Saturday 29 September 2012

Barcelona recap part I


Hi guys!

I came back home from my little Barcelona trip last Sunday, but still it was not before today that I had time to go through the tons of photos and create a blog post out of them. Phew, what can I say, this week has been insanely busy. Anyway, I decided to split up all the Barca pics into two posts because otherwise it would probably be a photo overkill.

I had a lovely time there! The weather was great (apart from the first day when it rained cats and dogs). patrick and I roamed the streets a lot, saw a lot of sights, ate a lot of yummy food, bought a lot of nice things, relaxed a lot on the beach - it was a nice trip. I can recommend Barcelona to everyone who loves hills and the sea because you get both there - plus a lot of beautiful architecture, great panoramic views, lovely beaches and a warm climate with the tendency to high air humidity but with refreshing breezes at the seaside.

But see for yourselves! :)

Have a lovely Saturday!

Sunday 23 September 2012

all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream


Hi guys!

This is another planned post that publishes itself automatically while I'm on holiday in Barcelona.

This outfit is what I wore to work last week on a cold, rainy and windy day. It's already real fall weather in Düsseldorf and I'm beginning to layer shirts and wrap myself in cozy cardigans.
For an uneventful day at the office I chose my new favourite skinnies, they are super-comfy due to a lot of stretch. I finally fit into H&M's pants sizes properly, it's a miracle. Before my weight loss I was somewhere between 42 and 44, the former often too tight, the latter always too big.
Now I fit into a 40 perfectly, which makes life and pants-shopping so much easier (and cheaper).

It's crazy how you can see the change of seasons in the change of clothing now - I'm switching from flats to lace-ups, from light cardis to army parka, from breezy pants to jeans.
And from t-shirts to shirts with longer sleeves and wider cut so I can wear an undershirt (grandma always told me to keep my kidneys warm, that's an advice I will follow for the rest of my life to keep cystitis away).

Hooray for fall! I can't wait to stock up on cardigans when I'm back from sunny Barcelona! :)
Have you seen my first fall wishlist 2012 in my last post? I will hit the shops (and websites) to go treasure hunting as soon as I'm back in Germany.

Have a lovely day!

Thursday 20 September 2012

this year's first fall wishlist


Hi guys!

This is a planned post that publishes itself automatically while I'm on holiday in Barcelona (expect lots of lovely photos!).

As fall is drawing nearer fast now I thought it's time for the first fall wishlist 2012. I have lost some weight over the last 6 months, sorted out clothes a lot lately and now it's time for some brandnew wish-they-were-mine pieces for the wardrobe!

What do you want for your fall wardrobe?
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday 18 September 2012

off to Barcelona

(photo via here)

Hi guys!

I'm off to Barcelona today with the boyfriend.
We have booked this trip spontaneously to escape the daily grind and private life problems from the last couple of weeks, so I have decided not to blog from Spain. I want to spend time on us there, not on doing internet things- I'm sorry, but you have to wait for the photos of the trip until I'm back. ;)

However I have prepared some posts for the next days, that will be published automatically while I'm away and that will hopefully keep you entertained.

Have a lovely week!

Sunday 16 September 2012

swim 'til you can stand


Hi guys!
How are you doing? Hopefully having a nice Sunday?
Sundays are my favourite days to blog, everything is so relaxed and most weeks it's the only day that I have plenty of time to browse lots of other blogs after posting something on mine.
My blogger friend Madeline Quaint has lately written a really good text about "free blogging" and what restrictions many bloggers put themselves under, questioning for what we should do this.
I remember one example she gave was "Oh, I cannot post on Sunday, nobody blogs on Sunday, they won't read my post!"
This is something I cannot by the life of me relate to, because it's like i said: I love Sundays for blogging, I have all the time in the world then.
What do you think about this?

Here it is, the high-low skirt again. I'm eager to try lots of different styles with it for fall - I'm sure it will be really versatile! Some time ago I styled it like this, this time I added flats, a band shirt and denim jacket to rock this skirt for work. It was super-comfortable for sitting around at the office all day.
Maybe next time I'll try to style the skirt with some high heels, can't wait to see how this works.

Alright, now I'll try to get all of past week's laundry done so Patrick and I have enough clothes for our Barcelona trip. Ironing clothes while watching a nice movie is actually one of my favourite Sunday things either - but still I'll spend some extra time browsing blogs later on. Can't wait to see what you guys have posted! :)

Happy Sunday!

Friday 14 September 2012

the capital of catalunya


Hi guys!

Waaah, I have the greatest news - well, okay they're not very exciting, but I'm SO happy about it that I have to exaggerate ;)

I'm going to Barcelona next week!

In the course of the last weeks I've mentioned my upside-down private life here and there in the posts. And I might also add as extra information that I'm not a very spontaneous person concerning most aspects of life.
Due to these points it is a wonder that this Barcelona trip will take place!
Patrick has surprisingly gotten some rest vacation before changing his job, I have surprisingly managed to scrape together some little savings and yesterday we have booked the flights and accommodation for Barcelona, "la capital de Catalunya".
I can't wait to escape the daily grind and problems of the last couple of weeks!

Has anyone of you ever been to Barcelona? Do you have some advice for me what places to visit there? :)

From my outfit you can clearly tell that fall transition weather has found its way to Germany. It's pretty unsettled, but I think it's fun though because I can wear my summer dresses with flats or boots, cardis or parkas, I can try out looks with or without tights and socks. I love fall!
This cute plaid dress is one of my favourites since I swapped it a few months ago. The last time I styled it similarly here, only a wee bit more summery (however this summer was rather cold, that's why I wore black tights in July).
For now for the transition I added the leo scarf to keep my neck warm, the beloved new boots with socks and also an army parka that's not in the photos.
Et voilà, a perfect fall look for me!

Like I said above: if anyone of you has some Barcelona tips for me please leave me a comment! I'm eager to find some nice spots to visit, I'll search via internet over the weekend, but of course nothing is better than the advice of people who have already been there.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

summing up favourites #18: august 2012


Hi guys!

We're already a couple of days into September now and I didn't have the time to put together my Summing Up Favourites feature so far - but today is the day again. I was pretty busy with other things in August, so I wasn't able to browse other blogs as much as I liked. However I managed to put my favourite August outfits to my browser's bookmarks, knowing I would have the time to go through them later. Please excuse that my August favourites post here also includes some outfits that were posted in September - forget about that and simply enjoy the pretty photos! ;)

// 5. Faltering Bird // 6. K Is For Kani //

Aww aren't these some perfect summer looks? And looking at this selection I notice once again that I'm a dresses/skirts girl - only one look with pants among the favourites this time ;)
Hope you liked this little inspiration.

Until next post!

Sunday 9 September 2012

my tv died today, that was my excuse


Hi guys!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Sunday?
I'm hanging around at home, doing home stuff, but later I'm going to meet a friend for strolling along the riverside and maybe having a beer or two, so at least I'll be able to enjoy a bit of the lovely Indian Summer outside then.
These photos are from last weekend when I visited my mum and her boyfriend. I took them with the self-timer in their little garden. They have this wooden fence that is the perfect neutral but not too boring photo backdrop.

How do you like my new skirt? I finally made the move and got me a high-low one after thinking about it for so long. Actually I wanted a plain-coloured one because I think the high-low cut is bold enough without any print. But they had this gem in the sale at Promod and I couldn't resist and gave it a go - and I love it! I was a bit doubtful about the cut being not very flattering for my hammy calves, but this one has the perfect length in the front and back. And despite the wish for a plain-coloured version, I thought the dip-dye print is pretty cool.
I think I'll wear the skirt for fall a lot because it's the perfect combo with my new easy-to-style fall boots. Again, these boots too are not so flattering for my calves, but they look just fine when I put the socks underneith like in the photos - maybe it's just me, but they give me the feeling of conceiling my calves a bit.

Alright, I'm off to the bathroom. I've been lounging around with messy hair, unshowered and in toothpaste-stained pyjamas - so it's time to get dolled up for going downtown now.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone! :)

Saturday 8 September 2012

where'd you get them scars


Hi guys!

Long time no see, huh?
Yes well, I'm sorry about that, I missed blogging. But last week the private life had taken over again and needed some extra attention. Together with my two jobs and the plan to spend some time abroad next year, there was not much time left for the poor little blog. Alas!
Still I didn't forget to take pics of some of my looks, so here is a new outfit post - finally!

I wore this to work some day last week when it was bit warmer than it is now. The skirt is a bargain I was able to snatch at Mango's final sale last month. It's a silky, light fabric with lovely floral print on deep blue background - and it was 5€ only. Yes, it's the little (and cheap) things that make me happy.

I mentioned a planned stay abroad above, I will tell you more about it very soon. Before, I'll have to decide what's better for me: writing my bachelor thesis abroad or applying for an internship abroad after the said thesis. We'll see...

Have a lovely day everyone!


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