Tuesday 29 January 2013

life lately

Hi guys! It's the end of the semester, that means it's exams time and time to catch up on all the stuff I've missed in my classes ;) I'm a bit busy these days, but I'll be back with an outfit soon and at least I managed to put together this little photo post here.

1: Düsseldorf's wintery river promenade (I'm so sad all the pretty snow is slowly melting).

2: I've been wearing my cute new owl hat to bits. :)

3: Saw these at H+M the other day and was upset about Darth Vader going pink glitter thanks to some crappy Swedish designer... :(

4: Got to see Enter Shikari, one of my favourite bands, live for the second time. The sound was disappointing but still I enjoyed singing along with all their songs.

5: Wintery me all wrapped up in knit.

6: New babies: low studded faux leather boots. Love em!

7: It says "You look good today!" - here's to more compliments on Düsseldorf's walls.

8: Casual weekend outfit including my new Joy Division shirt.

9 + 10: I had a belated house warming party on Saturday - it was a success obviously! ;)

Until next post folks,

Tuesday 22 January 2013

CLOSED - Fenice Giveaway


Hello readers!

I have teamed up with cell-wear.com, an online shop that offers stylish mobile phone cases for all the popular smartphones. They were so nice to sponsor me a new case for my HTC, which you can see in the picture above. I went for the classic black "Fenice Diario for HTC One X" - it's like a little black dress for your phone: simple and chic black faux leather.

The whole Fenice collection for HTC, Samsung, iPhone, Sony and different tablets is available at cell-wear.com, their exclusive online distribution partner.
They have reasonable prices and offer worldwide shipping - what more can you ask for?

Furthermore they were so generous to send me a package full of different smartphone gear to host a giveaway for my readers. Many thanks for this!!

Here is what's up for grab for you guys:
Set 1 for iPhone 4/4S: a "Diario" in red and a "Colorlux Screen + Body Protector" in orange.
Set 2 for iPhone 4/4S: a "Diario" in zebra and a "Colorlux Screen + Body Protector" in mojito green
Set 3 for HTC One X: a "Diario" in white and a "Mini Cover Pocket"
Set 4 for HTC Sensation XL: two "Diarios" in black and white
Set 5 for Samsung Galaxy II: two "Colorlux Screen + Body Protectors" in blue and purple

This giveaway is hosted with the help of Rafflecopter to make it easier for you and me ;)

This giveaway is international, everybody can join.
The winner will be drawn with random.org and will be announced on the 18th of February.

Good luck!

Thursday 17 January 2013

our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies

Hello everyone!

Woohoo this is my 500th post, how cool is that?!
In the beginning (three years ago, can you believe it...) I had never thought of even getting to a 500th post and now it's here, surprise surprise! I almost missed it because I actually don't pay attention to such things. But anyway, let's all be merry happy that my little blog has survived so far.

Uhm, not much to say today. This is a typical everyday outfit, it's typically me. I can't even put my finger on what makes this outfit so typical, I think it's simply the combination of things like an owl hat, a guitar shirt, comfy boots - they all express pieces of me. But I don't want to ramble on about jeans-and-shirt-combos, so let's just say I really like this outfit. 

Can you see my bangs are almost too long to wear a hat? Or let's say I can wear a hat, but if I pull it down so that I don't look like a gangster kid, I cannot see a thing.
Well, that's the price you pay when you are forced to look for a new hair stylist because you dated your old one and things went not cool and now it's really awkward and you can't get your hair done by him any longer. Yep, true story. I'm truly disappointed because I was so happy about what miracles he worked with my hair. I tell you, my next hair stylist needs to be female or gay, seriously...
My best friend put it so nicely by saying: "Don't shit where you eat."

Maybe I should leave my bangs in peace and instead focus on growing a moustache to go with them, what do you think? ;)

Have a fab day! Until next post!

Sunday 13 January 2013

styling tricks for a summer dress in winter


Hi lovelies!

Aah another Sunday goes by. After running around in the icy cold wind I have cuddled up in a blanket in front of the laptop with a hot coffee to warm me up.
I talked to a friend on the phone today and she told me that she's rather been choosing functional clothing for the recent weather here in our area. I however love to style my summer dresses wintery from time to time, so I thought today I could share my basic rules for staying warm when wearing dresses in winter. Here we go.
Probably nothing new to most of you, but still I think it's nice to make a list so I have them all together in one post.

- rule 1: layer tights -
Okay this is the simplest rule of all. A collection of good opaque tights is the essential for wearing dresses or skirts in winter. I normally layer two or three pairs depending on the temperatures outside. For those who are extremely sensitive to cold I recommend layering these cozy thermal tights with the fleece lining.

- rule 2: add chunky knit -
Another important key word is chunky knit. My advice would be to add chunky knit pieces everywhere in the look! In the outfit above I wear a warm cardigan, a knit hat and a really warm wool scarf. I experienced that it's worth investing in some high quality wool accessories like a really good pure new wool scarf - believe me it will keep you warm so much better than the cheap acrylic knit stuff!

- rule 3: be an onion underneith -
What I mean by this is that if the dress itself is not warm at all you have to stay warm by putting on some more pieces underneith. My repertoire of tricks is the following: I always always always wear a tank top, sometimes even a longsleeve underneith. Furthermore to keep the lower body parts (especially the kidneys!) warm I put on a pair of hot pants AND one of these simple stretchy tube skirts over the tights. Like this it's even warmer than wearing jeans. Or if you don't have such a skirt, a tight stretchy tube top worn as a skirt will do the trick as well.

- rule 4: keep it down -
When it's very windy like it was here today as you can see in the photos, wearing a breezy summer dress can be hard because the wind keeps blowing it up Marilyn Monroe style. To avoid these situations it's advisable to neglect light and breezy fabrics and go for the heavier ones. However if you still want to wear a light fabric again I can highly recommend these basic stretchy tube skirts - not only do they keep you warm, they also prevent unwanted insights on your underwear.

Following the above rules has brought me through many winters and that's how I manage to wear almost every piece in my closet all year long. It's actually nice because I never have to change the content of my closet from summer to winter wear or the other way round.

So I hope this helped some of you or at least confirmed the ways of the ones who already knew the tricks.
Do wear summery pieces in winter as well? Do you have some more clever tricks for me? I'm always open to new advice! :)

Happy Sunday,

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Thursday 10 January 2013

maybe we don't ever come down



Here is another winter outfit post and here is another bunch of slightly blurred photos.
Damn, I really need a tripod and/or remote control soon - it's so hard to find the right focus when you can't be in front of and behind the camera at the same time.
I always tried to adjust the focus with the tree I was standing next to, but somehow it just didn't want to work. Any advice from the more experienced photographers out there?

As you can see I found a very nice spot to take outfit photos. I think the cobble stone pavement and the old building in the background make a cool location for casual comfy winter looks like this one. You can't tell it from the photos, but it is an out-house of a church - on a graveyard. Yes that's right, I went to the graveyard to take photos. Morbid freak I am, I know...
But I really needed to take a walk, get some fresh air and combined this need with the search for a quiet uncrowded photo place. What is more uncrowded than a graveyard? So it was only logical heading there.

Oh and something about the outfit: this blanket-like cardigan is from the C&A plus size department, lo and behold! It's like wearing a snuggie out haha - only that it looks better than a snuggie. I really like the asymmetrical cut and the kind of Norwegian pattern. And the colour of course! Deep red, ah gorgeous!

Furthermore with this post I managed to you show you my winter jacket before winter is over, yaayy, did it!
Back in October I was looking for the perfect winter parka: khaki colour, fake fur hood, drawstring waist. As soon as I entered the Only store I was in love with the one above and have been living in this jacket all winter long. I only wore the brown Vila parka in the last post because the khaki one was at the laundry service. Just so you know... ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday 7 January 2013

wash away what happened last


Hello guys!

Yuck, it's Monday. Thankfully I'm still able to draw good memories from the weekend, which was very realxed and nice.
On Friday me and my stepbrother got one of our Christmas presents: we visited the "Floyd Reloaded" music show. It was cool but it was the first concert I ever went to that only had seats. Normally the concerts in this music hall are rock shows with standing room and lots of  action going on. It was funny to see the audience so well-behaved and calm. Well, okay I know it's because Pink Floyd is rather for the parents generation but it was a great show, so I'm not complaining!

On Saturday I spent some time with me, myself and I. We have some lovely little independent cinemas here in Düsseldorf and one of them is just around the corner of my new home, so I went to see the movie "Beasts of the Southern Wild".
Very cool movie, so poetic in its own twisted way. It made me think a lot about free will, home, family and team spirit. I can really recommend it if you are philosophical mind.

This is what I wore over the weekend, a simple and cute casual look. It was fitting for the Pink Floyd show as well as for the cinema because both nights included a lot of sitting and watching. Comfy stretchy jeans and a tunic were the perfect choice.
The tunic is a little gem I found at a department store's sale while accompanying my mum when she was looking for a new watch. I had never thought that Karstadt (said department store) would meet my taste in clothing. Ha, think again! They have some really lovely brands in stock like Only, Miso, Tigerhill etc.
So I snatched this yellow shirt with the cute print for 70% off.

How was your weekend lovelies?
Did you do some fun things too?
Hope you have an awesome start into the new week!

Until next post,

Friday 4 January 2013

new home: bedroom/living room


Hi guys!

Remember I moved to a new apartment in November? And remember how I promised to show you some photos of it? Well it took me two months to settle down and get everything in the right place an all. Now I finally managed to take some photos so you have a few impressions of my bedroom/living room. Here we go!

The two lovely collages on my wall were a gift. I won them in a giveaway at the blog Daria's Collages last year and have been loving them ever since because they are such cool eye-catchers.

The wooden horses are a fleamarket find and they watch over my CDs now.

The jewelry tree is for the necklaces, the little treasure chest is for the rings and brooches.

I love matryoshkas and I had quite a collection. But as I have less space for decoration in my new apartment I only put the prettiest ones on the shelf.

My amazing vintage armchair from Ebay. I spray-painted the feet golden which looks so cool with this shade of brown.

A peek into a part of my wardrobe. Now my clothes have a home again, woohoo! :)

Have a lovely day!

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Thursday 3 January 2013

happy 2013!


Hi guys!

Happy new year!
How was your New Year's Eve? I hope all of you had fun waving goodbye to last year?
I'm really glad it is over now. Welcome 2013, bring it on!

Can't wait to see what lies ahead of me now. My bachelor thesis, end of student life, beginning of the "real job" life, I'm excited!

These photos here are a tiny recap of my NYE. Actually I have many more photos but mostly of people I don't even know - and it would be strange and probably even illegal (?!) to upload them without permission. Friends of mine took me with them, we went to a private party - hence all the foreign people in the photos.
Nevertheless it was a fun night and I'm so glad I didn't sit around at home all alone.

Where did you celebrate NYE? And how?
Do you have resolutions?

My only resolution is to get rid of the "holiday pounds" (thank you Christmas...), well okay and to make 2013 an awesome year of course!


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