Monday 29 July 2013

note to self: I miss you terribly


Hi guys!

The last week has been a really hot and sticky one weatherwise, so all I could bear on my body was light breezy cotton. I dug out this simple striped button-down dress from the back of my closet because I hadn't worn it in years. I was curious if it would still fit after the weightloss and in fact it fits even better now because it's not so tight around the bust and waist anymore. Only added a brown skinny belt, brown flats and wore a braid to avoid sweaty strands of hair sticking to my neck.

On the outside I've been pretty simple lately, but on the inside it's been the exact opposite. I've been thinking a lot about who I used to be in the past and who I am now and I've been trying to find out who I want to be. In the last months many different new people have entered and also already left my life again, many more than I  ever got to know in the time before P broke up with me. I used to be a totally different person when I was in a relationship because I was conserved in this safe bubble for almost ten years. I've been observing my behaviour towards new acquaintances a lot and the thing is you could probably ask five people and they'd all give you different descriptions of who they think I am because I behaved differently towards each of them. Of course it's nice to be able to choose who you want to be and to have the possibility of letting different sides of your personality out. And yes of course you sometimes adapt to other person's character because you know that for example not everyonne understands your sense of humour or your opinion about sensitive issues or whatever...
But somehow it's pretty hard to find out who you are and where you're heading when you are so caught between two stools concerning your behaviour.

I know many people say this about themselves, but I am an honest person and I appreciate it when others are honest too. But the problem is that most people can't handle honesty, even if it's carefully worded - and then you hold back certain things you'd like to say because you don't know if they could come across the wrong way. This confuses me.
Normally you should go for it and say "Alright, this is how I am, either you like it or not." - but sometimes there are people you would like to get to know better first and then you are afraid of scaring them off with being yourself and with being honest, because in the back of your mind it says "Once they know you better, they will like you the way you really are, until then try to hold back." This is actually bullshit because you're fooling them and yourself.... Still I catch myself thinking and doing this way too often.
People confuse me. Maybe I should move to a desolate place and become a hermit who only talks to her dog and plants. This would actually be quite relaxing for my brain...

These are the thoughts for the day. Anyone can relate to that? Or am I being too quirky about this and everything's easier than it seems?

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Wednesday 24 July 2013

recipe: oven vegetables with feta and herbs


Hi loves!

I'm sorry it was so quiet around the blog lately, that wasn't intended - but somehow time flew by and I didn't notice that I was neglecting the blog. I'll be back with outfits soon.
For now I can only offer a super-yummy and simple recipe, how about that huh?

I've been trying to eat healthier again lately and because of the current heatwave I'm not in the mood for big meals anyway.

What you have to do:

This recipe is actually pretty easy, you simply throw all your favourite vegetables in a casserole pan (I had mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes). Then you add some diced onions, some fresh garlic and herbs (thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano) and put thin slices of feta on top.
Put it in the pre-heated oven for 20-30 minutes at 180-200 degrees Celsius.

That's it. Enjoy! So delicious! You can also serve bread and dips with it.  

If you have any low fat summer recipes to share please leave me a link in my comment section, I'm always looking for new things to try out!

Happy Tuesday!

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Wednesday 10 July 2013

cowboys, Indians and acoustic guitar songs


I'm back after a fun weekend and a laid-back Monday and Tuesday with actual summer temperatures. These outfit pics were taken last week before the weather got summery, hence the black tights. I couldn't wait to wear this sunny yellow skirt for the first time! Bought it in the Peek & Cloppenburg sale some months ago but wasn't sure if the balloon shape would flatter my legs. Well my legs are not the bomb in it, but it looks okay enough to wear it out, so I paired it with my new denim shirt and my favourite summer shoes, the Minnetonkas. Also added the horse-print scarf to match the cowboys and Indians theme of the shirt and shoes.
To raise the issue of summer weather again I have to say that either the German summer has become more bearable, or my body has changed somehow because I noticed that I sweat less than in the years before and I seem to be able to handle the heat much better. Not as many insect bites as in the years before, also not as much prickly heat and less massive sweating. Am I becoming a summer person after all? Well, no not really, I still love me my freezing cold winters. But it's amazing to experience how things can get better after you've been convinced for your whole life that they wouldn't.
In other terms I'm not that grumpy anymore because of the temperatures and I like it.
Alright, normally my post would end here after the tried and tested structure of photo-text-photos-text-photos, BUT today I stumbled upon a really awesome Youtube Channel I'd like to share in case there are people out there who are as obsessed about good acoustic guitar songs as I am. There are not many videos online there, but the few you can see there are so awesome! The bands are probably not that common among most of my readers, but if you like Defeater or Make, Do And Mend like me, you'll like this channel!
It's called Porchsessions, click your way over to have a look, it's really cool!
Here are my two favourite videos, really really lovely acoustic songs!
Imagine sitting on the porch of a little beach house with a straw hat, sunglasses, a cold drink and these acoustic songs in your ear - beautiful...

Hope you liked this. I adore all of the videos on this channel and will be listening to them for the next couple of weeks minimum.

Have a lovely day!

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Friday 5 July 2013

in memory the brightest lights are fading



How have you guys been?
It's Friday again, best day of the week if you ask me! The weather is forecasted to be sunny and there's a bunch of nice plans for the weekend ahead, e.g. pizza and video game night, BBQ with the colleagues, shopping spree with a friend etc.
I love it when there are so many plans because that means I'll be occupied and it won't get boring and I won't hang around at home alone. Tonight there are even too many things I want to do, so I have to decide where to go because I can't split myself in two.
What's ahead for your weekend?

Look at this dress and then guess where I bought it! Okay at Primark. But where?
In Ireland - you could have told from the green! Joking aside.
I really bought this dress over a year ago on my Ireland trip with P and ended up not wearing it because I wasn't sure about what colours to pair with this shade of green. Then I buried it deep in my closet and it was not before last week that it fell into my hands when I was sorting out things.
So here it is now in all its green glory, styled with a denim jacket and one of my new favourite belts! All's well that ends well.

Hope you liked these fun shots of me fooling around with the belt and mustache necklace?
I'm off to make a salad for the BBQ now. Wishing you all a lovely Friday!

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Wednesday 3 July 2013


Hi guys!

I've been having a quite relaxed week so far cause I had Monday and Tuesday off. I had actually planned to spend these two days reading for my bachelor thesis but somehow out of these 48 hours I only managed to read 2,5 hours and had to waste the rest on laundry, cleaning the apartment and running thousands of errands (and on eating and sleeping of course). You know those things you tag with "not so urgent, can be done later"? And how they pile up week after week? Until there is a day off to care about them? That's where my time went.
But anyway, among the errands was one especially pleasant: I booked flights for my holiday in autumn! Yay! 6 days Budapest and afterwards 5 days Prague, awesome much, so looking forward to this!
How do you like the lumberjack look? It wasn't intended but after putting this on, the combo of the plaid shirt and knit hat made me want to grab my axe and head for the woods.
However this outfit turned out even better than I expected - these shorts look much better with the flattering black tights on my legs than on bare chalk white cheese sticks and the leather jacket pulled the whole look out of the wood-chopping competition theme a bit.

It's not before this afternoon that I have to be at work and still I got up early to get some more stuff done for university. The good thing is that now to wake up my brain, I can sit in bed with my laptop and a coffe and browse your blogs a little - perfect morning.
Have a lovely day!

Oh and by the way, now that Google shuts down its reader you can follow Bad Taste Toast on BlogLovin or Facebook (or both!). I'd be glad about your support! Thanks! 

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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Mair1 Festival weekend


Hi lovelies!

It's summer (well, at least according to the calendar, the weather here is something else...) - and summer time means festival time! So despite the crappy weather I spent my weekend at the Mair1 Festival with friends. We camped and it was bitterly cold at night and mostly also in the daytime but still it was a great weekend with lots of fun and awesome bands.
My favourites definitely were Boysetsfire, NOFX and Funeral For A Friend - and the hot coffee at the crêpes booth!
Here are some impressions of what happened:

Yes I'm wearing the oxblood hoody in every photo because I lived in it all weekend. On Saturday it was so cold that I actually wore two shirts and another sweater underneath and a parka over it to keep me warm.
It's ridiculous but if I had known better I would have brought my winter jacket - no joke! And it is June! So unbelievable...

Anyway, have you already visited some festivals this summer? Are you planning to do so? Where? And what bands do you want to see?

Happy Monday!


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