Tuesday 29 June 2010

mini festival tour


Hi guys!

It feels like it's been ages since I posted the last post. I really had no time to show you pictures of the weekend until now because I was out and about each day since Thursday.
Patrick's band tornapart did a mini festival tour consisting of two gigs on Friday and Saturday and then yesterday it was his birthday, so we were totally busy.
It was great fun though, we really had a blast, the festivals were awesome and the weather was sunny sunny sunny. The outfit photos were taken on Friday before I left for the Philo/MuWi Festival, an event with several bands that was organized by our philosophy student's council and some people from the music studies (MuWi).

shirt + purse: h&m, pants: new yorker, belt + shoes: thrifted, necklace: accessorize

My outfit was perfect for the hot and sticky weather: a loose shirt (knotted to define the silhouette a bit), my wonderful feel-like-pyjamas pants, some comfy flats, a cute little purse and a bit of plum lipstick for not looking too casual. Normally I sweat like hell and moan around all day, but I noticed that this year I seem to get along with the heat pretty well. Let's hope it will stay like that until autumn ;)

There were cool bands, yummy cocktails and lovely people, what else do we need?
Here you can see some photos from our Friday:

the guys played soccer

tornapart on stage

and tornapart again

yum cocktails!

yum beer ;D


relaxing on the lawn

The Love Dictators (they were so funny)

rock 'n roll all night and party everyday

Saturday was even better! Tornapart played at Rock on Farm, a little festival that some fellow musicians had organized at their parent's farm. So Saturday afternoon we found ourselves driving through an endless forest to reach this beautiful little spot, which is completely surrounded by trees and more trees. They had put up a comparatively big stage on the fields where cows and goats use to graze. Then there were little stands where all the mothers sold delicious homemade goulash soup, pasta napoli and sausages and the fathers tapped beers at the beverage cart. It was a sort of huge family event where everybody tried to help as good as possible, from the little ones to the grandparents, so lovely :)

Here are some Saturday photos:


deep in the country ;)

they also have a restaurant on their farm

me waiting for the boys to have their soundcheck

the festival field

don't let the poster fool you, this band is called Not2Scale


and tornapart again

the goats :)

another casual festival look of mine
(shirt: famous stars & straps, shorts: thrifted, cardi: zara, shoes: ebay)

sea of lights when the last band played their last song

So, as you can see, our weekend was great! How was yours? :)

Have a nice day!

Friday 25 June 2010

delightful day


Hi guys!

May I introduce you my new favourite summer dress? Here it is, beige with blue florals and fluffy and light. This dress really made my day: this morning I went out on the balcony to make a weather check and then I was like "Oh no, way too warm for me.", but in this dress I felt perfectly chic and cool. An almost sweat-free day is a good day :)

dress: new yorker, belt: h&m, bag: vintage, shoes. thrifted, bangles: accessorize

To return to the summer legs issue: here you see my legs only covered by very thin tan tights. Oh first of all:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comments on my leg problem! It's so nice of you all to encourage me to go out and don't care about red stains and this inflammation! There were also people telling me that it would be better to conceal the problem spots and I appreciate their honesty about it, too. I understand both sides.

I just wanted to point out that I've already been through this over and over. Should I conceal it or not? You know, when I was younger I didn't wear short pants in summer at all. I covered up in jeans, no matter how hot it was and I never went to the swimming pool or something. I didn't even wear shoes that would be open and reveal the stains on my foot.
Well, and then after I've had enough of it, my parents made it possible for me to do a laser therapy at a university hospital, which was so great of them! I mean, I was a teenager and just wanted to get rid of this shit because it was simply not normal (you know how the media influences young girls).
I quit the laser therapy when I moved to Düsseldorf then because I didn't have the time to go to the hospital over in Cologne once a week. Well and actually I felt that I didn't need it anymore.

Now that I grew a bit older and more experienced I walk around with the leftovers of the therapy and feel pretty good. Well, okay I still don't like my legs very much, but I see it more relaxed now. I've been wearing skirts and dresses and flats and all for several years now and I learned to handle some strange gazes.
I was just so curious about what others think about my attitude, running around with the congenital blemish and I cannot ask foreign people on the street after they stared at me like crazy ;) So I thought I could ask you off the record and I'm glad I got some answers here and at Chictopia.

Another delightful thing about today: H&M sale!

Oh you wouldn't believe how many stuff I took to the dressing room, it must have been 15 pieces or so! It was all so pretty and cheap! I think I will return there next week so get some more basic shirts.
Today I got so many clothes for 30 Euro. Awesome! Look:

Aren't these the cutest? I love nautical themes for summer!

Oh and by the way: everyone who still wants to have a piece from the sold out H&M Garden collection should look through the H&M sale stands because I saw some of the supposedly sold out stuff there ;)

I hope you guys have an amazing day! Toodles :)

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Thursday 24 June 2010

summer legs problem


Hi guys!

How are you all doing today? :)

First of all I'd like to thank you guys for all the lovely comments on my posts here and also over at Chictopia! I really appreciate them and it's always interesting what you think about me and my looks and my thoughts and inspiration. It's wonderful to watch my blog grow with me and my readers!

I remember some months ago when I started blogging, I felt so unsure about everything and so intimidated by all these thousands of awesome fashion blogs out there, the variety was overwhelming, well and still is. But I really wanted to start something and I'm glad I did it because there were many things in life that I wanted to achieve and then I gave up before really getting into them.
So thank you for motivating me to go on folks! It's fun, it's inspiration, it's a challenge. I have so many ideas for topics to blog about and I hope I'll be able to work them all away one by one and of course I hope you'll keep on following. If I ever become too boring please tell me! :)

By the way: the first photo was not planned to look like that, but my camera has its own will, so I couldn't change it. I think it turned out a bit artsy, as if I had put a Photoshop filter on it. Cool or not?

blouse: oasis, cardi + skirt + belt: h&m, tights: accessorize, shoes: primark

Okay, now for something completely different: summer legs!
I know I'm a bit late as it's already officially summer in Germany, but that's the topic I've been thinking about much lately. The issue is, that my legs are not the prettiest, but well, that's okay. A bigger problem is my congenital blemish.

As you might have noticed I have these red stains on my right leg, a thing which is called lymphoid haematoma. It (normally) doesn't hurt, it's just there and looks strange, but unfortunately some parts of it have been inflamed since last summer. So it hurts a bit and I have to put cream and powder and band-aid on it.
Furthermore I can't really shave the area around the inflamed spots (irritated skin), so my summer legs would look pretty stupid with hairy circles allover. It sounds ridiculous, I know :D but I really don't know if I should go for "I don't give a damn!" or if I'll have to wear tights to conceal my problem legs.
What do you think? I mean would you eye me
suspiciously with my pale red-stained band-aid blotched legs? Or wouldn't you even notice (haha, good one)?
I'm not a person that leads life after the opinion of others, but I'm curious about other people's comments about this topic, so I thought I could ask you guys :)

Alright, that's it for today. Now it's world cup time! I hope Germany can make it to win against Ghana, I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Have a lovely day!

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Monday 21 June 2010

chat, braids and mexican food


Hi guys!

I'm a bit late, but today I want to show you the photos from Saturday night when we had our Mexican food lady's night and housewarming party at a friend's new appartment.
Jasmin's appartment is so cute, the perfect size for one person, a very well-designed flat. What I love most is that she decorated all her rooms with photos of countries she has visited (she's a little globetrotter and loves to travel around).

plaid shirt: miss selfridge, cardi + skirt: h&m, belt: vintage, tights: accessorize, bangles: promod,
shoes + necklace: thrifted

I also loved the little Mexican buffet we had: burritos and fajitas that could be filled with sour cream, rice, chili con carne, salad and/or jalapenos. Yummy! I totally forgot to take photos of the food because I was so occupied with eating it ;)
BUT I took a photo of the delicious homemade dessert, which was a sort of iced cake made of frozen whipped cream and chocolate chips (see photos below).

Back home Patrick was so kind to take some outfit shots of me.

Being a bunch of girls "home alone", the evening ended up in braiding hair, taking silly photos and chatting about all the world and his wife.

Here are some more photos:

the dessert

you can see a bit of the food on the table ;)

Julia's braid

one of Jasmin's souvenirs from Miami is this gorgeous Victoria's Secret bikini
(I want!!)

how to become a mustache monster (Farah's mustache looks so real!)

silliness at its best ;)

Hope you enjoyed this (and that my girls don't hate me for showing these photos here).
I hope to see photos of lady's nights on some other blogs from time to time, too ;)

Have a great day!

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