Monday 30 July 2012

my footsteps, they hung in your hallways enough


Hi guys!

How are you? I hope everyone's having a nice Sunday?
Remember when I was complaining about a starting throat infection in the last post? Well, my  tonsils are better now, but instead a cough is initiating, woohoo... What is it with these summertime flus? I don't get it. I survived all the shit weather we had here so far and now that it was really hot outside for a week I fall ill? Come on, that sucks.
Anyway, how was your weekend? Did you do anything special?
On Friday I met two girls from the office for burgers and cocktails after work and yesterday we burned the midnight oil on a friend's birthday party. Damn, I really feel like I'm getting too old for staying out all night, so embarassing, but true... ;)

These pictures were taken on Monday, but somehow I forgot about them in the course of the week and when I rediscovered them, I noticed that I wore almost the same outfit to the aforementioned burger date on Friday. So until I manage to take new outfit pics these here will have to do.
This actually is a typical outfit scheme for me: shirt, cardi, skirt, tights, flats - ready to go.
It's a nice and cute everyday outfit that I can wear to work, university, to run errands - normal boring things. Plus a skirt always makes an outfit so much more comfortable to me than pants! I love to have legroom when fidgeting around on my desk chair at work. ;)

By the way, this cute plaid shirt is one of my latest swapping finds that I already showed you in this post.
Apart from that, there are only older pieces put together in this look and among them some of my favoutite accessories: the faux leather bracelet, the deer necklace and the moccasins that will go with almost anything in my wardrobe.

Have a good start into the new week tomorrow! :)

Friday 27 July 2012

the slow math of debt and dreams


Hi guys!

After the emotional up and down with my private issues during the last weeks I'm feeling so much better this week. I'm motivated again and it's such a good feeling.
We finally have summer weather here, I'm going to attend a martial arts class to find a new hobby, I'll meet my girls from the office for dinner tomorrow, I'm taking part in a market research group to earn some extra money for future travels, I'll go to Primark with Patrick and shop til I drop at the weekend, we'll go to a friend's birthday party....
And I have a new job! Well, another job I should say. The company where I work as a student help has reduced my weekly amount of working hours for summer and this reduces my monthly income. But I don't want to cut back on my monthly spendings because I love to treat myself by eating out or buying clothes once in a while, so I applied for several other jobs.
Fortunately I hit the jackpot by finding a second temp job in the same business sector like my first job, which is event management. Very nice co-workers, laid-back atmosphere, pretty office with roof garden - I love it there.

As I have to deal with customers in person in the new job, I need to pay attention to what I wear to the office a bit more than in the other job. Due to the young office team they still they have a very laid-back attitude towards clothing there, no dresscode, but I think I will have to keep an eye on my outfits not being too crazy and/or too much tramp style if you know what I mean.
Sometimes it unintendedly happens that I throw on washed out skinny jeans, oversized t-shirt, oversized lumberjack shirt or cardi, boots and a knit hat and that's when I get close to looking like a defiant 90s grunge teen.
Hey, I love grunge style so don't get me wrong here. But for the office I try to keep it neat. ;)
Yesterday for example I wore this lovely breezy super-light summer dress which I bought on my Budapest trip in February this year. I jazzed it up a bit with the cheetah cardigan, wildcat necklace and the matchy-matchy belt, flats and bag.

We had 30° Celsius here but always with a breeze, so it almost felt a bit like being near the sea, only the salty scent in the air was missing.
How's the weather over at your place? Are you enjoying summer? Okay, I know my Aussie readers don't, but what about the others?

Happy Wednesday! :)

Wednesday 25 July 2012



Hi guys!

Okay, I admit I'm procrastinating some stuff by wasting my time on Pinterest tonight (follow me if you like, I follow back).
I'm laughing my ass off right now because of these, they all cracked me up so much! Gaah I love this useless internet fun stuff :D
I simply HAD to share them with you!

Sorry for this useless post but it's just so funny! :)

Have a great day!

Monday 23 July 2012

there you go


Hi guys!

How have you been?
I'm back to blogging after an emotional whirlwind has put my life upside down over the last two weeks... But as I said in the last post: my family and friends are all alive and well, so there is nothing to worry about. I was able to sort out some private issues and now I'm trying to drag myself out of the emotional hole again to go back to normality and to motivate myself to get out and do something instead of hanging around at home lamenting.
Furthermore the weather has become a bit more summery round here, so it will be much easier to take some new outfit photos, because the last weeks I mostly wore jeans and t-shirt, didn't feel like dressing up and it rained a lot.

In the photos you can see what I wore yesterday to meet my girls for dinner at a Mongolian-Chinese restaurant in the afternoon. I just love buffet happy hour - you pay 10€ for a huge two-hours all-you-can-eat buffet, how cool is that?! Let me tell you just one thing: I wasn't able to eat anything else afterwards for the whole day because I was so full!

I met the girls, stuffed my face with Chinese food, it was sunny and bright outside - it was a lovely Sunday.
How did you guys spend your weekend?

Have a nice day! :)

Sunday 15 July 2012

you can't always get what you want

Hi guys!

How have you been?
I'm sorry for the little hiatus, but the end of the semester kept me busy with writing essays and papers.
To be honest it was not only the exams period that kept me away from the blog, but also some private stuff that I need to deal with. At the moment everything changes without me wanting everything to change, so it's pretty hard to get used to the feeling that sometimes life heads for a certain direction and you can't do anything against it to turn it around.
I think I'm only a good blogger when I'm completely happy, but that's not the case at the moment. Everything is so complicated... However I will try to post on a regular base again, maybe not everyday, but once in three or four days, that's my plan. At least until these confusing times of change are over.
By the way don't worry, my family and friends are all alive and well, this is not the cause of my unhappiness. It's just that I'm a very emotional and melancholic person and I always have a hard time dealing with changes. Better times are sure to come...
But I don't want to talk about it too much here on the blog, I just wanted to let you guys know about the reason for my absence.

I haven't been in the mood for shooting new outfit pics lately, but I still had these pics on my computer. They're from two weeks ago when I had dinner at a nearby brewhouse with my mum and her boyfriend.
This was back when the weather was a bit nicer. The last two weeks we had the shittiest summer weather ever - and it still doesn't get better: cloudy skies, lots and lots of rain, wind, only 18° C.
I admit I've never been a fan of summer heat and the horribly high air humidity that comes along with it here in Germany, BUT at least it could for God's sake stop raining now please...
Oh well, you can't always get what you want right?

Phew somehow this post was hard to write because I wish everything could go back to normal in my life as soon as possible, so this includes regular blogging. I'm sorry I didn't comment back on everyone's nice comments, I hope I'll be able to catch up with it in the course of the next week.
Please bear with me guys ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!

Monday 9 July 2012

I carry each and every ghost of my lovers at once


Hi guys!

How are you? Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday.
Well, I'm a bit behind with posting here again, this outfit is what I wore on Wednesday. But the thing is that Patrick has returned from a really long business trip on Thursday, he was away for 7 weeks and now there's a lot we both have to catch up on. Furthermore he seems to have some problems getting used to being home again now, so we'll try spending some more time together rather than both sitting in front of the computer on our owns half day.
Furthermore there are still two essays that have to be written for university, hence I cannot promise that I'll be able to blog much in the course of the next week, but we will see. ;)

This is what I wore to university the other day. It was pretty hot weather here, but the breezy shirt was perfect as it's so light and soft that it waves whenever a little breeze arises.
The bag is a bargain from TK Maxx, it's Fossil and it was marked down to 10€ and I loved the colours so much, so I had to take it with me. Plus - as you can see - I have perfectly matching flats. :)

Have a lovely day!

Friday 6 July 2012

summer 2012 wishlist

Hi guys!

I haven't posted a wishlist for quite some time, so here is what I'd like to have for summer and, yes I'm already thinking further, for fall/winter this year.
You know I'm usually a thrifty one, but here I put together a list of "rather expensive" pieces (by my standards at least). I have come to the decision that getting as many pieces as possible for your money is a good thing, but that you also should invest in certain items (like they always say in the magazines, e.g. about trenchcoats and whatnot).
It's true, I've noticed that since I invested a small fortune in my full leather Liebeskind bag, for which I'd have normally gotten... ehm, let's say five bags (or even more, calculated after my normal shopping habits).
But enough rambling, here is the list.

1) Minnetonka Folklore moccasin cognac
2) Soludos Aztec navy white

1) Free People Lohri Embroidered Tote
2) Liebeskind Amina satchel

1) Ray Ban New Wayfarer blue rubber
2) Shwood Canby Zebrawood grey

1) Derbe Hamburg Derbe Friese Maid Jacket olive
2) St-Martins Elmwood Parka 

I desperately need them all. Hope I'll be able to get some these pieces in the course of the coming months...

Have a lovely day! :)

Wednesday 4 July 2012

oak square


Hi guys!

How are you doing?
I'm slowly getting used to my new bangs and I start playing around with different styles, using hair clips and headbands. I also can't wait to wear knit hats in autumn, it looks great, I already tried it.
Anyway, this is the dress I already showed you a few days ago, it's one of my swapping trophies - I love the colourful plaid and the versatile fit. I can either wear it as a breezy a-line dress or as a kind of empire frock with a waist belt. Or I could also try knotting it to achieve a kind of balloon shape maybe?
I did the laundry on Sunday and just had to wear it as soon as possible, so I put together this look for the office yesterday (and I wore it again today). It's funny how this look reminds me of my kindergarten time - I know I used to have a "Playmobil bob" hairstyle and I also recall an image of me wearing a colourful a-line dress as a child as well. But maybe it's just my imagination running riot?
 And the birdcage necklace - I haven't worn it in months. I always forget that I have it and I'm always happy when I rediscover it in the depths of my jewelry drawer.

Apart from my ramblings about the outfit and hair I have nothing more to write about today, life's pretty boring: I work, I procrastinate writing two philosophy essays, I read "Mona in the promised land" for my Anglistics seminar, I wait for the semester break. That's all, hope I'll have something more interesting to tell you next time.

Oh and I applied for some job offers to get a second student job for the semester break. Wish me luck! 

Have a nice day! :)


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