Thursday 29 March 2012

Budapest favourite: Jojó Art Shop


Hi guys!

Wow, now that my stay in Budapest is almost over I finally find the time to post some photos bit by bit. These pictures for example I took last week when I visited a colourful and lovely little shop which is a bit hidden in a passage way from the main street to an inner courtyard. What I have definitely learned on my Budapest trips is: don't be afraid to enter narrow passage ways or courtyards, because there might be some really nice locations hidden in them!
Like the

Jojó Art Shop:

illustrated mugs

bags, belts and cuffs

This cute little paradise of accessories and gifts is run by one of the many nice Hungarians I've met in Budapest since I came here the first time last summer.
You can find such nice things there: felt brooches, illustrated mugs, different jewelry, bags, belts etc. - and everything is handmade by Hungarian designers and supports their arts!
I already bought a fabric flower ring and a gift for a friend and I'll return there tomorrow to get some more sweet little somethings to bring home (because it's so much better than these stuffy standard souvenir shops)!

postcards and bookmarks

salt shakers and plush toys

felt brooches

Isn't this an adorable potpourri of articles? It's totally my thing, I love accessories, I love colours, I love cute knick-knacky stuff! :)
If you ever happen to be in Budapest, I recommend visiting Jojó to jazz up your outfit or to get some nice items for friends and family members.
How do you like it?

You can also show some love by following the Jojó Blog or their Facebook page!

Have a great day!

P.S. Thank you so much for the lovely gift Miss Jojó! ;-)

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Tuesday 27 March 2012

we've got nothing to hide


Hi guys!
Sunny greetings from Budapest!
I'm sorry it got a bit quiet around the blog lately, I'm always so exhausted in the evening and if I'm not chilling out at my apartment, then my co-workers keep me entertained by taking me to different places. But I promise I take a lot of photos so I can catch up with posting when I'm back at home at the end of the week.

Anyways, good news: I'm in the media! Remember this Vedette Shapewear look I styled? Well, among some other awesome bloggers I am part of the Vedette "I've got nothing to hide" Campaign in the recent spring/summer issue of FASHIONSIGN March 2012!
Thanks to Vedette for putting me there! :)

Have a lovely day!

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Saturday 24 March 2012

come on in


Hi guys!

How is everyone doing?
First of all thank you so so much for your kind and comforting comments on my last post, you are the best! <3
I'm sorry I neglected the blog a bit the last few days, but it was a really tiring week for me. First the unpleasant situation with my grandma (who I strongly believe rests in peace and is in a better place now), then a stressful time at work... And in the evening I never managed to come home before sunset and always forgot my cam at the apartment, so there are no real outfit or tourist pics.
It's Friday night now and I'm so exhausted that I'll simply stay at the apartment and relax instead of exploring the Budapest nightlife. I'll still have the whole Saturday and Sunday for running around, I really need some rest today, it were some crazy days ;)
Anyways, here is a mixture of attempts on outfit photos and some impressions of my accommodation:

As you can see the apartment is really lovely! I found it via Airbnb and I'm so glad my company agreed with it instead of sending to a hotel again, it's so much better to have a real kitchen when you're abroad!

Also I already had a little meet-up with my blogger friend Madline Quaint, she's from Budapest and showed me an adorable little café. We had some delicious cake and coffee there and took a walk afterwards, it was a lovely way to spend the evening after work. There are no photos of us yet, but we'll catch up with this when we meet again in the course of the next days - and then I will definitely not leave my cam at the apartment!

So I hope you like the impressions so far. I will try to take more outdoors photos again at the weekend ;)

I wish you all a great Friday night!

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

the last two days


(pic via here)

Hi guys!

First of all thank you very much on all the nice comments, tutorials and encouragement on my last post. I will try out your tips and tricks next time I get the wish for a bun hairdo.

The last two days have been an emotional whirlwind, so I'm sorry that I neither have a nice green St. Patrick's Day outfit (maybe this can make up for it), nor any other nice photos for you, but there was just so much going on.
I cancelled a friend's birthday party on Saturday evening because my grandma was brought to the hospital. She has appeared in my posts once or twice and as she had been suffering from dementia, she looked worse and worse every time we saw her.
On Saturday she had collapsed and in the hospital the doctors found water in her lungs. They expected her to pass away in the following days. I spent some time at her bed with my mother and despite of her dementia, she smiled when my Mum told her I was visiting. When we left it was my last chance to say goodbye but there wasn't anything useful to say in my head. It all felt so awkward... I knew I would go on my business trip to Budapest for two weeks and when I'd return back home my grandma wouldn't be there no longer.
Yesterday I thought of all the things I'd still like to tell her before it's too late, so I borrowed Patrick's car and drove all the way back to the countryside. I was alone with her, she was sleeping and when I talked to her about everything that came to my mind she reacted with moaning sounds in her sleep. It was so hard to see her lying there, not able to talk, not able to eat, dependent on foreign people to change her diapers...
I talked to her for about an hour yesterday, I hope she has understood it somehow - or that at least she knew she was not alone in this miserable situation. Then I said goodbye to her - the right way this time, with all the words I couldn't say the day before.
Very early this morning I flew to Budapest, worked at the office all day. When I checked in at my apartment after work today I got a message from my mum. My grandma passed away this afternoon.
Now she finally has the rest and peace she had longed for in the last years. She doesn't have to undergo this terrible torment of dementia any longer, she doesn't have to live this degrading life between some few clear moments and total abberation any more. I can't even imagine how it feels to don't remember how to say a word or how to chew and swallow food...
I will try to focus on the positive things here in Budapest now, my work, my co-workers, a planned little blogger meet up. And I will be there for my Mum via Skype as good as possible...
I will miss my grandma, but I know that she is feeling better now somewhere else where she can talk and eat and sing and cook and do gardening again.

Sorry that this got so long, but I had to get this off my mind somehow.
I'll surely be back with more positive posts again soon when this awful situation has abated a bit.

Sunday 18 March 2012

omb - oh my bun! (it never works!)


Hi guys!

Okay, today I'd like to get this off my chest: I officially surrender! No buns for me...
You know, I really liked buns on other girls when they suddenly started to pop up on blogs, in magazines, on TV etc. They bring out a pretty face, they are not too over the top for everyday looks and they are (said to be) so easy to make. I was like: perfect! Let's try this out! :)
Normally I'm not much of a different-hairdos-person, I wear my hair down most days, I'm not adventurous, especially concerning wearing my hair up cause I think it's not very flattering for the shape of my face.
Anyway, I thought I could wear a messy bun version with some strands hanging out to flatter the face. So I tried. Here are my two most favourite how-to-make-a-bun videos from the blogosphere:

Mr. Kate DIY Sock Bun Hair Tutorial

Tick Tock Vintage messy bun tutorial

There you go, it's all easy-peasy and looks so nice and is done in no time - not!
Let's put aside the fact that I look stupid with my hair straight up for a second, the actual problems are:

- my hair has a layered cut, so there are always strands sticking out
- I don't have enough hair pins to tame all the strands that stick out
(- I could try to make a bun made of hair pins instead...)
- once I manage to make a bun look halfway neat - it collapses like a souflé that's taken out of the oven too fast


- I tried this in front of the mirror for almost an hour and it didn't work
- I tried it with the help of the sock and without it; but it didn't make a difference
- I started hating my hair (normally I love it)

What is wrong here? Is it my not existing hairdo skills, or is it simply the texture and layered cut of my hair? I don't know, but what I know is that it is highly frustrating!
For the record: I don't critizise these girls and Their tutorials! It's neither Mr. Kate's, nor Tick Tock Vintage's fault that it simply doesn't work on my head and like I said, these are the two cutest tutorials I've seen, so I like them.
It's just that not everything is so easy to do for everyone. So don't let video tutorials fool you. Sometimes you simply have to accept that some hairdos, make-ups or whatever don't work on you, but only on other girls.
I am pretty convinced now, that a bun is not my cup of tea:

Conclusion: I'm not a bun hater (haha great word), I really do love buns on other girls, it can look so lovely! Attention: I say CAN, but not neccessarily has to. So please, if you notice that it doesn't work on your own head, leave it and look for another hair style. Looking at the photos above, I think that even if I would have managed to create a perfectly cute and pretty bun on the top of my head instead of inviting birds to move in there, I would still look like a dork.
In the future I will try to perfect my skills for other hairdos, like for example this simple side braid I wear sometimes.
Definitely yay for buns - but (unfortunately) nay for them on my head.

What's your opinion about it? Bun? Anti-bun? "I don't give a f*... ehm, bun!"?

Have a great day!

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Friday 16 March 2012

friday I'm in love with vintage


Hi guys!

Another Friday has come and Germany is blessed with lovely sunny and warm spring weather, the perfect occasion to take outdoor photos of my new pieces. Furthermore it's a Friday full of vintage here on Bad Taste Toast!
I won this beautiful SoLovesVintage tulip dress over at The Magpie Girl some weeks ago. SoLovesVintage is a wonderful UK online shop with a wide range of everything a vintage lover's heart craves for. I especially love their collection of dresses, so pretty and glamorous and perfect for girls with some curves like it was the concept of ideal beauty in the 50s and 60s!
I won the giveaway with a Polyvore set I created to show how I would style the dress (I planned to wear it when visiting my boyfriend on a trip to Warsaw in summer), but I couldn't wait to wear it and for the photos I styled it similar to how it was planned.

♥ dress: solovesvintage ♥ cardi + belt: primark ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ bracelet: rack and sack vintage ♥ shoes. goertz ♥

I tend to be a bit sceptic about ordering vintage clothing online because, despite the measurements, you never know how the item will fit to your body. I was so glad when I first tried on the dress and it fit perfectly! Really perfect length, perfect fit, lucky me! Although it's made of wool it still wasn't too warm, actually I felt great wearing it for the photos and to run some errands afterwards. Maybe it's silly, but vintage pieces always make me feel special because they are so unique and with the tulip shape underlining my curves I even felt a little bit like Dita, only more casual ;)

I also won a giveaway of Amy Flying A Kite in January, where I was allowed to pick one piece from the Rack and Sack Vintage Online Shop. Their specialties are beautiful vintage accessories and jewelry, like statement necklaces, cocktail rings, glamourous purses etc.
When browsing their shop I immediately fell in love with the "Rose Garden" bracelet at first sight. It's classic, golden, playful, girly and a tad kitschy, so it was the perfect choice for me.
I had been waiting for a good occasion to wear it out since January, but I didn't want to wear it in a "normal" outfit as it is too special for that. With the chic vintage dress the bracelet's time had finally come today and as the other accessories were rather simple, the bracelet could totally come into its own.

You can show some love for both of the wonderful vintage shops here:

SoLovesVintage Facebook

SoLovesVintage Twitter

Rack and Sack Facebook

Rack and Sack Twitter

I would like to say THANK YOU again to both shops for letting me win their pretty items! :)

Also a big THANK YOU to Lilith's Fashion Blog! She featured me in a little interview, you can see it here.

Happy Friday to everyone!

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click - look - read - comment (new found blogs I love) #2


(via here)

Hi guys!

How are you today?
As I've been browsing Lookbook and Chictopia a lot lately, I have found many lovely blogs to add to my reading list and some new favourites have become apparent. So it was clearly time for another overview, that is "click - look - read - comment" round two! :)

Like I already said last time: these blogs below are not necessarily new blogs (only new to my reading list), hence some of you might already know them.

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!

Six superlovely blogs, written by superlovely ladies, no?
I love the difference in thir layout, style, content, every blog has its very own arresting charm.
What do you say, how do you like them?

Have a fantastic day! :)

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Thursday 15 March 2012

no bicycles on the playground


Hi guys!

This is what I wore yesterday to run some errands, post office, supermarket etc. As I had another day off, I seized the chance to go to this pretty outlying playground I had discovered on one of my walks around Schloss Eller and the forrest. You can't see the playground itself in the pictures, but it is actually directly opposite to where I stood. Next time I'll try to take photos with the swings and slide in the background :)

♥ jacket: vero moda ♥ cardigan: zara ♥ shirt: review ♥ belt: primark ♥ skirt: springfield ♥ shoes: goertz ♥ headband: pull & bear ♥ bag: asos ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: six ♥ watch: casio ♥

Don't you just love the colours in this outfit? Well, I do! Navy, mustard and deep red are some of my favourites, especially when they're combined with brown. This cute little headband and the floral skirt are some more buys from the last Budapest trip. I almost didn't buy the headband because I was doubtful that it might look strange with the shape of my face, however it was so cheap that I couldn't resist. I'm glad I took it, it's actually pretty neat, no?
The skirt I got from Springfield (along with my new favourite skirt), let me say again that this is the loveliest store ever! I love every piece of clothing there, the men's wear too! Last time I caught myself toying with the idea of buying some of the men's accessories for myself, but decided that I had already bought enough of the women's collection haha. I just grabbed a pair of boxers as a small present for Patrick instead. ;)

Okay, what else? Oh the Enter Shikari concert yesterday was amazing - just as expected! I can already say that this was definitely one of my best concerts in 2012 - and it's only March. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can check the post, that I completely dedicated to one of my favourite bands ever here!
Any other Enter Shikari fans out there??

Have a lovely day my dear readers! :)

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