Tuesday 28 September 2010



Hi guys!

Today was one of those days that dragged on and on and on. I spent half the day at work, making phone calls to France and to the USA and updating the address data base.
This morning I literally dragged myself out of bed, I was so tired (hence the grumpy face when I took the photos haha). So I simply grabbed yesterday's outfit to wear it again but... the jeans were stained,... awesome. I put together a skirt-look instead and wore the dress as a blouse. I love it when clothes are remix-friendly and can be worn in many different ways :)

dress (worn as blouse) + belt: new yorker, skirt: zara, cardi: h&m, tights + socks: c&a, boots: bullboxer, necklace: accessorize

Well, I don't have much more to talk about today. As I said, the day was so boooring. I'll spend the rest of it watching TV and ironing the clothes (they've really been piling up since last week when I had to concentrate on my term paper). Isn't this interesting? The worries of a part-time housewive ;)

Ah well, maybe tomorrow is a better day. I hope you enjoy the bright outfit despite all my boredom-stories!

Have a lovely day!

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Monday 27 September 2010

lazy weekend


Hi guys!

I'm back to blogging after a busy week. Well and also after a well-deserved lazy weekend.
I wore this yesterday to meet a girl that bought a scarf from my online shop. She had asked if she could come and get it because it wouldn't have arrived by mail before she left for a longer time abroad. So I offered her to meet at the main station because I had to bring a package to the mail shop there anyway.
It was so nice to see what people buy vintage pieces like the ones I offer. She was a very cute girl and so likeable. We talked a few minutes and she was amazed by the scarf. It was a nice experience for me :)

dress: new yorker, jeans: zara, cardi: h&m, belt: fleamarket, shoes: thrifted

This is actually one of my favourite summer dresses (remember?), but it's autumn now and I'm not the type of girl that rearranges the wardrobe depending on what season it is. I pretty much try to wear all clothes I have throughout the whole year, so the dress for example becomes a tunic in autumn/winter. I love how its floral pattern is kind of timeless.

ring: six, necklace: h&m

Oh and yesterday evening Patrick and I finally had the time to cook something delicious again. Normally during the week we both don't have enough time to cook proper meals, so we try to at least do this at the weekend. It's not that we only eat fast food on the other days of the week, but we rather "cook" snacks or things that don't take too long to be prepared, like boiled eggs on bread or so.
So yesterday we made yummy homemade mashed potatoes with spinach and Leberkäse. I haven't found a translation for it, but it's this typical Bavarian meat that is baked in the oven and then fried in the pan afterwards.
A very traditional German meal. I found it very matching because in Bavaria (the other end of Germany from here) there's the Oktoberfest taking place at the moment and they sell lots of Leberkäse there. So we had kind of an Oktoberfest theme meal :)

I hope you had a nice weekend! Happy Sunday!

Friday 24 September 2010

fall/winter wishlist

Hi guys!

I'm sorry for the lack of regular posts but this week is a busy one again. I handed in my term paper yesterday (it's finally finished!!!) but there's still lots of stuff to do.
I promise I'll post more as soon as I have the time.

For now I put together a fall/winter wishlist with stuff I found all over the internet. Lovely pieces! Ejoy! :)

botanical beauty dress (shopruche)

deer breakfast set (porzellanladen)

vintage 70s gunne sax prairie dress (TimeBombVintage)

tree branch cushion (emeraldbumblebee)

leather fringe indian cape (California Vintage Connect)

lovely brown bowl (Micha50)

distressed brown leather denim jean coat (Funkin Junkie)

vintage hat (blouse vintage clothing)

cold feet couple cuddle cushion :D (FashionFilou)

Well, half of these probably are more inspiration because of the price. But I love all of them though :)

Hope you like it! Have a great day!

Tuesday 21 September 2010

waiting for gina


Hi guys!

Oh my Goodness, it feels so good to write about unimportant stuff now after spending the whole day in front of my (still unfinished) term paper for linguistics! Actually linguistics are really important for an English student like me and I do get why we have to learn all the semantics and syntax and discourse stuff, but if it only wasn't that theoretical and boring... Well, enough of it for today, I'll finally finish it tomorrow and hand it in on Wednesday and then I'll never have to write something about lingu again.

The photos are from yesterday, I really wanted to take one of the last chances to take photos in Mum's frontyard. The weather yesterday was lovely, a typical sunny but not too warm autumn day and the old bench looked so pretty in the golden daylight next to the clematis. Patrick was so kind to take the photos for once (normally he feels embarassed to take photos of me in public, but in the yard no one could see us). As I told you my Mum is on the brink of moving house, so I will take as much photos of the house and yard as possible in the next two or three weeks (and show them to you of course).

blouse: miss selfridge, cardi + skirt: h&m, tights: accessorize, boots: vintage via ebay

The weekend also entailed a lovely unexpected surprise: I won a giveaway over at Blanc et Caramel. If you don't know Chani and her beautiful blog yet you should head over and take a look because that girl has a superlovely deco and jewelry shop full of scented sachets and candle jars and all. I purchased this beautiful necklace with the voucher I won and I will post about it again as soon as it arrives :)

Oh and I forgot to tell you last week that Gina Tricot will open a store in Düsseldorf. I saw it when I went to the doctor on Friday. If you look close enough you can see that they are right next to Accessorize. I'm so looking forward to it, I'm a sucker for Scandinavian brands. My wardrobe is full of H&M and Vero Moda and I would love to own some pieces of Noa Noa or Wood Wood (they like repetitions huh?!) or other similar brands, but it's still hard to get them here (and they are beyond my budget too).
Well, for now I'm waiting for Gina.

Have a nice day! :)

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Saturday 18 September 2010

hey it's saturday


Hi guys!

Weeeh, 90 followers now. Thank you so much for your support guys :)

It's finally Saturday and I slept in but now after getting up so late I have lots of stuff to do that piled up during the week. I really have to clean up the kitchen and mop the floor and all.
And tonight we're going to visit my Mum in the country because she's on the brink of moving house. I won't be able to visit or enter the house of my childhood anymore soon so I think this will be the last time to spend the night there.

jacket + cardi: zara, jeans + dress: h&m, belt: topshop, scarf: forever 18, shoes: thrifted, bag: accessorize

One of my dear readers, the lovely Jasmine of Tragic Fairytales, passed on a blog award to me. Thank you hon! :-)

So here it is:

The rules:

1) Save the image above and post it to your own blog
2) Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers
3) Link the nominees
4) Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.

So I'm giving this award to:

Miss Independent

Bella, what is it this time?

Tailors Chalk

Eloise in NY

Daria's Collages


Alanis Fashion Wonderland

Summertime Dreams

Queen of my Playground

Oranges and Apples

Bees with Feathers

and I also pass the Sunshine Award on to

Bumpkin on a Swing

because she was such a sunshine herself!
Unfortunately she had to leave this world too early, so I'm giving her the award to keep her in our memories.

Oh and after talking about the Sunshine Award I also wanted to show you the beautiful rainbow we had here yesterday :)

(the second rainbow within two months here)

I wish you all a great weekend! Have fun!

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Thursday 16 September 2010

Get the boot


Hi guys!

I took these photos today to take part in the Chictopia Get The Boot Contest which is sponsored by Payless. What do you say? Do you think I have a chance? There are so many photos entered that look much more professional. That always intimidates me a bit :-/
But anyway, everyone can try right?!

If you like my look with my beloved boots please vote for me over at Chictopia via saving it as a favourite one! :)

boots: vintage via ebay, vest: tom tailor, dress + coat: h&m, bag + tights + necklace: accessorize

How do I incorporate boots into my favourite fall fashion?

Well, that's pretty easy because boots are one of my most favourite pieces for fall anyway! My very favourite way to style boots in fall is to wear them with flared skirts and some eye catching tights in nice colours or with cute patterns. Add a printed shirt, a cardi and and a parka to this and I'm happy and perfectly comfortable.
Or if I'm unable to find matching skirt and shirt I simply go for a dress like for example a shirt dress like the one in the photos. That's probably the easiest way for me to look chic: a dress, tights, boots, my coat: ready to leave the house :)

Furthermore I like to wear boots with skinny jeans from time to time, especially when I have a "bad legs day" (that's when I don't like them at all). Then I can simply put my misshapen legs into some jeans and hide half their length in boots. When I additionally wear a longshirt no one can see my leg's shape at all :)

So as you can see boots are a definite fall must-have for me!

necklace: accessorize, ring: six, nail polish: mac "blue india"

my beloved boots :)

I hope you liked this! Don't forget to save my entry as a favourite at Chictopia to vote for me.

Have a lovely day!

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Wednesday 15 September 2010

work and procrastination


Hi guys!

I had a pretty boring day to day. I spend half the day in the office calling European companies to send them PDF files on a new conference. I had mostly UK companies on my list and for me as a German who has been learning English for 12 years now it's still hard to understand all the different accents. I almost died when I had to call Scottish Power and the switchboard lady said two sentences that sounded like one looong word to me :)

But no offence! I love to listen to different accents, especially to the UK ones and to Irish. It sounded too cute when the Scottish Power lady told me a telephone number that ended with as she said "zelo zelo".
And in the end she even said that she liked my accent. Until this moment I wasn't even aware of that I have an accent. But I was pretty proud to get such a compliment from a native speaker. I need to do a video post someday so you my lovely readers can tell me what accent I have.

blazer: ebay (handmade by seller), shirt + jeans + scarf: h&m, shoes: thrifted, bag: accessorize, necklace: sarah et pauline

Well, after work I went straight home because I had planned to finish a term paper. But then I first had to eat something and then I watched the new episode of Fringe and then I took photos for my online shop and now I'm blogging. I'm a brilliant procrastinator...
So I'll have to finish my term paper on Thursday when I don't have to go to work.

The shirt actually has this lovely ruffles on the front but they were hidden under my scarf all day.

Teehee kind of an outtake photo ;)

relaxing my legs on the balcony

Hope your day was more interesting? What did you do?

Happy Tuesday! :)

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Sunday 12 September 2010

why does it always rain on me?


Hi guys!

Oh it's so depressing that it has been raining all day. It's not that I don't like rain, it's just that it always rains when I visit a fleamarket. Especially when it comes to the big monthly fleamarket at the central market that I love so much. Behind every corner there's something funny or strange or beautiful and some things can only be discovered after a second closer look. For example the hat I wear in the pictures! I found it in an old suitcase :)
Well, today everything was hidden under water-repellent covers.

jacket + shirt: zara, jeans + cardi: h&m, shoes: thrifted, necklace. accessorize, hat: fleamarket

Stupidly I forgot my camera AND even my mobile, so I couldn't take any photos at all. Too bad! I saw so many cool stuff that I would have loved to share with you. I remember several adorable picnic baskets with checkered lining, a very old kinda pirate-movie-requisite-looking treasure chest, some old tin music boxes, lots of old toys in general (I love it!), superchic Jil Sander high heels (but not my size), gorgeous antique furniture aaaand sooo ooon.
Every trip to the fleamarket makes me feel like I visit a huge adventure playground :)

I love the fringes on this shirt! So quirky :)

In exchange for forgetting my camera I at least took pictures of what I bought when I was back home:

The hat, the little wooden duck, the two bags: everything can be found in my shop soon!

It has become a little tradition for me to buy fresh flowers for the kitchen table when I'm on my way home from the fleamarket. So today I bought some beautiful purple Lisianthus at my favourite flower shop with my favourite tattooed (male) florist (he's so stylish, today he wore suspenders).

Hope you all had a nice Sunday? I wish you a good start of the week tomorrow!

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