Monday 31 January 2011

red russian


Hi guys!

The weekend is already over again :( It always goes by so fast no?
Yesterday we cleaned up our apartment all day and in the evening we went to Cologne where my Mum's boyfriend invited us to a Russian restaurant to celebrate his birthday.
It was the strangest evening at a restaurant ever! The restaurant is called HoteLux, it's located in Cologne-Deutz near the big trade fair halls and honestly, with its big red neon writing on the outside it looked like a brothel.

(photo taken from

It didn't get better inside: red velvet on the walls, chairs and tables, red lights and lots and lots of kitschy red curtains and Stalin paintings and all. It was so funny, it totally looked like I imagine a real soviet bar from way back then (and Patrick's Mum, who grew up with the Russian culture in the former GDR, confirmed me that it really looked like that everywhere in the Soviet Union back then).

(photos taken from

But the impressive red velvet overkill couldn't compensate that the waitress simply couldn't engage my sympathy for her. A little misunderstanding of what she said made me hate her half the evening and when someone finally told me that had I gotten her wrong I felt bad for the rest of the time there. But I still insist on that it was her fault because she misworded her sentence.
Anyway, after one hour of hunger and a cocktail "Meadow in Siberia" we finally got our food. I immediately knew I shouldn't have taken the only vegetarian dish on the menue when I saw it. "Kotelety Gritschka" turned out to consist of two buckwheat burgers with tomatoe sauce and a small heap of sauerkraut with white mushrooms.

Granted, the sauerkraut tasted surprisingly good because it was mild and rather sweet-pickled! But the buckwheat thingies tasted like the thawed out vegan burgers that you get in our uni canteen for 1 € and well, yeah, tomatoe-sauce is tomatoe-sauce?! All in all it was a very strange dish. I think a dish with meat would have been a better choice because Patrick said his fillet of beef was delicious.

♥ cardi & jeans: h&m ♥ dress: gina tricot ♥ belt: topshop via ebay ♥ bag: nook art ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥

Remember when I wrote about occasions yesterday? Well, my outfit for this occasion was rather simple: everytime I know we'll have dinner at a restaurant I put on something that's not tight around the stomach haha ;) This lovely tulle top/dress was perfect because it's loose from the waist downwards and it even has an elastic band at the waist, which makes it even more comfortable. But it's still cute and neat because of the tulle layers :)

♥ bracelets: h&m and gift from stylight necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: h&m

Okay, I still couldn't figure out why this Russian restaurant is one of Ralf's favourites, but at least we had a nice and funny evening with each other. I always love to try out new cuisines, but Russian will definitely not become one of my favourite foods.
Emergency plan: if the evening would have been awful we still could have harked back to the thousands of different vodkas on the drinks menue ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to show you lovely photos that I took today when I accompanied Patrick to his band rehearsal. Oh and btw this evening we went to a Greek restaurant with Patrick's parents and it was de-li-cious! So I had at least one yummyyy dish this weekend (
Suvlaki, I would die for it, hhmmm yum).

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend too! :)

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Saturday 29 January 2011



Hi guys!

Isn't this the most beautiful Saturday morning today? Well, at least here it is. It's one of those crisp sunny winter mornings that immdiately put me in a good mood when I got up.
I didn't have time to take outfit photos yesterday and Thursday, but I found some photos from last week as a kind of compensation. They were taken when I re-wore pieces from this look before they went to the laundry box.
You're probably like: "Oh come on? Another outfit with the plaid shirt and red cardi! How boring!". Yes, I know I know! Sorry, but I wear these two pieces a lot because they go with almost everything in my closet. I promise improvement!
I combed through all the sale sections yesterday and found some amazing bargains! The last sale days are always the best because everything is cheap as hell, so I snapped at the chance. Now I have some nice new clothes for future outfit posts.

♥ dress: h&m ♥ shirt: pimkie ♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ leggings: ergee ♥ boots: bullboxer ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: six ♥

Okay, I didn't have time to take photos of my outfits, but you know what? Isn't it also the fact that I didn't have any special occasions to wear something nice? So why take outfit photos if you don't wear something nice?
That's something I talked about with a colleague the other day. It's so sad that the only two regular occasions for me to dress nicely are uni or work. That's what makes my motivation to put together a good outfit in the morning disappear sometimes. On the one hand I'm often like "Why should I wear something else than jeans a t-shirt to work?", but then again on the other hand I think "When you don't have special occasions to dress up, why not dress up daily, right?"
Well, okay I don't really dress up in terms of wearing business chic or so but what I mean is simply putting together something more than jeans and a shirt and most notably trying to combine different pieces to create new looks with the same old clothes.
Fashion gives you the possibility to be different everyday, so isn't it all about dressing based on how you feel and taking the challenge to create new looks over and over again?
What's your opinion about it?

Speaking about occasions: tonight we're invited to a Russian restaurant by Mum and her boyfriend and tomorrow we'll go to a Greek restaurant with Patrick's parents, so there I have two occasions. I don't know what to wear yet, we'll see ;)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Wednesday 26 January 2011

ohio is for lovers


Hi guys!

Two days of not blogging, jeans-and-shirt-looks and boring office work have passed. Drab weather and a lack of sunlight contributed to my murky mood. I love winter and cold weather but I can't live without sunlight, I need at least a little bit each day. These sunny but icy winterdays are the best.
Anyway, it's Wednesday and I'm already looking forward to the weekend. It's going to be a food weekend because we're invited to two birthday dinners, one evening to a Russian restaurant and one evening to a Greek one. Yummy :)

♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ dress & tights: h&m ♥ skirt: thrifted ♥ belt: new yorker ♥ boots: vintage via ebay ♥

I'm also starting to plan our short trip to Berlin. It's so funny that I used to be the most spontaneous person I know when I was younger and that I'm the complete opposite now. Well, I'm still spontaneous - but not when it comes to trips. There are so many things I need to keep in mind: to pack my bag I'll have to check the weather forecast, then I'll have to restock the medicine for all the little ailments I got, I'll need to buy a proper camera bag, I'll have to prepare a comfortable but socially acceptable outfit for the 8 hours bus drive...
Sounds like crappy wannabe-problems, I know. But like I said: lack of spontaneity. I'm quirky ;)

Oh and I really need to google some cool places/shops/bars/whatever to visit in Berlin. I've been to Berlin in the past but the last time I was 14 and couldn't do anything.
Does anyone of you have some Berlin go-tos for me?

Today's outfit is what happened when I wanted to try out my new tights this morning. I built the outfit around the tights because I find their colour a bit tricky - pretty but tricky. According to H&M it's a cognac-brown but it looks rather orange-brown to me and I actually hate orange. Nevertheless it's still brownish enough to not hate it. Did I mention I'm quirky?!
Oh and my beloved Pocahontas boots! Haven't worn them for so long, but I love them so much! I'll definitely release them from their wardrobe confinement as soon as it's getting warmer.
How do you like the cardi with the tights? Nice contrast, no?

♥ necklace: ninuschka ♥ ring(on the necklace): accessorize boots: vintage via ebay

Alright then, that's all for today.
Hope you had a nice week so far?

Have a great day!

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Sunday 23 January 2011

i'm feeling good


Hi guys!

I hope you had a great weekend!
As I told you about my plans on Friday I already knew mine would be fantastic - and it has been so far!

Yesterday I got up early because I wanted to finish the update of my vintage shop while having breakfast. I love to get up early at the weekend, I love this feeling of a brand-new day and that you have it all for yourself to do this and that and that you can happily tick off all the points on your list in the evening. So point 1, the shop update: ticked off.
Point 2: Although it was the nastiest weather, I went to the to fleamarket.

♥ shirt: promod ♥ skirt & boots: vintage via ebay ♥ cardi & hat: zara ♥ leggings & necklace: h&m ♥ bracelets: mixed brands ♥

It was an indoor fleamarket with only a few stands outside. It takes place every Saturday, which I like better than the classic Sunday markets and you can always be sure to find the most lovely antiques and knick-knack there! Tried and true.
I love to roam row after row and look close at everything so I can find the littlest treasures. There are so many pretty things hidden in antique shelves and lying in vintage baskets and bowls. And I could rummage through all the piles of old books there for hours! I saw an old illustrated book about black and white photography, antique almanacs of classic German poets, ah it was wonderful. And I brought home some nice things :)

The outfit was an experiment: I wanted to try out a maxi skirt look because I love how many bloggers pulled off maxi skirts in their outfits but I wasn't sure if maxi would be flattering for my short legs. Well, this is the longest skirt I own, but it's only ankle-length. Nevertheless it was fun to combine this look because I really had the feeling that I was making a maxi skirt look that is me and not a copy of some styles that would have made me look dressed up.
Can you tell that I've never worn this skirt as an actual skirt before? Funny.

♥ necklace: h&m ♥ fake leather bracelet: six ♥ bangles: promod ♥ charm bracelet: gift from stylight

Alright, back to the fleamarket. I took some photos with my mobile phone to give you an impression of this lovely indoors time travel:

I ♥ old rocking horses!

Tons of knick-knack!

Look at the lovely painting!

I ♥ this wedding dress, so romantic!

And last but not least I want to show you what I brought home of course :)
Here are the finds:

carousel horse figurine 1€! Bargain much?!

"Irisches Tagebuch" (Irish Diary) by Heinrich Böll, 1,50€

cozy hand-knitted headband, 2€

That was Saturday.
Today I didn't do much so far. I tried a new recipe for strawberry tiramisu and now I'm waiting for it to cool down in the fridge. Hm I can't wait to taste it :)
Tonight I want to go to the cinema and watch Black Swan. Have you already seen it? I heard it's great.

Have a wonderful Sunday guys!

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the awakening

Hi guys!

My online shop is back again! As I told you yesterday:
The Little Owl Vintage
has woken up from its hibernation. Almost every item has new photos and I also added a few new items, so actually everything is new! Yay :)

The article descriptions should be shown in English if you visit my shop from anywhere else than Germany (please tell me if it doesn't work!!).

Here's a sneak peek of some of the stuff:

"Spring Flowers" Vintage Dress Size M

"Silk Fairy" Vintage High Waist Silk Pants Size M

"Pastel Pleasure" Vintage Dress Size M-L

"Wallflower" Vintage Blouse size M-XL

"Winterblossoms" Vintage Dress Size S-M

"Mr. Coachman" Vintage Leather Belt

"Little Lolita" Vintage Shorts Size M

"Checkered Chic" Vintage High Waist Skirt/Top/Dress S-M

"Joyride" Vintage Storage Pot

Tomorrow I'm going to post my fleamarket outfit and some more photos of my Saturday! I hope you're having a lovely day!

Happy Saturday :-)

Saturday 22 January 2011

show must go on


Hi guys!

Gaaawd, this boring drab working week has finally come to an end! I was so looking forward to the weekend! Not because I had a hard week, quite the contrary, but because I have plans, yes plans. I haven't had special weekend plans for...ehm...well weeks now.
Let me explain: Patrick's band records a new CD at the moment and futhermore poor Patrick has to go on a little business trip on Sunday, so he'll be away almost all weekend.
I decided to not hang around and be lazy like last week, but to keep me entertained myself somehow when I'm on my own. However I couldn't make costly plans because it's the end of the month, I'm sure you know what I mean ;)

shirt: gina tricot cardi, skirt & headband: h&m tights: accessorize

So, my weekend plan is as follows: today I already took new photos for my DaWanda shop and I'm going to edit them tonight to wake The Little Owl Vintage from its hibernation. Can't wait to see how the item photos turned out with my new DSLR, I hope they will make the shop look much better.
Tomorrow I want to go to a fleamarket, which is my cheaper alternative to a shopping spree in the city (I hope my budget will take it) and when I'm back home the afternoon will be spend on trying out a recipe for strawberry tiramisu, yum! In the evening I plan to curl up on the sofa and watch a nice movie or TV.
And on Sunday I'll have a few hours with Patrick before he leaves for Bremen and then I'll have to clean up a bit and do laundry and stuff. Maybe - if there's something left of my weekend budget - I'll go to the cinema and watch Black Swan.
Ah this will be a nice weekend with me, myself and I, can't wait :)

♥ ring: six

The outfit is from yesterday, a normal uni day. I had to face a bad hair day in the morning and decided to turn it into an intended messy hair day. Thank God at uni it doesn't matter what I look like (there's always someone looking worse than oneself).
With the messy hair I got the idea of a somewhat glamrock-ish look with the sequined shirt, floral skirt and with the leo cardi. The combo turned out pretty cool, especially with some plain black boots that can't be seen on the photos because I'm still struggling with my zoom lens hehe.
I found this cute little shirt at Gina Tricot the other day while I was trying on some things in the changing room. The girl before me had left a dozen shirts and dresses in there, so I looked through the stuff and voilà: there was this shirt.
I'm not a big fan of sequins, but they're black and not too many, so that's okay with me. And it was only 5€! Nothing to complain about :)

Btw I also kept some pieces of my H&M online order:

♥ bangle bundle ♥ kitschy vintagey necklace ♥ nougat brown tights ♥ soft comfy jersey pants for summer (with animal pattern) ♥

And this is burger is the first one I've ever made myself in my life I was so proud :D I tried it out on Tuesday.
It's the "Big Kahuna Burger" (remember Pulp Fiction?) and it was delicious! Yum...

Btw how do you like my first DSLR photos? Aren't they much better than the old ones? :)

So I'll get down to work now and start editing the photos.
What are your weekend plans? Anything special? Or just slouching about?

Have a fantastic day!

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