Sunday 27 February 2011

little weekend collection


Hi guys!

My life is still superboring, no action, nothing exciting.
This affects my outfits so that they are pretty boring too.
I really don't have something to write about, so I leave you with the photos of my two casual weekend looks and remain with the wish that something exciting will happen soon.


❤ cardi + jeans: h&m ❤ shirt: gina tricot ❤ shoes: buffalo ❤ necklace: accessorize


❤ cardi, shirt + jeans: h&m ❤ shoes. vintage via ebay ❤ necklace: still accessorize

Look, the house locket even has tiny rooms with furniture inside :D

To complete the weekend outfit collection I have to say that today I'm wearing floral pyjama pants from H&M and a comfy Gina tricot sweater.

Btw: does anyone have a recipe against this superboring life? I have so many plans in my head but can't put them into action because this tenacious cough still hasn't left completely and because the weather is so so shitty here at the moment.

Argh, whatever. There'll be better times soon I hope.
Have a lovely Sunday!

Thursday 24 February 2011

the sound of the microwave


Hi guys!

Sorry, I have nothing special to write about today.
It's one of these ridiculously uninteresting weeks, nothing nice or special happens. I spend my days at the office and in the evenings I slouch about on the sofa and watch my favourite series. I finished Sex and the City yesterday, started with the 3rd season of Fringe and plan to continue with Desperate Housewives as soon as I have caught up with Fringe. I want to make use of all the free time now that it's semester break and invest it in watching as many good series and movies as possible.

❤ cardi & shirt: gina tricot ❤ tube top worn as skirt: vero moda ❤ belt, tights & headband: h&m ❤ necklace: bijou brigitte ❤ watch: modcloth ❤

This outfit is from Monday, my first day back at work after staying at home with the flu. Can we unlearn to put together good outfits? Somehow I had difficulties with combining colours and patterns, so I went for a simple black and grey combo. Furthermore what counts most for me is to feel comfortable. I still have not completely recovered yet, so I'm using this as an excuse to wear my comfy oversized at-home-shirts to work ;)
These loose Gina Tricot shirts are the best! I bought them in the sale in black and nude-pink for 4,90€ each and now I practically live in them because I've never owned shirts as comfortable as these! Great finds!

Hm it's Wednesday and I don't have nice plans for the weekend yet. I'm still going through with my shopping ban (God, one month can be so long...), so shopping won't happen. And the weather is colder again, it sank down to 0°C the last days, which means outdoor activities shouldn't take longer than, I don't know, an hour or so?!
Does anyone of you have good ideas or suggestions for the weekend? Could you please inspire me? :)

Alright, the microwave rings, my popcorn is ready! :)
I hope you guys have a nice day and a much more interesting week than me!

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Monday 21 February 2011

wood you?


(picture via anneisthenewblack)

Hi guys!

Instead of a planned outfit post I have to show you these awesome WEWOOD watches now! The outfit photos turned out crappy anyway.

I stumbled upon the link via tumblr and was totally amazed:

The Tree and The Wood Watch

WEWOOD lets us rediscover nature in its beauty, its simplicity and inspired design. It reminds us of a tree’s powerful way of life; rooted, yet reaching.

Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, the WEWOOD Timepiece is as natural as your wrist. It respects your skin as you respect nature by choosing it. Your WEWOOD Watch breathes the same air that you breathe and may awaken memories from another time and place. Your WEWOOD Watch records your sensations and shares your experiences as the perfect natural mate, whose story also becomes yours to wear, smell and feel.

(taken from their corporate philosophy on their website)

I love the idea behind these stylish watches! My favourite is the "CRONO brown" above which is not only made of 100% natural wood but is also hypo-allergenic and free of toxic chemicals. How cool is that?

Okay I admit there are stylish watches with lower prices available, but I think 139$ is not too much for such an awesome and special accessory.
I'm planning to buy an other watch in the near future (this Casio here), but I added the WEWOOD watch to my future-buys list too.

What do you think about WEEWOD? How do you like them?

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back to life (+ my new tumblr)


(photo via Viola Lion@tumblr)

Hi guys!

After one complete week at home with the flu and especially with a really tenacious cough I'm steeling myself for going back to work tomorrow. I'm feeling better slowly but steady and I can't wait to go out again, even if this primarily means going to the office, but (oh yes the big but): isn't it awesome to be able to stay at home and only do indoor things from time to time?
What I will surely miss is the one or two hour breakfast in front of the laptop at 9 or 10 am when I did some extensive blog & news reading/online window shopping/event checking etc. with a cup of coffee and some toasts. Furthermore when it comes to watching favourite series I love to be able to watch one episode after the other without having to stop because you need to go to bed to be fit for work next day. There's nothing better than a little flu house arrest every now and then. God you must think I'm the laziest person ever... but don't forget I also said I can't wait to get out again :p

(photo via iamthecrime@tumblr)

Anyway, today picked myself up and decided to use my tumblr a little more again. So I changed the template resp. the design a bit, edited the little info text about me and felt wonderfully fresh and new and inspired - well, at least in a virtual sense ;)

I actually started this little tumblr site of mine to be able to post all kind of inspiration I come across on my way through the internet and that's what I did, but it ended up being only one picture after the other without any tags or comments or anything and that's what bothered me.
So now I will post a) more often again and b) I'll let you know more about the background of a picture or why it feels inspiring to me or what reaction it triggered and so on

How do you like that? Good idea? Will it make my tumblr blog more interesting to you?

(photo via killmetheking@tumblr)

I don't consider my tumblr page as another full blog of mine but rather as an occasion to post things more spontaneously or also to post things that I wouldn't do extensive posts about on Bad Taste Toast.

So I'd be glad if you could visit my tumblr page "Little Owl Girl" and take a look and see if you like it (feel free to follow).

If you're on tumblr too and want me to follow you please leave me a link to your tumblr in the comments so we can kind of exchange links! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday 19 February 2011

vital signs


(photo via ~persmedic/deviantart)

Hi guys!

I'm sorry for the lack of blog updates, but I haven't been feeling so good the last days. I'm still struggling with this nasty flu that I brought home from Berlin. It's the worst cough I've ever had in my life! And all this coughing makes my head feel like clamped in a vise, I didn't even smoke.
I've been at home all day since Monday and the only things I did was watching SATC (6th season now, God I had completely forgotten that Smith is so hot), drinking tea and making steam baths for my sinuses. I even tried fresh onion tea against the tickly throat (household remedy), which was disgusting but really worked.
The last two days we had super-lovely sunny weather here, I want to go out! Flu sucks! I hope I'll recover before Monday...

Anyway, it's Friday so I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Go out, have fun, stay healthy! ;)
I'll be back with some more interesting posts next week.

P.S. If you're having a bad cough too you should try the onion tea: cut an onion into pieces (dividing it into 6-8 pieces will do), put the pieces into a soup bowl and fill it with boiling water. Then let it steep for at least 5 minutes, filter out the onion pieces and drink the tea in little sips as long as it's still warm.
It doesn't taste good but it really helps :)

Tuesday 15 February 2011

back from berlin


Hi guys!

I'm back. Well actually we arrived back home yesterday but we were so exhausted from the 10 hours bus drive that we spent the whole Sunday in bed.
I tell you these two long bus drives there and back were the most wearisome I've ever had! 30 people in one small tour bus without a toilet. And on top of that most of the guys wouldn't stop drinking beer so that we had to make a million pee stops.

Anyway, we arrived in Berlin Friday morning 8 am. It was not before 2 pm that we could check in at our hostel, so we had breakfast at a café and started our first Berlin exploration tour to kill time. It was so tiring after the sleepless night in the bus (sleepless because it was SO uncomfortable and the beer drinkers had not stopped talking). So we tried to keep our Friday calm: a little round trip with the sightseeing bus, a walk through the zoo aquarium, at 2 pm check-in at the hostel, trying to get some sleep and in the evening there was this concert Patrick's band had won last month.

our hostel "Wombat's"

Berlin's famous pedestrian lights: red...

... and green

the TV tower at Alexanderplatz

funny piranha at the aquarium :)

Saturday - still exhausted from Friday - I became ill, cough, sore throat, the full program, awesome... We had the whole Saturday to do some more sightseeing before going back home at night, so I took some flu meds because we had lots of plans.
We visited a couple of the standard sights, ran around a lot (blisters...), visited a hardcore and metal record shop in Kreuzberg (the boys were so happy) and afterwards ended up staying in a bar called Morgenland for several hours although we actually only wanted to warm ourselves with a tea. Man, did we have a blast! It was the funniest evening ever and the cocktail happy hour made it even better.
Later that night we went back to the hostel and spend the last hours that were left at the hostel's own roof terrace bar with the whole group. Then we all climbed into the bus at 2 am and the journey home began.

this is where Angela Merkel works (the Bundeskanzleramt)

the Reichstag

"Oh these paparazzis! No pictures please!" ;)

we had lunch at the Hardrock Cafe (yummy burgers)

I found Hotel California :D hm unfortunately it's not THE Hotel California

Brandenburger Tor (it's really small, I always thought it's bigger)

the Holocaust memorial

looks stunning, doesn't it?

Patrick between the stelae

the order of the stelae forms long grey aisles

cocktail happy hour

Hey and I even managed to follow through with my shopping ban! Okay, I had to buy me a scarf because of the sore throat, but I bought a simple cheap one for 3€, so it had nothing to do with "buying something nice" you know.

By the way: thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last post and all the good advice concerning my losing weight project! I think I have to explain one thing to you: you guys really don't need to worry! I really really love food, I love to eat, so I will never ever skip whole meals or prohibit myself to eat sweets or something! I only want to try replacing certain snacks, especially at the office where snack traps are lurking. Oh and somebody asked if I have a certain goal: I'd say to lose 5 kilos is a good start, no? And afterwards we'll see.
I'll keep you informed.

Thanks again and have a great day! :)

Wednesday 9 February 2011

is there a ghost


Good morning my dear readers
and especially a big hello and thanks to the couple of new followers! :)

Today is my day off. I took it off to be able to pack my bag for our short trip to Berlin properly and now it's 11 am and all I managed to do so far is having breakfast coffee and taking a shower. So much to do ahead... I really need to make a checklist for what I have to pack and then again I have to add this point to my to-do list for today together with the appointment for having my eyebrows dyed, going to the city with Patrick to buy him a new shirt and meeting a friend to visit an exposition of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (academy of arts).
But hey, I love free days full of activity. Better than hanging around with nothing to do.

♥ skirt: fleamarket ♥ shirt: zara ♥ cardi & belt: h&m ♥ leggings: ergee ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥ hat: accessorize ♥ necklace: glam glass gifts

The outfit photos are actually from Sunday when we had the loveliest sunshine weather and up to 10°C. The tempertures have stayed somewhere between 7-10°C since then and it's one of these beautiful crisp sunshiny days now.
I was able to leave out a second layer of tights. A clear sign, a herald of spring!
The skirt with it's bright yellow florals was the perfect piece to wear. It's my 2€ super-bargain from a fleamarket last year. I'm not completely sure, but everytime I look at it I get more and more convinced that it's made of a 70s curtain fabric by the seller herself. My only one of a kind skirt :)

Now it's time to make another official statement here on my blog to keep me motivated. Let me explain: my shopping ban for clothing and accessories works pretty good. I deleted my whole watch list at Ebay and although I had to go to H&M to buy a sleeping mask for the upcoming bus trip I made it through their sale section without giving in. I'm really proud of me because normally I'm like "Oh 5€ less in my wallet won't make a difference." But I have to stand firm.

Now that the shopping ban seems to work I have to start a new project. This morning I noticed that I'm starting to get a double chin! That's the last straw! I've been trying to turn my resolution to eat healthier into action since December but it just doesn't seem to be enough. It's over now with fried noodles and baked banana at 8 pm (which happened yesterday). I have to break my habits and rather get me some fruit salad or something in the evening. And I need to go to the gym again. Badly.
Does anyone have some good tips or maybe experiences with Weightwatchers or something like that?

Annotation: I'm not saying a double chin is something bad! It's just a sign for me to get something going. I want to be honest: it's hard for me to admit it but I have 80 kilos now, which is simply too far away from my feel-good weight!
It doesn't matter how much you're weighing as long as you feel good! But I don't feel good anymore. So please don't get me wrong guys! Having 80 kilos does not necessarily mean you have to lose weight! It's just a personal thing I have to work out with myself.

♥ butterfly clip: h&m ♥ scrabble necklace: glass glam gifts ♥ rings: six & accessorize

Alright, that's pretty much it for today. I hope this post will keep me motivated enough to follow through with the shopping ban and change of eating habits. To get off the right foot I'll eat an apple now ;)

Have a lovely day!

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summing up favourites (new feature!)


Hi guys!

I decided to put together posts with favourite looks related to a certain topic that I came across while clicking around in all the lovely fashion blogs out there.
Whenever I find a particularly pretty outfit I put it to my bookmarks and so little link collections emerge. I won't keep my inspiration for my self from now on, I'll post the outfits from time to time to show you what inspires me. It's also a great way to discover new blogs for me - and for you when I post them :)

Here we go with the first "Summing Up Favourites"! The topic is snow!
Winter is a season that makes it complicated to put together nice outfits. I think we all know how hard it can be to stay warm and look good at the same time, so here are the most pretty snow looks I've found!

Amanda Brohman & Flashes of Style

Bells and Whistles and Daily Fashion Boost

The Sea of Fertility and Urban Tease

Monochroma.Chic and Lulu Letty

Head to Heart and Mariza

Smitten and Orchid Grey

Aren't these ladies chic in the snow? Very inspiring looks to me.
I hope you liked this little new feature. I'm already collecting links for the next "Summing Up Favourites" ;)

Have a lovely day!

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