Sunday 27 November 2011

blue aztec


Hi guys!

Oh Patrick and I are totally exhasuted, we just came back home from an afternoon with his parents. We had invited them to dinner tonight but they came a little earlier to spend some more time with us. First we had coffee and cake here at home, then we went downtown and walked across the whole christmas market, stopped at three hot wine stands, got a little tipsy, walked down the whole Königsallee and finally went to the restaurant.
God, my feet hurt, I'm so full and tired, but it was a really nice day. The hot wine was delicious, the cold fresh air was wonderful to take a walk and the food was good and filling as well.
Later I will just fall into bed, curl up and sleep like a baby!

♥ cardigan: gina tricot ♥ dress: h&m ♥ scarf: accessorize ♥ belt: primark ♥ shoes: goertz ♥ bag: asos ♥

How do you like aztec prints? In summer I bought a scarf with an ethno-ish print in Budapest and since then I've been looking for more pieces with these kind of print because I like it a lot. A few weeks ago I found this blue dress in the H&M sale for 15€ and couldn't resist, it had to come home with me. Unfortunately I didn't try it on in the store and at home I noticed that it's a bit shorter than my feel-good length for dresses and skirts, but on my confident days I wear it (or on unconfident days high heels will do the trick I think).
As the aztec print is rather eye-catching I decided to simply combine it with black and brown. Et voilà, a cute everyday look.
Plus I also rediscovered my love for black knee-high socks, as you might have seen already in the last days here and here.

So, Saturday is almost over now and I also have some nice plans for tomorrow. My mum will visit me for a nice get-together, I totally want to bake coconut macaroons (first attempt, I'm excited), I want to go to the gym again (to test my new mp4 player) and I also want to put a lot of stuff on sale at Ebay because I need to get rid of my old winter jackets to buy me a new one.

How has your weekend been so far? Do you also have some nice plans for Sunday?

Have a lovely evening! :)

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Thursday 24 November 2011

out and about: mobile snapshots #3


Hi guys!

Oh dear, I haven't done a mobile snapshots feature for such a long time! So here it is again, I hope you maybe missed it?! ;)
Anyway, I took some of the nicest shots out of all the many many ones I had collected on my mobile phone for several months now.

Japanese shopping street visit

yummy vanilla/mango frozen shake

roaming the Japanese book stores

drooling over the lovely home decoratioon

Rhine fair in July

I love fun fairs!

5 loops rollercoaster

"stocking up on autumn clothing" shopping spree

at Promod

at H&M

random shots

in the tram

guerilla knitting on campus

special edition cupcakes at Sugarbird Cupcake back in June

Have a lovely day everyone! :)

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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Altes Teil, neuer Style! contest

Hi guys!

The German clothes swapping website Kleiderkreisel is hosting a photo contest related to the European week of waste avoidance.
The task is to put together an outfit with at least two pieces that you swapped or bought via Kleiderkreisel and hand it in for voting. I will continue this post in German as only German and Austrian people can join the website.
Btw below you can see my contribution :)


Sooo, meine lieben deutschsprachigen Leserinnen!
Vielleicht habt ihr schon vom "Altes Teil, neuer Style" Wettbewerb auf Kleiderkreisel gehört?
Man stellt ein Outfit zusammen in dem mindestens zwei bei KK erstandene Teile vorkommen, knippst es und stellt sich dem harten Konkurrenzkampf im Voting ;)

Hier ist meine Komposition:

♥hat, both shirts, necklace and ring via kleiderkreisel ♥ skirt + socks: h&m ♥ belt: thrifted

Wenn es euch gefällt und ihr bei Kleiderkreisel angemeldet seid würd ich mich seeeehr freuen wenn ihr für mich votet! :)

Bitte hier unter meinem Foto "Yeah!" anklicken.


Happy Wednesday to everyone!
Habt einen schönen Tag!

Sunday 20 November 2011

no idea


Hi guys!

I hope everyone's having a nice Sunday? It's lovely November weather here, sunny and not too chilly, so the plan for tonight is having a hot chai latte downtown with a friend.
But at the moment I'm lounging around in my pyjamas and browsing the web for Christmas presents. God, it feels like it's getting harder and harder each year to find some nice and creative presents! I don't want to give away the same boring stuff again and again but this year I really have absolutely no idea what to buy.
I still need inspiration for some presents for my mother and her boyfriend, for my my dad and his girlsfriend, for my boyfriend... well actually for everyone! At least I have a halfway good idea for my best friend.
I have found some really cool events in our area here, for example a fairytale dinner show of which the tickets would be great gifts for my parents. Well, here comes the BUT: it's all totally out of my price range :(
I don't know what to do, I'm hoping for some useful flashes of inspiration soon...

♥ cardigan: zara ♥ shirt: new yorker ♥ skirt: c&a ♥scarf: gina tricot ♥ belt: primark ♥ boots: h&m belt: primark ♥ boots: h&m ♥ bag: asos ♥

Above you can see my new favourite bag! It's from Asos but I snatched it via Ebay for only 10 Euro, hooray for a good bargain! How come I always find so many nice things for myself but no good presents for others? Oh boy, I suck... ;)
But I won't fall into the trap of buying something I would like as a present to give it to someone else, that's risky! Risky because I love all kind of kitschy stuff, I think it's very easy to please me, just gibe me something cute-looking and useless and I'm happy. In German there is this saying that simple people are content with simple things haha...

♥ necklace: flufftail

Alright, I think I'll enjoy my afternoon by taking a hot bath now and watching some random TV shows. Out of pure despair about not having any cool TV shows to watch at the moment (apart from The Walking Dead once a week) I began to watch New Zealand's Next Topmodel. Yes, that's right. I think I have mentioned before that I suck, haven't I? ;)

Happy Sunday!

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Friday 18 November 2011

beats & bummel


Hi guys!

How have you been?
God, I had a really awful day. First I was 15 minutes too late for my seminar at uni this morning because of our shitty public transport (when the bus is overcrowded the bus driver thinks it's not necessary to stop at a station anymore....) and then I had to hold a presentation for this seminar and it sucked for some lecturer-concerning reasons...
So instead of fretting about today I tell you something about last Saturday.

♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ shirt: bershka ♥ skirt: gosha ♥ belt: primark ♥ boots: h&m ♥ necklace: six ♥

Last weekend Patrick and I needed some rest from the busy week, we were both feeling exhausted and weren't up to anything exciting. But then again we also didn't want to hang around at home all day, so we were at least able to pull ourselves together for a little fleamarket spree. There is a fleamarket in our neighbour city, it's called "Gare du Neuss" because it takes place in an old storage building behind Neuss' main station.
Normally its on Saturday noons (beginning at 11 am), but last Saturday it was hosted as a kind of "stylish young market" called "Bummel und Beats" (meaning stroll and beats). There was lots of rummage, but also DIY stands, cake, sushi, a lounge area with vintage furniture and a DJ who put on some electro tunes.
Actually it was a quite nice event but I couldn't help feeling to be surrounded by too many (wannabe) hipsters, that is people who understand "fleamarket" as trying to palm off their used Zara bag on you for 5 bucks less than the original price. Woohoo, that's what I call a fleamarket bargain...not!

But I don't want to be a grinch, it was a nice mix of different things displayed there. I discovered a stand with these lovely DIY strawberry hats that I've seen around the web a lot lately and I was so tempted to get me one but abolished this idea last minute because it made me look like a moon-faced kindergarten child.
Patrick wanted to leave after 20 minutes, he's a person who thinks he has seen everything after one round through the rows. I was able to convince him of going around again because I think a real fleamarket rummage aka treasure hunt has to take some time. Eventually we left after another round, but fortunately I was in a "quick treasure hunt mode" and snatched three lovely things before leaving.

♥ darkgreen Moroccan leather bag - 8€ ♥ darkgreen kitschy suede belt - 2€ ♥ pair of beautiful handmade wooden Russian horses - 12€ ♥

Jackpot! I adore these wooden horses so muchhhhh! I had been looking for something like them forever and the only thing I had found before was a wooden carousel horse figurine with a missing tail.
Now these two Russians live on our book shelf in the living room and the matryoshkas have moved to the sideboard. Giddy-up!
I'm also a sucker for darkgreen at the moment, hence the bag and belt were great finds as well.

How do you like my finds? How do you like "stylish young fleamerkets"?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday 16 November 2011

summing up favourites #8: autumn love


Hi guys!

I haven't done a summing up favourites feature for a while, so it's about time. We all love autumn, don't we? At least I read a lot about autumn being the favourite season of many bloggers because of the weather, the beautiful colours of all the fallen leaves and because of the possibilities for dressing. It's not too warm to wear tights and cardigans anymore and it's not too cold for winter jackets that hide half of our outfits yet. Quite the contrary! We can layer a lot or top off looks with pretty transition jackets, vests or coats.
I have collected 8 looks from the last weeks that really inspire me and from now on I'm going to show you my favourites in a bigger version so you can see the outfits in all their beauty.

Amy of Flying a Kite mixing patterns and looking all lovely in Halloweenish colours.

Lady Moriarty pulling off mustard, beige and dark blue in her amazing vintage inspired style.

Michelle Elizabeth of Mod Fox looking stunning in her black witchy lace dress for a pre-Halloween shoot.

Rebecca of The Clothes Horse in a casual and perfectly chic outfit including one of the cutest autumny sweaters I've ever seen.

Laura of Tokyo And Seoul Dreams rocking her magenta blazer and pretty ankle boots for a dazzling autumn look.

Caitlin of Waking Life in a really cute yellow dress looking all stylish with the lovely accessories.

Isabelle of YeYe! Style Blog in a gorgeous combo of vibrant shades of blue and red!

Petra of Photoblog By Petra rocking a simple but stylish autumny ensemble and looking totally pretty and cute.

Oh I wish autumn would never end...
So, do you like the outfits above? What are your favourites?

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday 13 November 2011

fall wishlist... again...

Hi guys!

Oh how inspired I am by all these lovely fall wishlists I saw around the blogosphere lately. The post that inspired me the most was the wishlist of Little Chief Honeybee, it's full of delightful pieces. I started to browse the online shops again to put together some things for fall myself and found some lust-worthy stuff. I need to win the lottery soon...

1) Outfitters Nation "Casey" cardigan 2) Pimkie rust colored dress 3) Promod 70s faux leather bag 4) Monki "Leaf" necklace 5) MiMaMeise redbreast ring 6) H&M faux fur hat 7) Modcloth "Head Down Umbrella Up" umbrella 8) Hunter navy boots

1) H&M plaid shirt 2+3) Pimkie mustard scarf and hat 4) Mint&Berry olive chinos 5) Fjällräven "Greenland" Parka 6) Amused by Ameko bag 7) Verabel "The Kaleidoscope Locket" necklace 8) Lulu's "Miss Me Ponie" boots 9) Monki "Polly" socks

1) H&M blazer 2) cute-monstR "Rawwr means..." shirt 3) Casio watch 4) Pimkie brown skirt 5) Accessorize "Leopard Sheer" tights 6) Rut M.FL. "Lyo Big" scarf 7) Eden ankle boots 8) Modcloth "Upwardly Mobile Satchel" bag

I could go on like that for hours....... Sigh.... ;)

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Saturday 12 November 2011

bunny and toy camera


Hi guys!

How do you like the effect in my photos today? I tried out something new. Up to now I only edited my photos by changing the light or contrast in Photoshop or when I felt fancy I used Poladroid or one of the many effects in Picnik. Basically I don't want my photos to be too far away from the real colours and, well too far from reality in general, I just want to make them look a bit more interesting by creating a high contrast or a vignette effect or whatnot.
Anyway, to cut a long story short. I stumbled upon this really cool freeware called Toy Camera, took a look at their website and thought I could give it a go. I love to be able to make photos look older than they are and I must admit I was looking for a PS tutorial for a hipstamatic look for ages but couldn't find one in German (I watched English ones but could never figure out the German translations of the tools and stuff).
So there it is, Toy Camera. I love it! It might be a little too dramatic for normal outfit posts, but it is so much fun to drag in all kinds of photos, I could hardly stop myself from turning all my photo folders into toy camera style ;)

♥ jacket: vero moda ♥ shirt: pimkie ♥ skirt: h&m ♥ shoes: head ♥ bag: billabong ♥ headband: asos ♥ necklace: promod ♥

And now for something completely different: do you remember Fifi Lapin? He's a bunny and he is on one of my favourite totes. Notice anything? Okay, okay I tell you. Fifi Lapin is also on my shirt now, I bought it a few weeks ago in the sale at Pimkie. Pimkie stil has a kind of cheapo reputation in Germany, but I can only take up the cudgels for them again and again as they have really cute clothing in the same quality and price class as H&M.
These Fifi Lapin pieces were a special edition, so I was very lucky to still grab one then. I was so in love with the little bunny that I googled it and found out it's available at bigbartel too. Just a bit more expensive...

Alright, I'm off to play a bit more with the Toy Camera app ;D
Have a lovely day!

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Friday 11 November 2011


Hi guys!

I just wanted to drop in and show you some things I bought for fall/winter in the last weeks. Here we go, shopping haul!

TK Maxx

Tights, cosmetics, an oversized shirt... bargains galore. I also found this pretty scarf and got it as a Christmas gift for my mother.


Normally my calves never fit into H&M boots but this time I was lucky, so I bought these cozy warm ones with fleecy faux fur inside.


Another pair of cozy warm boots, but in better quality and for the really cold weather, made of suede and lined with faux fur. I especially love the deer patches on the sides :) I snatched them for 20% off with my Glamour Shopping Card last month.


Promod is one of my favourite brands of all times, they have so many pretty pieces. The other day I went there with a friend and was really proud of myself because I didn't buy a thing - well and then we came across the jewelry on our way outside. Ooh I couldn't help buying these two lovely necklaces! The one in the foreground was even reduced, so I had no choice ;p


I actually purchased this CD some time ago but back then they were not even pressed, so I got a MP3 download code. Well, yesterday the corresponding CD arrived by mail, it mad eits long way from the USA to germany savely.
This band Circle Maybe is really cool! Do you know Tieka of Selective Potential and her husband Brett? Well, they're in the band, I came across their music via Tieka's lovely blog.

How do you like all these things?
Happy Thursday!

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