Tuesday 5 July 2011

for free and open air

Hi guys!

On Saturday we went to Rheinkultur, a festival in Bonn. It's one of the few "umsonst & draussen Festivals" in Germany, which means that it's an open air and for free, anybody can go and watch the concerts. The only reason we went there was a band called Gallows, but we also watched bits of other bands' gigs, met some friends, had some fastfood and beer and rummaged around in all the merchandise stands. It was not a perfect festival day but nevertheless we had a really good time.

Gallows is a hardcore punk band, so of course they completely ignored the banner next to the stage that said "No stage-diving or violent-dancing". They played a really cool concert, put the pedal to the metal and their frontman stayed in the middle of the audience for half the gig, he was so far away from the stage, I've never seen this at a concert before. You could always see his ginger hair peeking out between all the other people in the crowd :)
I found a youtube video of it for you, you can see it here.
You should really watch the end of the video at minute 13.50 when the frontman is carried back to the stage by the fans, so cool!
And this video shows the frontman how he mobs some goths that were sitting while everybody else was standing. Very funny! British humour I suppose?

After we had seen Gallows we were perfectly happy, so we grabbed some beer and sat down on one of the hills where we had a good view on the main stage. The next act was a German hip hop group, so we watched them a bit but I must say I find hip hop concerts pretty boring because the audience is only waving one of their arms to the beat the whole time. How about moving your whole body to the music people? Hm no, somehow they didn't. That's what I love about hardcore and metal, there's always something different going on in front of the stage, so much action!

On our way back to the car we had to walk through this beautiful and huge park in Bonn, the Rheinaue. It's such a lovely place, so we seized the chance to take some photos. When I'm out and about with Patrick and my camera I always have my yearly DIY photo calendar project in the back of my mind, so I'm happy when we are able to have some photos of us taken by a friend :)

Have you guys already been to a festival this summer? Or do you plan to go to certain ones? It has only just begun so there are still lots of festivals to come, I can't wait for more :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Looks like soo much fun! Glad you had a good time, and metal shows are definitely much more entertaining and enjoyable than hip hop shows

  2. Oh my this looks like so much fun....happy new week to you. xo


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