Saturday 16 July 2011

a glamourous night

Hi guys!

This is something I couldn't wait to tell and show you :)
A friend of mine earned her medical degree after years of hard work and almost no spare time and now she's officially a dentist, yaayy! Julia if you happen to read this I can only say Congratulations!! once again.
She really worked her ass off to earn this degree and it was anything but easy, she told us so many horror stories about whole days spent at university or about fainting in the operating room due to a lack of fresh air and hot flashes. But all the work was worth it and now after it's done she is so relieved and happy and we are all so proud of her!
So here are the photos of her exam party she invited us girls to. It took place in a really luxurious hotel in Cologne.


♥ dress: monki ♥ belt: topshop ♥ blazer: h&m ♥ shoes: deichmann ♥

What I wore is thrown together of the only halfway chic pieces I have in my closet. I'm not a chic type at all, I prefer casual and cute looks, so the only thing I could go for was all black. My music teacher in 6th grade once said "Black is the colour of the diva" and I've been sticking to that since then. I even had to buy these shoes because all the high heels I own (which are a solid three pairs) were not chic enough and was really worried that they wouldn't even let me in this fancy hotel without proper chic shoes. Haha, my strange trains of thoughts sometimes...
Anyway, sad but true: that's most I could make of my wardrobe.
So off I went to Cologne.

the girls

our fabulous new dentist girl

the four of us

Julia looked so pretty in her dress and the other two girls were dressed up lovely too. Maybe we knew that we'd probably never be able to set foot into such a luxurious hotel again or maybe it was just the fact that beer was cheaper than water, but either way we had fun celebrating the end of her studies.
Can you believe that a 0,25 ml glass of flat water was 4,40€?! What the hell is wrong with this place? Do they include charges because the water comes out of golden faucets? My oh my I never had such an expensive glass of water in my life.


I really wish I had such a luster at home!

the entrance stamp

girly fooling with the curtain decoration :D

the cheapest drink of the evening (2,90€ each)

I tell you this evening was quite an experience, I've never seen so many popinjays in one place. But it was wonderful though! These are the kind of events you look back at 30 years later and remember how awesome it was to be young and successful ;)

Happy Friday guys!

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  1. u look so pretty!!! love the dress!

  2. Looks like a good time! Cute shoes. :)

  3. I love your outfit, such great shoes!


  4. glückwunsch und respekt an deine freundin! :) steckt sicher viiiiel arbeit drin!

    schönes outfit
    schwarz is immer sehr edel :)

  5. awww YAY for the dentist friend!! I totally feel her pain, it must be SUCH a relief to finally graduate! I know I will party until I drop when I do!

    And you look absolutely GORGEOUS!! and so do your friends! you guys are all so cute^^

    but the stamp is just AMAZING! I didn't know they made cute entrance stamps^^

  6. Wow congrats to your friend!! Thats so awesome. I love a simple black dress for a night out, it's perfect. I really like these shoes too!

  7. wow sieht nach ner super party aus!
    und alles gute für deine freunduin!!
    auch wenn ich höllische angst vor zahnärzten habe ;)

    das outfit steht dir übrigens super !! (:

  8. yayyy congrats for your friend! and i am totally the same way about halfway-chicness, haha! you definitely pulled it off and you look ravishing!

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  9. dich einmal ganz in schwarz zu sehen gefällt mir.normaler weise trägst du ja immer bunte farbren und muster, doch schwarz steht dir gut.

  10. einmal ganz in schwarz zu sehen gefällt mir.normaler weise trägst du ja online pharmacy bunte farbren und muster.


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