Thursday 28 July 2011

budapest day 4

Szent István-bazilika (St. Stephan's Basilica)

Hi guys!

Oh my goodness, it's so exhausting being a kind of part-time tourist. I was at the office today from 8.30 to 5 and then one of the Hungarian girls showed me around. I think tomorrow I'll have to make a sightseeing break and just go downtown to have supper and do a little shopping, my feet are so not used to walk around after work for 3 or 4 hours everyday.
But it was amazing again! Budapest has so many different interesting spots and although I went on an extensive walk around Buda Castle and the surrounding area, I still saw so many new things today. It's like you could walk around here for hours without getting bored because behind every corner there is a new pretty building.

Magyar Állami Operaház (Hungarian State Opera)

entrance hall of the Mai Manó House of Hungarian Photography

This girl who showed me around today has a kind of student's tourist guide degree and she was able to tell me the stories about every building and street and monument we came across, it was simply amazing! She took me to the St. Stephan's Basilica that houses Hungary's most sacred relic, the right hand of St. Stephan wo is regarded as the founder of Hungary because - if I remember it correctly - he was the first king here.
We also visited the opera where famous componists like Mahler and Liszt used to work, a famous boulevard that was built especially for empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sissi), the Budapest House of Photography, the House of Terror ( a museum that commemorates the fallen fighters of a revolt in the 1940s) and then our walk ended at the big Hero's Square where the seven most important persons of the Hungarian history - mostly kings - are depicted as huge statues.

House of Terror

they're hosting an exhibition about the revolt of the 1940s

all around the building there are photos of the many people that were shot down

in front of some over 100 years old cast-iron gates

Hősök tere (Hero's Square)

I also got some good advice about what souvenirs I should get and where because these normal souvenir shops are so overpriced! Typical Hungarian things are for example a liqueur called Unicum, a fruit brandy called Pálinka, pickled peppers, crochet doilies with folklorish floral patterns or figurines of the above mentioned famous king St. Stephan. I think I'll visit the huge Central Market Hall to get some of these things for better prices tomorrow evening.
But for now I'll just fall into my bed, curl up and sleeeeeeep... ;)

Have a lovely day/evening!

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  1. Your trip looks like sooo much fun!! I bet it's exhausting, butin a good way. You're getting to see so much dear

  2. Oh my goodness Carina! How awesome are your pics!
    Looks like you are having an great time! Hope your are soaking your feet and wearing comfy shoes!
    Thanks for the tour!
    Good luck with your souvenirs!
    gi gi

  3. WOW. That place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to go there, I'd be really scared though because I couldn't speak the language lol!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  4. Ersteinmal zum Layout:

    hihihi so gings mir auch. Habe auch erst 100jahre gegoogelt aber nix gefunden und dann einfach mal selbst ausprobiert. So funktioniert's:

    Oben auf "Desing" --> "Vorlagendesigner" ---> "Breite anpssen" hier machst du den "gesamten Blog" auf 1000 Pixel. Und dann die "rechte Sidebar" z.B. auf 220 Pixel. Musste dann einfach mal ausprobieren welches Verhältnis dir am besten gefällt. Am breitesten kriegt man die Blogposts aber leider nur hin wenn man eben nur eine Sidebar hat.

    Und lädst du deine Bilder direkt über Blogger hoch? Wenn ja solltest du vlt. noch zu beispielsweise Flickr wechseln, weil man nur dann auch die volle Breite ausnutzen kann. Also wenn du dort dann Bilder hochlädst, kannst du sie ganz leicht über die Funktion "Grab the HTML/BBCode" in den HTML Bereich eines jeden Posts einfügen.

    Achso und noch ganz wichitg, weil du ja deinen Header dann anpassen musst, solltest du deinen jetziges nochmal so bearbeiten, dass er 1000 Pixel breit ist und dann einfach erneut hochladen.

    So das war's auch schon :)

  5. Und nun zum Post ^^:
    Das House of Terror sieht ja krass aus! Und du hast echt ein Glück solche Arbeitskollegen zu haben, das ist ja schon fast wie Urlaub! Es hätte ja auch anders laufen können. Freut mich für dich!

  6. Das sieht alles so toll aus, da wäre ich jetzt auch gerne. <3

  7. I absolutely adore Budapest, I went in 2008 and still remember it fondly, it's so beautiful! x

  8. Mir gefallen deine Bilder gut ;) Ich mag vorallem Bilder von kleinen Gässchen... Vielleicht findest du davon ja auch noch welche ;) Aber ich finde es total interessant dir so durch die Bilder folgen zu können :)

  9. great pictures, looks like fun!


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