes.
Here's to that I will either become more patient, or to that life stops saving the best for last and lets the good times roll now.

Hope you guys have a lovely day/night as well!

Sunday 19 May 2013

I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right time


Hi guys!

These photos turned out a little grainy - I tried to save them with Photoshop but it didn't really work as the light conditions in the staircase made it impossible for a photography layman like me to adjust my camera settings correctly. I wanted to share the pics anyway because that day I was wearing my really cute racoon blouse.

I've been having a pretty uneventful weekend due to being completely broke. I miss shopping so much but this month is really bad money-wise so I've been trying to keep me away from anything that would tempt me to spend money - no roaming around the city center, no parties or dates with friends, no browsing of online shops - nada!
Instead I went to the countryside to hang out with my best friend and his dogs yesterday - fun for free. we took the dogs for a walk through the fields.
Today the shopping ban plan continues by spending the night over at my mum's in the suburbs where the neighbourhood is pretty much dead after 9 pm.
Probably a good occasion to dive into some philosophy texts for university.

I should do some stuff around the apartment before I leave for the suburbs but somehow it's just too cozy at the desk with a chai latte right now. Oh you lazy Sundays......

Have a good day loves!

Saturday 18 May 2013

feature at Head and Heart


Hi guys!

Today I am featured over at Head and Heart as the first post of the "Various Beauties" Project my girl Anni brought to life there.
I put together a casual outfit for it. To see more photos go and check out the post!
Go and leave me a comment if you like the outfit.

Happy Friday!

Thursday 16 May 2013

dressing like your favourite TV character


Hi guys!

Today's post was written in collaboration with Veronica Stone, who asked me which lady's style I would choose for dressing like your favourite TV character.
I liked the idea because there are actually three girls whose style has impressed me while I was watching the series they played in.

No. 1 is Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, played by Anna Friel, in the lovely series Pushing Daisies, which was unfortunately over after only two seasons.
Her style is, like the whole series, gaudy, over the top and cute as a button. Vintage inspired dresses in bright colours, playful prints (most often florals) and always perfectly matching accessories. She's the quirky lively and nosy girl and the stylists really managed to reflect this in her outfits.

No. 2 is the great Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City (played by Sarah Jessica Parker if there's someone who doesn't know), one of the most popular and most copied fashion idols ever I think. I mean seriously, what's not to love about her looks? Effortlessly stylish, dramatic, playful - Carrie uses fashion as her playground. She was the one who taught us that it looks amazing to mix haute couture with fleamarket chic, ballet dresses with ghetto bling, lingerie with street wear. Patricia Field really did a fantastic job in creating the Carrie outfits, she's one of my favourite TV characters ever style-wise.

No. 3 would be Effy Stonem from the British series Skins (played by pretty Kaya Scodelario). Effy is a messed up little party girl, she doesn't care about what others think, doesn't mince matters and lives life to the fullest. Her outfits are a mix of grunge, punkrock and effortless coolness, sometimes jazzed up with some sequins and glitter. You could say she's a little gutter fairy with holes in her tights and perfectly undone hair and make up. That's what I love about her character's style, the stylists managed to combine the "I danced the night away at several rad parties" with a twist of girly and wicked.

So, what do you think? Do you like the ladies above?
What's your favourite TV character style-wise?

(all photos in this post via Google)

Wednesday 15 May 2013

banana chocolate split muffiins recipe


Hellooo everyone!

Tonight I'm dropping in to share a yummy recipe with you. My muffins may not look like the best of the best - I call that "they look like they're made with love and madness" - but believe me the taste is awesome!

Ingredients (for approximately 20 small muffins):

275 g flour
10 ml baking powder
1 ml baking soda
1 ml salt
175 g butter
200 g sugar
2 eggs
125 ml milk
2 ml vanilla sugar
3-4 bananas (approx. 250 mls)
250 g chocolate sprinkles

First mix all the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Then fold in all the liquid ingredients slowly one by one until you have a fudgy dough.
Squash the bananas with a fork and fold them in too. In the end mix in the chocolate sprinkles.
Then fill the dough into little papaer baking dishes or into a muffin pan and bake them in the pre-heated oven at 180 °C for 20-30 minutes.

Let them cool down and ice them with chocolate coating.

That's it - really easy, fluffy and super yummy! :)

Hope you like it!
Will you try the recipe? Let me know if you do.

Monday 13 May 2013

new home: kitchen


Hello guys!

Okay I admit my "new home" is not so new anymore - I'm just too slow in preparing these posts. I've been living here since November and my new apartment has had many visitors, a house warming party and many little improvements since then. But still I haven't managed to show you my kitchen yet because it was always too dirty to take photos haha. The other day I finally took the chance right after cleaning up, so here are some impressions of my kitchen. To see the post about my bed room/living room click here.

The beautiful owl illustration is my favourite picture ever, it's an etching handmade by a very good friend. She gave it to me some time ago and now it's the eye-catcher on the wall right above the dining table. I love the picture so much that I'm thinking about having it tattooed on my body as a symbol for wisdom after finishing my bachelor thesis.

The postcards are a collection of souvenirs from places I've been. Some of them were sent to me by friends too and some are just funny ones I couldn't resist to buy.

I really love these retro tin-plate signs like the one above. I would put more on my walls if I had the space.

This cupboard is an Ikea "Billy" one, but it's a special edition with Shakespeare quotations and funny little scribbles all over. In the old apartment it stood in the hall but I use it as a pantry now. You might actually now it from some of my outfit posts, this one for example.

I put some motivating pictures on different spots in the kitchen to keep me going with my Weight Watchers program.

Hope you liked these little peeks into my home.
Have a lovely Sunday!

now playing: chvrches - we sink

Monday 6 May 2013

we came here to live life like nobody was watching


Hello loves!

Sorry for the hiatus. I pulled myself out of the bad mood again and here is the outfit post that was actually planned for last weekend.
I am motivated again, I'm in a good mood again. I'm not a quitter, I won't let life knock me down, I'm still undefeated and I've sworn to myself that no matter how often I'll fall into this hole of self-pity, I will stand up and move on again. This is what I did after last week and what I'll do next time my spirit breaks.
So everything is good, no need to lament.
The philosophy student in me always finds a motivation in Heraclitus.

This outfit is one of my tried and tested ones for all kinds of occasions - especially for when getting up too late. It's funny that it has not appeared at the blog earlier because I wear it pretty often.
The key piece is the floral shirt - everything else around can vary in color. For example I sometimes wear black jeans and a green cardi with it instead. But the basic scheme always stays the same: this shirt, cardi, jeans - fab everyday combo.

Tonight I'm going to the cinema to watch Stoker. Anyone already seen it? Opinions about it? I'm looking forward to see it because the trailer was interesting and the producers are the same who made Oldboy, which was rad.

Have a nice day everyone!


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