Monday, 17 May 2010

penelope and matryoshkas

Hi guys!

I hope you all have/had a lovely Sunday just like me.
I didn't do anything special today, but it was wonderful spring weather and I had enough time to roam around when Patrick had his band rehearsal, so I took some photos around the old mill where they rehearse.

dress: accessorize beach wear, jeans: pimkie, belt: h&m,
cardi: zara, scarf: ebay, shoes: thrifted, bag: roxy

I visited Penelope the boat :)
I wish I could take her to the sea someday, it's so sad how she's rotting away in the yard of this old mill. I think she deserves to be taken to the sea before she's a wreck completely. Unfortunately I have now idea about sailing or anything related to it... I'd also love to recondition her, so that she doesn't have to be taken to a last cruise at all. Ah well, I don't know anything about the restoration of ships either, sigh...

My outfit today is actually a slightly different version of what I had actually planned to wear. I really wanted to wear this dress because it's so pretty. I bought it via Ebay some weeks ago and was thinking of how to style it best, because I wanted to bring out its lovely pattern even more by combining it with basic pieces. Eventually it was too cool today to wear it as a dress, so I tried out a casual look with jeans. I really like the result, I can't wait to see what else can be styled with this multitalent of a dress. I'm thinking of pulling it down to wear it as a skirt, too... :)

I also want to show you one of my finds from yesterday's midnight market:

A matryoshka! I love matryoshkas :) I found some really pretty ones on the last two fleamarkets. But these babies here are my new favourites, they are the loveliest I own so far (I have 5 now and they all have at least 5 little ones inside, so they heap up slowly but steady). Patrick is not so pleased about it, but I don't care :)

Okay, that's it for today. Have a lovely day!!

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  1. lovely dress and bag! and i love those dolls too...we call them babushka dolls though haha! hope you had a good weekend! :)

  2. This dress is absolutely beautiful dear! Love the colors and floral pattern. Looking forward to seeing how else you will style it :)

  3. Cute dress, I love florals! And oh my gosh those matryoshka dolls are so cute. I love matryoshkas!

  4. love it doll, you look fabulous!! :D, and i'm sorry about your boat doll, maybe you should get some other people/friends to help you restore her to make it a fun summer project, then all of you guys go out on her! that would be an awesome thing to blog about, makes me want to do it hahaha :D!


  5. That dress is so pretty.I love the pattern and the color and the scarf just sets it off so perfectly, well done!

  6. Carina - you never felt to make me smile with your bright color and cheerfulness .... hope you are enjoying the beauty of spring, and you look just sooo lovely, xx

  7. ooooh what a lovely blog! I love your dress and the matrioshkas :-)

  8. wow, I love the color mixing in this outfit!!! very cute scarf/dress combo.

  9. That dress is so cute! What a great print!

  10. Lovely dress, I like the casual look of your whole outfit. Those lazy sundays are the best glad you had one :)

  11. I so want that dress of yours!!! You look so cute today. xoxoxo

  12. Super süßes Kleidchen!!!
    Ich stehe auch total auf Matryoshkas und habe auch eine oder andere zu Hause;)

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  14. Hi Carinnnnna :)
    wow süsses Kleid...sehr sommerlich :)

    Küsschen Süsse


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