Monday 30 June 2014

CLOSED Lingering Petrichor Giveaway

lingering petrichor giveaway  title

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic Sunday?
Well, too make it perfect I have goodies for you.
I teamed up with the lovely Texas-based Jessica and her Etsy Shop Lingering Petrichor where she sells her cute and colourful handmade wooden necklaces.
She is so generous to offer one necklace of choice for three of my readers.
Show some love and enter the giveaway below, it's open for international entries!

A broke college kid with a passion to create.

Hey y'all! I'm Jessica, the owner of this little store, Lingering Petrichor. I'm slightly obsessed with DIY projects, and I made this store to share my products, as well as make a few bucks to put in my broke-college-kid fund.

This giveaway will be open until July the 6th 2014, 10 pm (MET) and is open for international entries.
The winners will be drawn on July the 7th.
To enter please use the Rafflecopter widget below.

Happy Sunday!

Friday 27 June 2014

what blogging has taught me

what blogging has taught me outfit post title


I've been blogging here on Bad Taste Toast for the last 4,5 years and I'm still enjoying it - actually even more than in the beginning.
At first it was hard to gain attention, find a style, get a routine, build a readership etc.
Now I have all of the above and I'm really happy and proud.
Even though I'm rather a quitter if things don't work out from the start, this blog is one of the few things I didn't chuck. As overly dramatic as it may sound, it has taught me to keep trying and that success doesn't come easy.
That's why today I'll take about what I love most about blogging and what it has taught me.

1. language skills
4,5 years ago I decided to blog in English for practicing reasons. Best decision ever! I studied English at university where I rather learned the formal version. In my spare time however the blogosphere with its variety of different people from all over the world really improved my colloquial English skills.
In relation to this I also improved my writing skills because when you write a blog post you of course want to express yourself properly and not sound like an idiot.

2. photography skills
In 2010 I started taking outfit pictures with a crappy cheapo point and shoot camera (e.g. here) and after a while found out that this wasn't enough. I wanted photos of better quality and in the course of the years that followed I read up about basic photography rules, got a DSLR and tried to develop my skills.
Today I'm still an amateur but it's getting better.

3. web design skills
I once did an internship at a graphic design office at the age of 19 but  still when I started blogging I had no idea about web design whatsoever! For beginners provides easy ways to design a layout but very soon I wanted more. So I dived into the confusing world of HTML gibberish, templates and Youtube turorials. It sucked and it often still confuses me but it was totally worth learning it because I can decide what I want my blog to look like.

4. fashion and make up skills
Blogging has definitely taught me a lot about these two. Some years ago I didn't have the slightest idea about what skort, OOTD, LBD or jeggings are.
The blog also challenged me to bring a variety into my everyday dressing habits, to create new looks with old pieces, to remix items, to only wear what maks me feel good and to not go with trends but with your own personal development. Today I pay more attention to make up and styling without acting like a shallow fashion victim and I like it.

5. networking skills
It's only a part of the networking aspect but through this blog I've made some great friends from all over the world. It's amazing how blogging brings people together! Without Bad taste Toast I wouldn't have met Mona from Canada or Madeline from Hungary. I wouldn't have teamed up for a giveaway with Anni who lives in the USA now and I wouldn't have had the chance to visit the first European Blogger Conference with lots of different interesting poeple.

6. internet skills
I have discovered so many interesting, helpful and inspiring websites, apps and tools and it doesn't stop because there are new discoveries every single day. I've come across lovely online shops, found great social media sites, swapping platforms, daily reads etc.
I learned about privacy settings, search engines, hashtags, media law and lots and lots of other things that are very helpful outside of the blogging world too.

7. explorer skills
Sounds over-the-top but I've become more of an explorer. I keep looking for new photo locations or places to blog about, leave familiar paths and developed a bigger interest in my environment. Not only in Düsseldorf but also when I'm in other cities. For example in Budapest where entering a doorway on a main street can lead you to the most beautiful magical hidden bazaar.

That's what blogging has done for me. There are millions of other little things I could name, but they basically all belong to these seven points I listed above.
What has blogging done to you?
Can you find yourself in what I wrote? Or did it teach you other things?
What are your experiences?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday 25 June 2014

hello there polkadots

hello there polkadots outfit post title

Hello there!

Thank you all so much for the positive comments on my last post, I really appreciated them! I'm glad I talked about this topic and let it all out.

Today I had a bit of a blues in the morning. I've been feeling so sick and tired of my daily grind lately and it's really getting me down. I've said this before when I talked about financial dependance, but it's not only about money. I feel stuck in my student life in general  even though I have finished my studies.
Well, the reason for this is that on paper I actually will be a student until the end of September which means I will be limited to working in my two student jobs. It's the office or the coffee shop during the day and my place in the evenings. Sometimes I go out and have a drink at my favourite hangout but that's about it. 
I love this city dearly but after the same places and faces for the last 8 years I am so ready to see something new! I have found the best friends and made some of the best memories of my life in Düsseldorf but the thought of going somewhere new soon makes it hard to still be completely happy here.
That's unfair to say actually because I will definitely miss my stomping grounds a lot. But I also miss my boyfriend over in Perth a lot and I feel this wanderlust growing stronger and stronger.
However no visa is ordered, no flight is booked yet and I feel a bit unsettled, restless and impatient.
This really spoiled my mood today.

I'm sick of sitting around and waiting for things to happen. I'm waiting for my bachelor certificate, I'm waiting for the money I need to prepare my year abroad. Waiting sucks!
So to get me out of the blues I thought about things I can do to achieve some progress and move towards my goal of going to Australia.
Well, I will have to clear out my apartment before I go anyway, so I thought I can at last try to already get rid of as much stuff as possible. I had started to sort out things some weeks ago and sold a part of it at the flea market two weeks ago, but there are still enough books, movies, clothes and clutter that have to go.
So I offered my dvds in a Facebook group, put lots of my clothes up for sale on Kleiderkreisel and dragged a big bag full of books to the city library to donate them.
On my way home I grabbed a Vanilla Latte at Starbucks to reward myself. My mood was way better and I felt like I had gotten rid of some more baggage by actually doing something instead of waiting for everything to solve itself. Progress yay! Now I can hopefully sell all of my stuff to make some extra money for the Australia plans.
If you'd like to shop my closet you can see what's up for grabs HERE!
The website is only for Germany, but if there's something you like I offer international shipping too. Just let me know and I'll find out the shipping costs.

Usually I'm rather a pessimist but today I'm really proud of myself for pulling my head out of the dark clouds and getting shit done. Sometimes I really just need a reminder of that we have to do things ourselves to achieve our goals. No one will go and do it for you, you have to do it yourself!
By the way it's the same when it comes to weight loss: I'm still trying to get rid of 3-4 kilos, so I'll do some workout before I go to bed. No one else will do it for me and if I just sit there and wait nothing will happen because the love handles won't just vanish into thin air (such a bummer!).

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday 22 June 2014

foxes and a story about asymmetric legs

foxes and a story about asymmetric legs outfit post title

Hello loves!

Today I'm presenting you some foxes and my *so not ready for summer legs* in semi-transparent black tights. What a combo huh?
First things first: the foxes. This cardigan is one of those unintentional Ebay bargains - you forget that you bid on it and *Bam!* it's yours for only 5 bucks. I've always loved anything fox-printed so I was very happy about the won auction. The colours are pretty autumny actually, but here in Germany the temperatures drop to autumn level in summer a lot so the colour combo is just fine for the recent weather. The knit is really soft and cozy too, so nice! Paired with my summery shorts and sneakers it was the perfect outfit for a chilly summer day.

Okay, now for the aformentioned not ready for summer legs. Actually it's the same every year: Not only do I dread summer because of the heat and high air humidity, no, I dread it even more because in said weather there is no chance I can hide my legs.
I've always hated them for the red birthmarks that crawl up my right leg from the toes to the butt. Granted. I'm over it, I have learned to deal with people staring at it. But what actually really bothers me is the fact that my legs are asymmetric. No joke, take a closer look at the second pic in this post, look at the calves and you will see what I'm talking about. The red birthmarks on my leg somehow shrink the tissue and that's the reason my left leg is bigger than the right one. In most pics you won't see the difference because I've become pretty good at concealing it of course. But believe me, it's such a pain in the butt for me to find fitting jeans...
Anyways, most days I feel confident enough to still wear shorts or skirts and show my legs because A) I know people don't notice unless I tell them about the asymmetry and B) I am trying really hard to love myself with all my flaws inside and outside and get rid of this constant urge to critizise my body. I'm sure all of you know what I mean when in my last post I said that the road to self-confidence and to loving your own body is a struggle, it's really hard, especially with media trying to manipulate the image you have of yourself.
So it's enough now!

Today I feel good enough to post these pictures and say

*Yes I have asymmetrical legs and yes there's a bit of cellulite in the pics too, so what?!*.

I critizise myself way too often, tell myself I'm a freak, a mutant, too fat and whatnot. But it's enough now.
There's still a long road ahead but I can see progress already and posts like this one here are indicators for a slow but steady improvement that's taking place in my head.

What do you think my dear readers? How do you feel about yourselves?
It really is not easy nowadays but we should all try to not pull ourselves or each other down.

Happy Sunday!

Friday 20 June 2014

home design inspiration: bedrooms

home design inspiration: bedrooms blog post title

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post, just want to let you know that everything's okay with my boyfriend. We're always able to make peace again, no worries.

My move to Australia is drawing nearer (hopefully I'll fly over in October) and I've been anticipating a completely new place to live in with Jarryd. We've been looking through the online house listings for rental houses together and now that I know what Australian houses are like I can start to dream of how to arrange everything inside.
As I'm a Pinterest addict I of course have my own pinboard for anything interior over there and today I picked out the loveliest bedrooms to feed the inspiration and share them with you.
One disappointment is that we won't be allowed to put anything on the walls with nails, so instead of hanging up pictures or other things I will have to find an alternative. I'll figure that out in the course of the next months...

By the way the pics are all taken from my Pinterest Home Design Inspiration board and if you click them they will lead you to their original source.

As you can see I'm a big fan of white, light colours and warm brown wood and leather to make a room look cozy. I like it clean and simple with colourful eyecatchers to add some personality. What's also important is a good balance of old and new pieces to make it contemporary but personal and charming.
What do you think? How do you like this style?

Happy Friday!

Thursday 19 June 2014

when only the good die young ain't it ironic I age so well

when only the good die young ain't it ironic I age so well outfit post title

Hi lovelies!

Somehow I feel strange. I'm not in a bad mood, but restless and agitated. I've been playing lots of my favourite songs, turning the volume up, singing along at the top of my lungs, jumping and dancing around in my bedroom to cheer up again after a discussion with the boyfriend on Skype earlier. And still I can't settle down again because I know these stupid discussions only happen due to the long distance relationship we lead at the moment.
It sucks so much to be limited to talking over video chat. Most often the connection is bad so we can't even look each other in the eyes properly - well you never look straight into the camera anyway, you always look at the video window of the counterpart. So there is no real physical communication at all, we're limited to intonnation and choice of words which doesn't always have a positive impact on the conversation.

Everytime time we discuss or fight it makes me feel like I'm an asshole. My boyfriend keeps telling me I'm too negative. Well, I'm still on my way to some good honest self-love and a healthy self-esteem and, oh boy, sometimes the path that leads there is rocky and steep. Sometimes I can't handle the slope and roll back down to a lower level where it takes me some time to get up and brush off the dirt and start climbing again.
The other day I've read a great post about self-love over at "Of North" and thought it must be great to have reached this healthy state of mind with an untainted image of yourself. I've been there before myself and looking back now I know that it felt really good. I would love to just go back and stay there but it isn't that easy, it's a struggle. And if there is a relationship involved with a partner who still has to learn how to handle your behaviour and vice versa it can be complicated at times.
Like today when you have to end the discussion unsolved because the time difference between here and Australia forces the counterpart to go to bed. Well, I hope things will get better after some more favourite songs and a good sleep.

Actually I think I might start baking now at 9 pm because that's another thing I love to do to calm down again. Earlier today I saw a recipe for cinnamon bun scones on Pinterest which I'm dying to try out and now that I think about it some cinnamony snacks for later would be perfect to roll up in my chair and watch some documentaries.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Thursday 12 June 2014

if it ain't broke break it

if it ain't broke break it outfit post title


Today is really stressing me out...
University is killing me with its stupid bureaucracy!
I have passed my bachelor and have been trying to apply for receiving my certificate so I can leave the student life behind and start an exciting new chapter as an adult with a real job and actual wages that pay the bills. Well actually not, I will officially stay a student until the end of the semester, but you guys get my point right?
I'm sick of uni, it has taken me way too long to finish my studies anyway. I want to leave now and never go back there because I'm so fed up. But no, uni does not let me go so easily.
Fill in this form, go and get that confirmation about whatever crap they want. I ran back and forth for four hours today with documents and forms and I'm still not able to apply for my credentials because in 2011 some lecturer forgot to forward my grade for an exam to the examination office.
Can you believe how shocked I was today when they told me that I would still have to pass another exam?! After I already passed my degree?! Seriously?!
Fortunately we were able to find out that this is not the case. Phew! However I still have to postpone my application for another week now and that sucks because I'm so impatient.
University of Düsseldorf, your administration sucks balls!! 

Okay, enough agitation, now for something positive: I found a fantastic "Irish Imports" playlist on Spotify! Lots of nice Irish music, so perfect for calming down after a stressful day. Now I'm in my bedroom, peacefully blogging away my time with the window open and a cup of coffee next to me. Life can be quite nice too sometimes...

I've been listening to the first 30 songs already and love it! Good mix of Irish folk, rock, pop and some classics. This would definitely also be great for a roadtrip along the Irish coasts in the summer. If I could only go and book a flight now... 

The only thing I need to feel completely good again is food so I think I'll go and improvise something in the kitchen now. Do you know fried eggs on toast with cheese and ham? Awesome snack! Yup I think fried eggs it is.

Happy Thursday!


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