Thursday 28 April 2011

late easter post


Hi guys!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last posts, but it was not my birthday ;)
As usual I'm a bit behind on posting about what happened lately. But at least I managed to keep the chronological order of things, so you can't have everything.
Anyway, this is what I wore today. It's a slightly different version of what I wore on Easter Sunday to visit my Dad and his girlfriend.

♥ shirt: only ♥ jeggings, headband, jacket + shoes: h&m ♥ belt: primark

Last friday on birthday bash #2 our friend Nina told me and the girls that she's going to marry her boyfriend as soon as in the middle of June! Damn, we were stunned and so happy for her! The first bride-to-be in our group of girls :)
I already know that my salary will be pretty low in June, so I thought why not go and look for a dress today?! Haha, I just can't resist a good excuse to go shopping. So off I went and I came home with a lovely Promod dress! Not exactly a typical one for a wedding, but hey I'm simply not the type for sexy cocktail dresses. I'd rather like to feel good in what I wear instead of feeling and looking like a big meat loaf wrapped with pink satin or something.
I won't wear or photograph the dress before the wedding. So, anticipation much? :)

Above you can see the first blooper ever on this blog! Normally I'm too vain to post them (I suck, I know), but this one is superfunny, so I hope you have a good laugh when I tell you that I wanted to strike a nice pose and almost fell on the ground with my face first. I was squatting on tippy-toes and started tilting forward while the self-timer was on :D

♥ ring: bijou brigitte ♥ necklace: accessorize

Uhm, as this is actually an Easter post I think I have to get back to Easter Sunday. So, it was lovely weather, my Dad has a beautiful garden where we sat on the porch and enjoyed ourselves most of the time. My Dad's girlfriend Judith served us a delicious Easter brunch and yummy coffee and cake later on. Judith's sister and her husband and kids were there too, so I had lots of fun watching the two little boys play with the lawn sprinkler and garden hose. I also played tag with them and we blew soap bubbles.

Here are some Bad Taste Toast Easter Sunday impressions for you :)

You can't imagine how tired I was in the evening. I haven't really played outside since I was like... I don't know, I haven't done this in a really long time ;)
I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend too!
Happy Wednesday!

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Monday 25 April 2011

birthday bash #2


Hi guys!

So here are the photos of birthday bash no. 2, they were taken on Friday night when I met my girls to celebrate the birthday of my best friend Farah at a lovely little Italian restaurant in Aachen. The restaurant called Maccaroni had a nice Art Nouveau interior and very delicious food on the menue.

The outfit

the photo was taken at my mum's place before I headed to Aachen
♥ dress: joe browns ♥ cardi: promod ♥ belt: gift from dad ♥ shoes: h&m

The food


...yum yum...

...yummyyy :)


we ate everything up and were pretty stuffed

unpacking the presents :)

studying the menue
Nina (on the left) announced her marriage, she's the first bride-to-be in our circle of friends :)

The ultimate Chinese victory posing photo for our friend Jasmin who's living in Beijing at the moment.
We miss you! ;)

As I'm not in the photo above because I took it, I have a victory posing photo from our girl's night last month for Jasmin. See, I couldn't shirk it ;)

As you can see we had a wonderful time together! I can even say we had a blast two days in a row because of birthday bash no. 1 the day before :)
It's so awesome that we manage to meet at least once each month and that we're still best friends after we were classmates at school and got scattered all over the Rhineland due to our studies.
I love you girls, you're the best! ;)
And I hope they won't be mad at me because I posted some of the photos here...

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birthday bash #1


Hi guys!

Here are the promised photos of the Thursday/Friday birthday bash marathon. The birthdays of two friends of mine are on two days in succession and this year their birthday parties also were. Let's start with Thursday night when my friend Sara celebrated her birthday at her apartment.

The Outfit

♥ dress: only ♥ cardi: zara ♥ jeggings + belt: h&m ♥ shoes: converse

The food

a chocolate fountain
(there was Indian soup, salads and cake as well)...

...and lots of fruits to dunk

hhmm yum yum yum

the birthday children

Farah (more about her birthday tomorrow) and Sara...

...doing a hair-do check


photo haphazardly taken in front of a sign that says Kotzbrocken, which means something like pain in the ass ;)

the gift bag which contained a piece of Lush Sexy Peel

The food was yummy, the evening was great fun, the people were nice, we sweated heavily in the kitchen because of the hot soup and the running oven, we met a former class mate, ........ To cut a long story short: we had a good time :)

Birthday bash post #2 is going to follow tomorrow.
Have a lovely day guys! :)

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Sunday 24 April 2011

Easter and India


(picture borrowed from here)

Hi guys!

I'm sorry. I had planned to start posting the photos of the last few days tonight but the Easter holidays and invitations to the family frustrate my plans. It's been insanely hectic for me since Thursday, I've been going to and fro by car and bus from A to B to C and back to A again, horrible! I wish I could have at least tomorrow or Monday all for myself but I can't. It was not until one hour ago that my Dad told me I'll have to be at his place at 10.30 am tomorrow because they're going to have an Easter brunch with my father's part of the family. I had thought I have to be there at teatime! And now he tells me 10.30, awesome... Now figure in 1 hour for me to get dressed and all in the morning plus 1½ hours trainride, so I'll have to get up at 8 am, awesome...

Anyway, now instead of posting the said photos I want to tell you something about an awesome blog I found!

183 days in India

On one of the trainrides I flipped through the German Glamour magazine where they mentioned this blog in a little recap article of 10 years Glamour. Back at home I checked it out and started reading and then it really pulled me in.

The blog was written by a Southafrican woman named Olga, who went on a missionary journey through India on her motorcycle in 2010. The fact alone that she really did that is pretty amazing to me! Then the article had a few lines about what she did there: it says she cooked for street children and teached English to them, happened to play in three Bollywood movies, worked at the Mother Teresa home in Calcutta and so on...
I'm not even through with reading about her first 3 months there, but I hope I'll have the time to continue reading on Monday. It's so interesting! I'm a sucker for travelogues anyway...

So if you're interested in India, travelling and authentic descriptions of everyday life you should check it out, it's very good!

Happy Easter to all of you!
I'll probably (hopefully) be back with the mentioned photos tomorrow night.
And I'll try to get back to all your nice comments asap too!

Thursday 21 April 2011

as simple as it can be


Hi guys!

You might have read before that I don't really like summer, I keep repeating it whenever I can. So, now we actually have summer weather although it's April...
See, every year people get sick of me because when it's hot I'm a real sissy and I understand that it's hard to bear all the whining and complaining. And every year I resolve to stop this annoying behaviour and to try to enjoy summer at least only a little bit - but today I realized again that I simply can't. I really can't. I'm terrible, I know.
This week we've been having about 23°C everyday and I'm already niggling. I hate heat, I hate to sweat, I hate to sit down on meadows because the grass is scratchy, I hate insects, I want to stay inside all day with a fan. I told you I'm a sissy... Well, what could I do about it? Any suggestions?

♥ shirt: only (swapped) ♥ cardi: h&m ♥ pants: new yorker ♥ belt: primark ♥ shoes: converse ♥ bag: accessorize ♥

I'm a person with lots of little ailments, like sporadical neurodermatitis, my congenital red stains on the leg with an inflammed spot, allergy to insect bites, hay fever... so summer is exhausting. I bet some of you have similar problems, right? How do you guys handle hot summer days? I'm eager to change something about my whiny and/or pissed mood on days when I have to go outside. Either I have to find out what to do against all the ailments or I'll have to emigrate to... I don't know, the Arctic? I'm already looking forward to winter.

♥ jewelry: six ♥

Oh by the way I chose this title because I've been having a stressful week full of work and uni, so my outfits are comfortable and as simple as they can be. I hope you like it though ;)

Have a lovely day!

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Monday 18 April 2011

a spring wishlist

Hi guys!

Have you missed my wishlists? I posted a couple of them last year, then I needed a break from compensating my shopping lust into thousands of wishlists and now I feel like posting another one again, especially because spring has sprung. This warmer weather makes me wanna live in jeggings and loose shirts.
Here are some of the pretty pieces I came across in different online shops. It's my birthday next month, so maybe I'll even get one or two of these...


(article site here)

I fell in love with this at first sight! When I turned the page of the H&M spring/summer catalogue and glimpsed this adorable checkered dress for the first time I knew I had to have it! But unfortunately H&M has not established the price in my favor. 29,95€ is a bit much for H&M standards isn't it? So now I'm hoping for a pre-summer sale or something...


(article site here)

The "Misty Sequoias Tunic" landed on my wishlist immediately. I've said it before: I want to live in jeggings and loose shirts, especially if the shirt is as pretty as this one here! I love the simplicity and the change from moss green to beige-white.

(article site here)

Of course I also have to mention at least one Modcloth dress on my wishlist (secretly I wish I could afford a dozen of their beautiful dresses or more...). So here it is, the perfect bird print dress called "Aviary Enthusiast" that totally enchants me with it's lovely colours and vintage vibe. I also saw it on Rebecca of The Clothes Horse today and was simply amazed. What a perfect dress!


(article site here)

I've always wanted a darkblue handbag. A pretty one. Now Zara has it: a perfect shade of darkblue, a good size for uni and work (DIN A4-suitable), made of genuine leather, what more can I ask for? I love it. And even although I'm a chintzy person I have to say that 79,95€ is still okay for a leather bag. Not ideal but okay.


(article site here)

Okay, this is something that will probably stay on this wishlist because I'm too chintzy to spend 98,40€ on a simple coat. But I want to be able to keep it in mind in case I ever happen to have enough money left, so I post it here. I adore the classic timeless caramel-brown and the clean and chic look with a touch of 60s mod feel. Plus I think this might be very flattering for my bodyshape.

(article site here)

Furthermore when I browsed Asos I got stuck on these Diesel boots. I don't really know why because I hate cowboy boots, they make most people look like dorks (remember Ted's red cowboy boots in "How I Met Your Mother"?)... but this modern flat streetwear version of classic cowboy boots is different. I really like these and I bet they would look lovely with skinny jeans and a cozy oversized sweater or poncho.


Both necklaces and other gorgeous designs can be found at Verabel.
I found this shop via a link at Tumblr or so and I was so stunned by the beautiful designs that I clicked around in the shop for at least 30 minutes. They sell mostly lockets, painted with ethnic patterns, birds, ships... I really adore them!

Another awesome Etsy shop I found is I Heart Norwegian Wood, a Canadian shop that sells pieces with lovely prints and patterns. Their range goes from tops and skirts over harnesses and jewelry to colourful crazy pants and leggings. I especially love the two pieces above: the "Landscape t Dress" and the "Abstract Mesh Luxe Collection Leggings". Everything in the shop is self-designed, made with love and looks a tad vintage-wise.

Hm the world is full of pretty things, no? :)
I hope you liked this little trip through some of my favourite online shops.

Have a wonderful day!

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Saturday 16 April 2011

summing up favourites #4: spring looks


Hi guys!

I've been having some problems with my ribcage again, it hurts like hell. Probably the consequence of this enduring cough (yes it's still there...), it's slowly getting better again but I wrote this exact same sentence about three times in two months, so we'll see. X-ray appointment on Monday.

Anyway, spring has sprung and the blogosphere is full of lovely looks for mild and sunny days! Floaty white dresses, pretty hats and gorgeous colourful floral patterns all around, what a terrific sight :)
I came across so many awesome outfits! Here are some of my spring favourites so far:

Flashes of Style and Tangled up in Clothes

The Clothes Horse and In Her Stilettos

Lifesize Paperdoll and Little Chief Honeybee

Adored Austin and Mode-Karussell

Transient Withdrawal and Selective Potential

That's my nice little inspiration collection of perfectly cute spring outfits. Thanks to all the lovely ladies above for inspiring me so much! I love their blogs, so if you don't know them yet feel free to head over and check them out! :)

Have a fantastic day!

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