Thursday 29 July 2010

this and that

Hi guys!

At the moment I don't seem to make it to update the blog as often as I wish to. Somehow everything has been so exhausting for the last few days. Okay I had an important exam (which went alright as far as I can say), but apart from that nothing unusual has happened. Nevertheless I feel pretty tired when I come home in the evening.
I think next week will be better again. Until then I show you some pics of what I bought/did:

I finally found a cute jewelry rack to organize all the necklaces that were lying around on my dresser :)

Bought these three books in the sale and can't wait to read them.
I already started with Hemingway :)
left to right: "616 - All Is Hell" by David Zurdo (a mystery thriller - I'm a freak, I know), "Rory & Ita" by Roddy Doyle (after I loved to read his famous "The Commitments" I had to buy this story about his parents), "True At First Light" by Ernest Hemingway (a fictional memoir about his time in Africa)

I love deer prints on shirts! I was so happy to find this colourful one at a skateshop sale!

I enjoyed lots of lemon-flavoured green tea because it's the perfect weather to drink refreshing green tea (I'm a lazy tea drinker, I always use tea bags. Real tea fans would probably stone me for doing this, I know).

Bought this cute little boat at a deco shop (it cost me ridiculous 95 Cents)...

... and put it on the bathroom windowsill to accompany our duck radio :)

Bought some delicious handmade bio bread from Hinkel, the probably oldest and best bakery in Düsseldorf. They have so many different recipes, traditional and fancy ones. The one I bought is a Franciscan bread, a wholemeal bread with a twist of beer in it! Of course it doesn't taste like beer and you don't get drunk, but it has a very special taste. Ah, I love our German bread culture :)

Accessorize sale - I always find at least one item that I absolutely want to buy.
I snatched a bow alice band, a pretty necklace (hard to see on the pic), a polkadot scarf and this adorable birdy tote!

Have a lovely day :)

Sunday 25 July 2010



Hi guys!

Remember the film "Hook"?
They brought it on TV today, I watched it while I was ironing the laundry. I had almost forgotten how much I love this movie. I used to watch it so many times when I was a child. My favourite scene since then has always been the food fight of the Lost Boys and the one where the little Girl Maggie sings her song on the pirate ship. And I had completely forgotten that Julia Roberts is Tinkerbell! How could I forget? It's one of her best roles ever. I usually don't like her that much, but the film made her much more likeable to me again. Furthermore it's beyond all question to me that Peter Pan is one of Robin Williams' best roles ever :)

God, I really love this movie, it's so cute and touching. I always knew that I'd never grow up when I was young and now that I'm older the Peter Pan story still gives me goosebumps. I really hope I'll never grow up. I still love cartoons and candy and toys, fantasy stories, Nintendo games, playful prints on clothes etc.
I wish I had a pouch full of fairy dust for the sentimental moments in life. Ah, I'm getting too sentimental ;)

dress + jeans + belt: h&m, cardi: zero, bangle + necklace: accessorize, scarf: ebay, boots: bullboxer, bag: roxy

Talking about things that children like: I have some more photos from the fairground for you. I met some friends there yesterday evening and we had a fun time together: I could try everything that I had to leave out on Tuesday, namely a yummy original German Bratwurst, more chocolate fruits and a delicious cinnamon-sugar-crêpe. In between we also tried out one of the rollercoasters, which was great :)
Btw I didn't take more photos after we ate our crêpes because I made it to drip the liquid cinnamon-sugar-stuff all over my dress while eating :D
Typically me!

And now for something different:
You know what is really horrible? My fairground photos were taken while in our neighbour city Duisburg the Loveparade was escalating. I'm not sure if the news have made it to other continents, but it was a big tragedy: 19 people died in the crowd. Somehow there were too many people in the entrance tunnel to the festival area and then a mass panic emerged, so lots of people were stamped to the ground or weren't able to breathe anymore. It's so awful! I saw the pictures on TV, there were SO many people in the confined area! How can something like this happen? I haven't heard about statements of the hosts yet, I'm curious about what they say.
Imagine you go to such an event to have fun and then you die there, that's unbelievable. I feel so so sorry for the persons concerned.

I wish you all a nice day though! Take care!

now playing: the killers - read my mind

Saturday 24 July 2010

fair with the family

Hi guys!

I have some photos from Tuesday when I went to the fair with Mum and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's son. I love our Rhine fair here in Düsseldorf, it's the biggest fair along the Rhine. It took us about two and a half hours to walk the whole fairground but I have to say we made lots of little breaks to eat and drink. This is not supposed to be an outfit post, I look casual and boring ;)

Here are the photos:

on our way to the fair (sunglasses posing hehe)

one of those intimidating rides I'd never enter

this looked fun but I didn't have the guts for it :)

oldtimer race with a Sunday driver ;)

yummy chocolate bananas

the big wheel looks so pretty when it's illuminated

view over the fairground

I love all the little lanes with the colourful stands

this is Paul, we won him at a lottery booth

Tomorrow I'll be on the fairground again but this time I'll be there with my girls. Fun fun fun :)

Have a lovely day!

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Friday 23 July 2010

hello yellow


Hi guys!

After almost one whole week I'm able to show you an outfit again. Guess what? It's finally normal weather here in Germany again, so it's much easier to put together something cute. During the superhot last weeks I noticed that I couldn't live without tights and cardis cause I'm most often not able to combine a good outfit without them. So as the weather is going to be less hot the next week I'll show you some new pieces that I got in the summer sale soon.

cardi + dress: h&m, tights + bag + bangle: accessorize, boots: vintage, belt: thrifted, necklace: sarah et pauline

I'll try hard to post more stuff again, but I can't promise daily updates cause I have a lot of things to do for uni. It's always the same: as soon as the semester ends I realize how much I procrastinated the last months. There is a term paper for linguistics about thematic progression that wants to be written (awesome...), some belated homework to be done and then there's my language use and essay writing test next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me please ;)

Oh and I need your advice please. This is what I tried on at Zara this afternoon. Shall I go and get these two dresses and the blazer next Monday (when I get money)? What do you think?

Alright, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed my little holiday dreaming yesterday :)
What will follow next are two fun posts about the Rhine fair here in Düsseldorf. I went there with my Mum the other day and I'll have a fun night with my girls there on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to it :)

Have a great day!

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Thursday 22 July 2010

summer holiday dreams

Hi guys!

Normally I'm the type of person that hates hot weather and prefers cold places and rain and snow, but I would definitely make an exception for these lovely little paradisiac spots. My last real holiday outside of Germany was long long ago, so I've been looking for extraordinary places to go on holiday to this year or in 2011. This is where I'd love to go (most of them are even eco-friendly):

Santorini (Greece)

location: Vedema Resort

Patergassen (Austria)

location: Almdorf Seinerzeit

Ballinskelligs (Ireland)

location: Solar Lodge

Piegut-Pluviers (France)

location: Fisherman's Cabin

Savudrija (Croatia)

location: lighthouse Savudrija

Which location is your favourite? :)
I'd love to travel to all of them one by one...ah well, someday...

Have a lovely day!

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