Monday 27 February 2012

Vedette Shapewear giveaway winners


Hi guys!

Sorry, I didn't manage to draw the winners yesterday evening, but here are the three lucky girls who can choose one item from the Vedette basic collection:

1. Soccermom1

2. Katrina

3. Lia


Expect an e-mail from me in the course of this afternoon/evening!

Have a great day!

Friday 24 February 2012

click - look - read - comment (new found blogs I love)


Hi guys!

It's Friday, that means I'm coming home from my Budapest city trip today.
How did you like my two lovely guest bloggers Inés and Jenna? They have become two good blogger friends of mine and I would like to thank them again for helping me out while I was away!

I already knew that I would be too busy to put together a post tonight, so I prepared one about some amazing blogs I've found and started following lately. These are not necessarily new blogs, so please forgive me if you already know them ;)
Here we go:

- click here to visit -

- click here to visit -

- click here to visit -

- click here to visit -

- click here to visit -

- click here to visit -

I hope you liked these?!
Have fun browsing! ;)

Next time I'll be back with some photos from my Budapest trip, so please pop in if you're interested.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Wednesday 22 February 2012

smitten guest post - a trip to Vancouver


Hello there lovely readers!

My name is Jenna from Smitten and I'm guest blogging while Carina is away! She asked me to come up with an outfit that I'd wear if I were going to travel somewhere. Well I am about to leave to go to Vancouver, BC, Canada to visit my brother and came up with something I'd like to wear while I was there!

Well since it likes to rain in Vancouver, but will be warmer than where I live, I needed a light, hooded, rain proof jacket. This one from H&M is so perfect, I bought it before I went last year. One of my favourite colour combinations at the moment is teal and mustard. I can't get enough of it! A cute lace sleeved top, sparkly flats and ray bans top this look off and I am good to go for walking around Stanley Park, going downtown to get some sushi or go to the Vancouver Art Gallery :)






Outfit: Skirt-Urban Outfitters, Top-?, Belt-Ardene, Scarf-Gift, Jacket-H&M, Flats-Payless

Tuesday 21 February 2012

a city trip in thought with cinnamon eve


Hi guys!

As I've mentioned yesterday, I'll be away city tripping to Budapest this week. While I'm away, my blogger friends will help me out with some cool guest posts, yaayy :)

The first one in line is Cinnamon Eve, I asked her where she would go and what she would wear if she could choose a city trip to anywhere in the world.
This is her pick, hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

"I got massively excited when I got a e-mail from Carina asking me to guest post on her blog. I got double excited when I realised she wanted me to put an outfit together inspired by a city: New York immediately popped in my head.
If I could choose to go anywhere in the world, it would be there. I'd definitely make sure I'd visit Manhattan and Brooklyn, and all the city has to offer: I'd pay a visit to the Barosaurus at the Natural History Musuem, go for a stroll at Central Park, go all the way up to the Empire State Building and drink up all the view, cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and lose myself in Williamsburgh...
And this is what I'd be wearing!"

♥ Striped t-shirt - H&M Kids ♥ High waist denim shorts - Primark ♥ Boots - Primark ♥ Leather jacket - United Colors of Benetton ♥ Messenger bag - H&M ♥ Hairbow - DIY ♥ Necklace - a gift from my boyfriend's mum ♥

"Obviously not for winter, but for a Spring-ish week in town. I chose compfortable boots because getting to know the city would definitely mean a lot of walking (this includes getting to know all the shops, so flats were definitely a must). I also included a leather jacket, would keep me warm in the shade, but if the weather was nice enough I could just take it off and enjoy the warmth.
The rest of the outfit is very much sailor inspired, when I think Times Square I think War's End Kiss, and that leads to sailors. Also, the nautical look is great if you're going for a casual chic look, and casual chic is the perfect look if you're a tourist with a fashion sense.
Also, I added a hair bow for extra cuteness, inpired by the oh so cool Alexa Chung, who pops into my head every time I think Williamsburgh."

Cinnamon Eve

Sunday 19 February 2012

stumbling through the world


Hi guys!

How is your weekend so far? It's always over too fast, isn't it?
Well, I took the coming week off from work to go on a city trip to Budapest with my friend Farah. We have booked a cozy little private apartment via and also got some cheap Lufthansa flights there and back. The apartment is right in the city centre, but in a little side road and we can literally stumble from the front door to the beautiful basilica and the surrounding area with lovely cafés and souvenir shops. It will also be only a few minutes to the Danube and to the main shopping street, so we really got the perfect location.
What I anticipate most is the yummy Hungarian food: Langós, Strudel, Kürtöskalacs etc. mmhhh the week will be dangerous for my diet... ;)

♥ cardigan + boots: h&m ♥ scarf: gina tricot ♥ dress worn as shirt: bershka ♥ skirt: c&a ♥ belt: topshop ♥ watch: casio ♥ ring: ebay ♥

Hooray for funny jumping photos in which I lost the control of my facial expressions haha :)
On Thursday when the whole city was celebrating Weiberfastnacht (carnival), I took the chance to head to Schloss Eller because I knew it would be wonderfully quiet there. No promenaders, no children from the nearby school, not the best weather, so for me it was the perfect possibility to take some outdoor pics with the selftimer without being stared at. This is what I hate most about taking pics with the selftimer, these nosy people who stare at you like you're some extraterrestrial visitor or something. Especially when I take selftimer photos with my camera standing on its lens cap and the lens itself leaning on a pack of cigarettes so it won't tilt forward. Haha, well yes, now I've solved my photography secret ;D
Sorry but I need to do this as long as I don't own a tripod.

So, I hope everyone will have a good start into the new week tomorrow!
I will be on holiday until Friday, but of course the blog won't be neglected. As I plan to enjoy myself and to stay away from the internet for the next few days, I already have some lovely guest posts from blogger friends up my sleeve. They're pre-set and fantastic, so please drop in to check them out :)

Happy Sunday!

Oh and don't forget to enter my current
Vedette Shapewear giveaway!

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Friday 17 February 2012

only love is all maroon


Hi guys!

It's Friday again, wow the time passes by so fast these days. It feels like New Year's Eve was only last week but now we're already anticipating spring. It will be the season of sunny weather and sprouting plants in the twinkling of an eye and we will be able to wear our flats and breezy skirts again. On the one hand this is awesome, because I like spring of course, but on the other hand life moves too fast for me. Sometimes I have the feeling, all these things that I'd like to see, make and learn will stay on my mental to-do list forever. I need to figure out how to make some of the points fit into my daily routine, for example learning more about photography, scouting out new locations, visiting more museums and concerts, learning how to sew...
There are girls who seem to handle everything without any problems, who manage to squeeze in a seminar here, an appointment there...
I always wonder if they really are supergirls or if they're just good at hiding troubles?!

♥ scarf, shirt + skirt: h&m ♥ cardigan: takko ♥ belt: bershka ♥ socks: department store ♥ shoes: pimkie ♥ watch: casio ♥

Okay, so the weekend lies ahead of me and I have some nice things planned for the next two days. Tomorrow I'll meet the girls gang for dinner, can't wait! We'll go to Farah's place, cook yummy things and I can clearly see the evening going into the direction of gossping, lounging about on the sofa with stuffed tummies and braiding each others hair (like last time). Could a Saturday night be more perfect? ;)
For most (or maybe even all) of us it will be the last chance to spend time with out friend Jasmin before she returns to Beijing after her "holidays here at home". She's been living in China for over a year and plans to go back and stay as long as possible because she's so happy there. Hence our girls night will also be a kind of farewell party again because we never know when we'll see her again. I'm sure it's going to be a fun night!

Uhm now last but not least I have to admit that I have broken my shopping ban again. "Naughty!" you'll say! And yes, it's true but I have an explanation ;p
I'm a bit unlucky concerning clothing at the moment because unfortunately now of all times everything starts to break or rip. Oh boy! Two weeks ago my only pair of black jeans ripped, so I couldn't wear them to a funeral and had to wear three pairs of tights on the cemetery at -8°C (that's where I got the bad cold from by the way). And if that wouldn't be enough, the other day my house slippers broke too!
So I intractably opened the H&M online sale page... Hey, I did a good job: I purchased new slippers, a few pairs of black jeans (of which one pair really fit perfectly!) and the only thing else I couldn't resist was the camel scarf, that I'm wearing in the photos, for 5€.
These are the slippers :D

Have a fantastic weekend guys!!! :)

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Wednesday 15 February 2012

snow flowers


Hi guys!

As many of you might have heard or experienced theirselves, Europe has been visited by a Siberian winter depression for some time now. Actually most places in Germany already had snow, even cities that are not really far from here. It seemed that only Düsseldorf had been skipped... BUT I had a day off from work on Monday and woke up to snowfall! How amazing, I had been wishing for snow so bad! So after breakfast I got dressed and headed outside to take some outfit pics in the snow - finally!
I'm glad I did this in the morning because by the early afternoon most of the snow was already gone. Lucky me! ;)

♥ parka: vero moda ♥ cardigan + loop scarf: gina tricot ♥ dress worn as shirt + skirt: h&m ♥ belt: new yorker ♥ tights: primark ♥ boots: ebay ♥ necklace: flufftail

To tell you a little secret: actually there wasn't as much snow as it seems from the pictures, only about 1cm, but I wanted to savour the rare opportunity and put up my cam's ISO to make it look like a winter wonderland. I'm still a raw recruit when it comes to my Canon's thousand features, but I'm actually pretty content with what I made of the photos via ISO and editing. It looks magical somehow :)

I know everyone is desperately waiting for spring to come, but to be honest I'm wishing for a bit more snow until the beginning of March. Remember that I mentioned a planned city trip with a friend? Well, next week I'll leave for Budapest with Farah and, as I have only spent time there in the summer yet, it would be lovely to visit this city in the winter with snow, ice and the whole shebang. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

What about you? Are you enjoying winter and snow or are you longing for some spring sun?

Have a lovely day everyone!

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Tuesday 14 February 2012

valentine veto


Hi guys!

Happy Valetine's Day to all of you out there! :)
If you've been following along for some time you might already know that neither Patrick, nor me are very romantic persons in real life. Okay, sometimes I have these "What if" scenes in my head, like "What if Patrick would fetch me from work to take me to the Rhine and watch the sunset today?". But naaaw, we're not like that in real life. We're rather the type of couple who grabs some thai fast food after work and lounges about on the sofa while watching Dexter. Sorry to disappoint you with unromantic 9-years-relationship reality guys ;)

♥ cardi, jeggings + boots: h&m ♥ dress: only ♥ hat: 1€ shop ♥ belt: primark ♥ necklace: jewelmint ♥ tote: veto merchandise ♥

Against everyone's assumption the symbol on the bag is not a hand forming the peace or victory sign. It's V for Veto, a Danish band I got to see live the other day. This tote is what I broke my shopping ban for because the concert was so great that I had to have a "souvenir", furthermore I love simple tote bags with simple prints. So please don't consider me as a weird wannabe hippie ;) I'm not saying that I'm not a pacifist, but wearing a peace print on a bag is simply not my cup of tea.

Anyway, I hope all you couples and also the singles have a fantastic day today!
Have fun!

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Monday 13 February 2012

DaWanda spring finds

Hi guys!

The fact that I'm on a shopping ban concerning clothing, accessories and cosmetics at the moment does not implicate that I don't browse online shops for pretty stuff. Actually I do some virtual window shopping from time to time to keep my shopping lust down ;)
As I haven't done this for quite a while, I thought I could delight you and myself with a DaWanda spring wishlist (yeah a bit early this year, but anyway)...

home decor

// 1. art print via unique decor by ashley percival // 2. cushion via pink bug // 3. cushion via yucan // 4. tray via wohngemüse // 5. mugs via jolijou // 6. cushion via morgenistgesternheute //

clothing & accessories

// 1. scarf via anmut // 2. skirt via julia rau // 3. buttons via andischu // 4. necklace via flufftail // 5. bag via eleven elephant // 6. headband via miss cherry blossom // 7. scarf via wishproject //

Argh, sorry for the partly blurry pics, I don't know why my photo program does this sometimes...
Hope you enjoyed the cute items though ;)

Hey, speaking of shopping and wishlists!
Vedette Shapewear is having a special Valentine's Day promo for three days beginning today:

Have a lovely day!

Sunday 12 February 2012

CLOSED - Vedette Shapewear giveaway


Hi guys!

Today is finally the day to solve the secrets! Firstly I have mentioned before that there will be a really cool giveaway in cooperation with an amazing brand and secondly I sometimes hinted on me shooting a video... Well, here is the revealing:

Vedette Shapewear was so kind to send me one piece of their beautiful shapewear collection, the Contessa bodysuit, to make a video. The challenge was to wear the shapewear in a daily outfit and also to give the viewer an idea of my "profession".
I'm a little excited, this is the first time ever that I'm visible in a video on the internet, woohoo ;)
Hope you like what I did:

Vedette is a US company based in Georgia, that offers a wide range of support garments and shapewear. Their collections go from basic shaping products to "va va voom" lingerie adorned with lace and satin. they offer shaping items for all the important parts of a woman's body to make any bodyshape look well-proportioned and sexy.
If you would like to learn more about their history, mission and products click here.

(all pics via google picture search)

The giveaway:

Up for grabs is one piece of choice from the Vedette basic collection for 3 lucky winners!
(Basic collection means everything on their website that is not labeled "Sensuale Collection".)

The winners will be chosen via on the 26th of February after 8 pm (MET).
The giveaway is open for international entries (I'm very very sorry, but I have to exclude the Philippines because for organizational reasons here).
Once those 3 winners are chosen, they will be contacted and asked to take their measurements for their shapewear of choice.

How to enter:

- The basic steps are that you have to follow my blog via GFC or Bloglovin (find the buttons on the right sidebar) AND like the Vedette Facebook page. (1 basic entry for both together)

Bonus entries:
(please leave an extra comment for each)

- twitter about this giveaway and leave me the lik to the tweet in one bonus entry

- blog about this giveaway or put it to your blog's sidebar and leave me the link to the post in one bonus entry
-add me to your favourites at Chictopia and leave me your username there in one bonus entry

So you can make a total of 4 entries!

Feel free to spread the love by using this pic (or the bigger one at the beginning of the post):

Additional information: The moment the winners got their shapewear, and in case it don't fit them, they can return it to the US office with complete box and covering at their own expense. But as the Vedette people help you finding the right size with your measurements, I'm sure the winners will be completely happy with their items :)

Good luck and have a wonderful day!


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