Thursday 29 April 2010

in my bag


Hi guys!

I passed my exam! The one I was always talking about, the one that is so important. Probably the most important exam together with my bachelor thesis! The logic exam!
I was not sure if I'd pass at all and on top of that I'd never thought that I could pass with a good grade.
Well, yesterday night I took a look on my lecturer's homepage for the results and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that I have a 2,0! That's so awesome!

So, I've been happy since yesterday and today I wanted to get up early and style nicely and do something special with my hair to look fab when telling everybody about the exam (that sounds stupid and vain, I know, but anyway...). Well, I got up too late, found myself in front of a wardrobe with nothing to wear in it (because all my clothes were scattered on the bed already) and the braids I had created on my head kept falling apart 5 minutes after finishing them..........
To cut a long story short: I dressed simple and comfy and wore my hair like everyday. Ah well whatever, at least my good mood has not fallen apart :)

dress: h&m, cardigan: mango, tights: hudson, shoes: ebay,
bangle: accessorize, watch: modcloth, necklace: matimarti

Today I prepared a little feature about the content of my bag for you:

bag & matching wallet: vans

So if you wonder what other girls carry around all day, here is what's in my bag (from left to right).

1. make-up bag (containing powder, eyeliner, kajal and blush) because I like to stay matte and pretty all day

2. Wuta hand cream with camomile (best hand cream ever, makes the skin so soft!)

3. a little bottle of hairspray because my hair can be balky when I'm out and about

4. my mobile phone (I keep it in this cute leopard purse to conserve the touch screen)

5. my wallet (which matches my bag, I bought them as a set)

6. very important: a bottle of water because I need to force myself to drink enough

7. a little bottle of deodorant (scent: waterlily, it's so refreshing on hot days)

8. a hair tie for bad hair moments

9. my MP3 player (an old Philips that my boyfriend assigned to me when buying himself an iPod)

10. cigarettes and a lighter (unhealthy smoking, I know, but I can't help doing it)

11. the sunglasses in a cute case (at least in spring/summer they're always in my bag)

12. chewing gum (connected with point 10)

13. my calendar (because I'm SO forgetful!)

Have a nice day!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but I took them in an empty seminar room at uni where the light wasn't that good and my cam had some problems. But at least it's not my kitchen wall in the background ;)

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Tuesday 27 April 2010

as if the wind would mind


Hi guys!

Another Monday means another class of "The Bible in America" at uni. It's for my anglistics studies, for American literature to be precise, and I had never expected this class to be so cool!
Normally Monday mornings suck due to never being able to fall asleep early the night before when you stayed up so long the whole weekend. But this class really motivates me to get up early :)

shirt, skirt, cardi, belt, jacket: all h&m,
tights: accessorize, necklace: accessorize, shoes: ebay,
circle scarf: forever 18

I'm not religious, however I know the Bible and its content (confirmation classes and all when I was younger) and although I know what's in the Bible, I learn now to apply these age-old texts to modern literature, especially poetry. I never thought about how much the biblical texts inspire and influence today's literature!
Oh and btw, does anyone understand this poem by Mark Bibbins? My lecturer told me I would probably understand it if I was American, for whatever that means?! :)

Oh, it was so windy today and I didn't know it. The weather forecast said it would be very warm (well, at least considering German standards for spring), so I was credulous and put on this springy loose floral skirt (only 9 Euro at H&M, yessss). I had some very funny Marilyn Monroe actions during the day...

Patrick picking on me with the playstation controller,
we can be so silly haha

Oh look what came with the mail today:

my supercute new owl necklace by MatiMati at Etsy!

Have a lovely day! :)

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Sunday 25 April 2010

the birthday party dress


Hi guys!

Yesterday was fun!
First there was a yard party with our house and the neighbouring appartment buildings with barbecue and drinks and a lot of nice neighbours. It's such a cool idea, I'm glad we do this several times a year.

Later last night I went to a friend's birthday party in Cologne and stumbled into a pile of headless chicken cause there were only girls! Loud, giggly and drunk girls, so you might be able to imagine the scene ;)

I've worn this dress only twice since I got it (well, it's actually a maxi skirt worn as dress) and both times I've worn it to a birthday party (click here to see how I styled it last time), so I should start a new tradition and call it the birthday party dress. This would be a cool challenge, too: as the birthday season is in full activity, it would be challenging to style this dress in a different way each time there's a birthday party. We'll see, maybe I really do this... :)

Today is such a really lazy sunday that I don't even feel like getting off my desk chair at the moment. I didn't drink alcohol this weekend but I'm very tired though. I guess I'll spend my day watching TV or something and then I'll be ironing the huge pile of laundry that has come into being during the week.

skirt worn as dress: vintage, t-shirt: h&m, belt: vintage,
cardigan: mango, tights: h&m, shoes: thrifted,
necklace: sarah et pauline

Have a nice Sunday!

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Saturday 24 April 2010

online finds #1

Hi guys!

My browser bookmarks collection mostly consists of links to wonderful online shops and I click around from time to time and create new wishlists over and over again. I've never made it to buy everything one of these wishlists contained, but I guess that's why it's called wishlist and not buylist ;)
Anyway, I thought I could share these lists with you from time to time, so here we go with
online finds #1:

1. Essie "Mint Candy Apple" nailpolish

Isn't this a perfect colour for spring? I love candy colours!
This nailpolish would look adorable with a floral sundress.

2. California Vintage Connect "Nautical Bird Sailboat Dress"

Isn't this one of the prettiest vintage dresses ever?
I'm so in love with the colourful print!

3. Les Queues de Sardines "Daphne" tights

They have the most whimsical and awesome tights! Actually I don't only want
these from the photo, but a pair of every design they have :)

4. Little Ocean Annie Straw and Raffia Mexico Tote

This would be a great bag for uni, work or shopping in spring/summer because it
looks as if there's a lot of space for all kinds of stuff in it.
It's a pity they only ship within the US.
Note to self: get a straw bag for summer!

5. Epoca Eclectic "Retro Modern Teak Wood Deer"

I've been flirting with this cute little deer for a while now and I really love this kind of deco.
It would look perfect on our living room cupboard. But I always have to think about how much I should invest in "useless" (but pretty!) things...

6. Kittyrobot "Little Birds Fabric Button Set"

Can you imagine these buttons on a plain white blouse? It would look so darling!
I know it's embarassing, but I can't even sew on a button, but I really
want to learn sewing after my bachelor studies! I wish I could already sew...

7. TushTush "Bird Print"

Birds belong to spring and they are one of the prettiest motifs for all kinds of things
I think. I'd love to own this fantastic print for our living room. Check out their site,
they create amazing art!

8. ohhellofriend "Soul Captive Robot Love Necklace"

Really cute little guys, aren't they? Lovely to pimp up simple jeans and shirt outfits!

That's it so far. More wishlists to come for sure ;)
Happy Saturday! :)

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Friday 23 April 2010

spring hunger


Hi guys!

I only had to work until noon today, so I had enough time to take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful weather afterwards.
I also went to the city to go get some more presents because, as I said, it's birthday season at the moment and I'm wrapping gifts like crazy. There's one birthday party each weekend, I love it! But it makes you broke after some time haha...

Spring always makes my hunger for fruits grow bigger, so I'm snacking on some yummy grapes now. I so love fruit salad but I'm always too lazy too cut all the fruits. Grapes are cool, they are bite-sized from the beginning :)

shirt: volcom, cardigan: zara, skirt: h&m, belt: vintage, shoes: thrifted,
tights: accessorize, bracelets: accessorize, necklace: sarah et pauline

the duck came to visit my photoshoot :)

Oh and do you remember the tulips I bought for the kitchen table? They're still blooming! Isn't it great? I thought they wouldn't even survive their first night here in this household with a lack of a green thumb. But the florist'a advices really work!

Have a nice and sunny day!

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play it, it's spring!


Hi guys!

No interesting outfit today, actually the same like yesterday cause I wear outfits twice ;-p

But after Summertime Dreams gave me the link to Mixpod, I decided to put together a nice little spring playlist.
And here it is! That's a mix of songs I love for a relaxed sunny spring afternoon.

I hope you like the music.

P.S. Check out the SS10 Collection of Manjit Deu, it's incredibly amazing!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

lucky day


Hi guys!

After getting the message about having won the giveaway from Delightfully Tacky this morning, the day got even better :)

I got the Happy 10 Award from Christine of Little Garcon! Yaay, thanks :)
Head over to her blog, so you can check out her wonderful clean and chic style and her awesome tattoos! She's one of the few girls who suit short hair, well, at least in my opinion.
I love to discover new blogs :)

I also send away the Accessorize bando today, so it's on its way to its new owner Shawna of Poppies and Sunshine. She won it at my first giveaway post. Keep your eyes open, more giveaways soon!

shirt: h&m, skirt: object, belt: vintage, cardigan: h&m,
tights: c&a, boots: thrifted, necklace: accessorize

So, here we go with the award.

I am supposed to list the top ten things that make me happy for the Happy 10 Award,
here they are:

1. My boyfriend Patrick!
Life's much better since we live together in our own little flat, which also is our own pretty little universe of movies, games, music and books :)

2. My Mum!
She makes me happy by simply being the way she is, by simply being my Mum.

3. Music!
No day without music! It makes me happy when I'm already happy
and it also makes me happy when I'm sad or angry.

source: firarifunda

4. Fashion and/or shopping!
Come on, I don't need to explain why shopping makes happy, do I?

source: iKate

5. Studying Anglistics and Philosophy!
I know I chose these subjects because I want to learn about them and only because I'm interested in them and not because I'm only building a future career on them like many other people do. They may not offer the best jobs for English-speaking philosophers, but I really love what I do and that's what counts. This makes me happy, too :)

source: smilelonger

6. My friends!
I'm not a person with many many many acquaintances, I prefer having only a few really good friends. Hey guys, if you happen to read this: you make me happy!

source: auroille

7. Food!
I love to eat! When I cannot eat what I want, I get frustrated. Yummy food definitely makes me happy! (that's why I don't do diets haha)

source: verticoastro

8. Sleeping!
There's nothing better than a nap to cheer me up :)

source: brokenfayth

9. Dogs (especially pugs)!
I can't have one myself cause I'm allergic, but I enjoy spending time
with the dogs of my friends. I love them, they are the best animals!

source: garnettrules21

10. Snow!
I'm probably the only person who doesn't like summer and please don't hate me for this, but I
really love snow! I was so happy when it was snowing heavily here for the first time for
years a few months ago! I think winter is the best season of all!

source: wiklunda

I pass this award to


Isabella's Fashion

Queen of my Playground


Eve's Eden

Have a nice day! :)

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