Monday 31 December 2012

owl let you go 2012


Hi guys!

Woot woot it's the last day of the year! Is everyone prepared for party tonight?
Well I am. Actually I had no plans apart from booze and pizza with me, myself and I but I got a last minute chance to join a raclette and a private party. Would I say no to that and rather spend the night alone? No f*cking way! I was so eager to celebrate that this crappy year with all its disappointments is over - so I will do it. Day saved.

So this is the last post in 2012. Farewell you annoying year. And concerning the blog, here's to more nice outfits and better photo quality next year! ;)

As you might remember I moved to another part of the city two months ago. I already knew the area a bit, but still there's a lot left to explore in the new neighbourhood, e.g. places to take photos.!
Yesterday I had absolutely nothing to do - well okay, I could have written an essay for university, but anyway... Instead I went out to get some fresh air and took a walk to look for a good place to take outfit photos. When I had found one it was already dawning, hence the crappy light and quality (I still don't know how to handle my camera in different lighting, will have to practice a bit more or get a better lens...).

The outfit mostly contains of new pieces that I have bought in the winter sale lately. I'm in love with my new owl shirt which was only 7 bucks. And this pretty warm and woolly jacket is a lucky strike from the visit to the Esprit outlet two days ago.
How do you like it?

I wish everyone some lovely last hours of 2012, a fun night with lots of celebration and positive thoughts and a good start into the new year!
How are you going to celebrate tonight?

Until next year,

Sunday 30 December 2012

Christmas Day outfit


Hi guys!

This is the second and last Christmas post for this year - I'm already a little late, but anyway...
Christmas Day was spent at my Dad's place where we had dinner, walked the dog and watched movies - again a very uneventful and laid back day.
I don't even know why I dressed up, actually I could have spent the day in pyjamas, but for the sake of getting dressed up I put together this simple little outfit.
If you saw yesterday's post you already know tights and boots. The heart-printed Mango cardi is a sale bargain from earlier this year and the army green blouse is a recent sale bargain and new favourite of mine.

Actually I'm glad that Christmas is over and that this year is coming to an end. I already had to make a brand-new start two months ago, but still I can't wait to use the beginning of a new year as an official symbol for starting from scratch, getting used to the single life and moving on from everything that happened in 2012.

Anyway, here are a few last Christmas impressions before we move on to the new year.

Have a lovely day!

Saturday 29 December 2012

christmas eve outfit


Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas?
I hope it was full of quality time with family and friends, good food, booze, party, presents and glitter for all of you! :)
Mine was actually uneventful. I spent it at my Mum's and at my Dad's place in turn and the only thing we did was eating and lounging about on the sofa watching movies. Very lazy this year.
The weekend before Christmas I was out and about too with some good friends. I went to a transvestite theatre (which was SO funny), and to the Christmas party in my hometown at the pub where I used to waste my youth. Let's sum it all up saying I really had a blast the last couple of days! :)

This is what I wore on Christmas Eve, a simple black and nude combo with some glitter to make it a tad more festive. The dress is superlight and comfy, it has a stretchy waist - this my friends is the most important thing about an outfit that you wear to sit around and stuff your face with food! ;)
The booties are a recent buy that's slowly but steady becoming a new favourite. I can practically wear them with anything and I love how the studded back adds a bit of rock chic to all outfits.
The little golden mustache necklace is another new favourite, I swapped it with a girl from Austria and almost never took it off since its day of arrival.

So that was my little Christmas report. Tomorrow the outfit from Christmas Day will follow.
How was your Christmas time? What did you eat? What presents did you get? :)

Have a lovely evening!

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Saturday 22 December 2012

last minute gift: DIY candle jars


Hello guys!

Shock shock boom: the day after tomorrow is Christmas already!
I'm so glad I have all the presents together by now - although I have to admit I did some last minute shopping yesterday. And some last minute crafting too!
After having moved into the new apartment I'm pretty broke, so some presents had to be cheap DIYs this year.

Here is an easy-peasy idea for lovely christmassy candle jars.

You need:

- jars from the 1 dollar (or euro) shop
- old newspaper or even better: yellowed books
- paste glue
- golden spray paint
- decoration charms, ribbons etc.

Simply paste stripes of the paper around the jars with the paste glue, decorate with the spray paint if you like. Let it dry over night.
The next day you can add the ribbon or other decoration to make it look festive.
Don't forget to put a candle inside!
Et voilĂ , that's it!

Hope you like it! :)
I will be back with lots of photos after the Christmas holidays!
Have a lovely time everyone!

Until next time,

Friday 21 December 2012

provide me clues just go ahead


Hi guys!

Phew it's been a pretty busy time lately and the pre-Christmas time flew by so fast I was hardly able to enjy it. Somehow I'm totally lacking of the Christmas spirit this year. Okay, of course I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with family and friends, but apart from that there is not much christmassy stuff going on. A few visits to the Christmas market, a little self-torture in the overcrowded shops, but that was it.
I didn't even manage to squeeze in some time for baking cookies. December is too short for me this year - but maybe it's because of all the to-dos for the new apartment and because I'm trying to keep myself busy to not hang around home alone.
Anyway, despite the lack of time I was able to take some outfit shots the other day at least.

I haven't worn this sailing boat dress for what feels like ages! When I bought it one or two years ago I just had to have it because of the cute print but then hardly ever wore it as a dress. Why? Well I felt uncomfortable because I thought it was too short and revealed too much of my thighs. Oh the complexes, right?
Now a year later the dress fits more loosely, still has the same length and I'm confident enough to wear it as a dress without the obligatory skinny jeans underneith that I used to combine it with.
It's so perfectly comfortable for sitting around at the office all day, I'm glad I rediscovered it in my wardrobe!

Haha the pout, sorry can't help it when taking photos.

So, do you guys already have certain Christmas plans? I mean, at this time next week it'll be over already, so crazy! Are you going to celebrate with your family and friends too? Maybe you're going on holiday? Or you're going to attend some special Christmas events? Go to church? Have goose? Watch all the cheesy Christmas movies? God I can hear Disney's a Christmas carol hear me calling! :)

Tell me about what makes Christmas christmassy for you this year.


Thursday 20 December 2012

what I spent my time on


Hi guys!

How is everyone doing?
I just wanted to drop in and share a couple of photos from my mobile phone. I randomly took them in the course of the last weeks, so this is a little overview of what photo-worthy things I did lately.
Hope you like them!

*whoops sorry I just saw I forgot the "the" above*

Life was good lately :)

Until next post,

Friday 14 December 2012

CLOSED Firmoo glasses giveaway


Hi guys!

As Christmas is drawing nearer we all love to buy gifts for others or maybe also for ourselves right?
Well, here is the chance for you to win a 20$ voucher code for a lovely pair of glasses! Nice huh? :)

This giveaway is sponsored by, the world's most popular online eyeglasses store.
They are so kind to sponsor a 20$ voucher code for 25 of my readers! Yes 25 people, isn't this amazing?

Thanks a lot firmoo!

These are only three of the many cool glasses you can find on their website:

And here is how the giveaway works:

Be a follower of Bad Taste Toast via GFC or BlogLovin
leave a comment telling me what's your favourite pair of glasses from the firmoo website and leave me your e-mail address for contact in case you are a lucky winner

One entry per person only please.

That's all! :)

The giveaway is open to international readers and will end on Sunday, December the 16th at midnight (MET).
I will announce the winners the day after.

Good luck!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

well plaid


Hi guys!

Phew, first real outfit post after the big hiatus - what can I say? I missed blogging.
In the last couple of months I've rarely worn something exciting, only jeans and shirt combos with boots and sneakers, so to warm up for blogging regularly again I chose this simple comfy look for the re-entry.
I don't know if it's just because of the winter weather or maybe also because I at least needed the feeling of comfiness when everything else was shit during the breakup, but my style has simplified itself a lot lately.
I'm back to the roots so to speak, to casual comfy looks, to bring other aspects of my appearance more into focus again, like make-up and hair. On the one hand it's because I've lost some weight this year and feel more self-confident without concealing things, on the other hand it's definitely also because I define myself differently now. Living in a relationship for a long time makes you define yourself by the other person to a certain extent, but now that I don't have this person anymore my style automatically changes and I start defining myself by other things again, like my taste in music, my hobbies, my friends. This makes me want to underline certain aspects of me that I put into the background before.

So this is what I look like most days at the moment: plaid shirts, cardi, skinnies, boots. Sometimes a hat too.
Probably pretty boring for many of you, but that's what I feel good in.
I will never stop loving plaid shirts for they are so cool and versatile and available in so many colours and fits. Actually not boring at all if you combine them with different stuff. And this is my very favourite plaid shirt which cost me ridiculous 3 bucks at a crappy thrift store - simple people can be satisfied with simple things, right? ;)

What do you think of plaid shirts by the way?
Wardrobe staple or nerdy no-go?
Lumberjack love or mechanical engineer uniform?

Until next post,

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