Wednesday, 6 July 2011

footprints in the thunder

Hi guys!

Another hectic week is going on for me but I'll try to catch up with posting all the pics I still have up my sleeve. I think my problem is, well it's not really a problem, it's a good thing, but I'm too inspired by random things everyday and then I want to blog about them and I still have photos to post and I want to keep the chronological order more or less and actually I haven't got enough time to process all the data, all the inspiring input! But hey, I'm not complaining! ;) It's a good thing to be inspired everyday, I think the last two years or so I have been inspired like never before in my life. I feel so much more open for ideas than I used to do and I keep an eye on my environment much more.

♥ gingham shirt + tote bag: pimkie ♥ t-shirt: element ♥ skirt: h&m ♥ belt. primark ♥ shoes: head ♥ bracelet: six ♥

This gingham shirt has become one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe since I got it in the sale some months ago. I'm a sucker for anything checkered clothing-wise anyway, so I've been stocking up my plaid and gingham things. I love the shade of blue with the white, it's casual, a little country-chic and goes with almost everything. I love to mix it with other prints like florals or stripes and it often functions as the perfect piece to cover my chubby upper arms when a knit cardi is too warm.
Can't wait to style mixed prints outfits with my other new checkered shirts soon. I got one in green/white and one multi-coloured with lots of pink :)

♥ cmyk button: fleamarket ♥ scrabble necklace: ebay ♥

The other day this CMYK button reminded me of how awesome I found CMYK nails on Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky last year! I have to get some cyan nail polish soon! Cyan is the only colour that's missing, I already have pink, yellow and black. I bet this will look so darn cute with an outfit like the one above!

What have you been up to lately? Having a good week?

Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. mwoah ich LIEBE den cmyk button ♥ :D
    dickes need!! ^^

    schönen blog hast du, ich folge dich mal (:

    vllt magst du ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen? ;)

    die wu

  2. I looove this! You look so cute in the plaid top knotted like that with this skirt. Great combination :)

  3. Hi, I love your shirt a lot!!!!Hughs Anja

  4. schicke tasche. diese röcke stehen die einfach super.... ich sehe darin immer wie eine tonne aus...

  5. really AWESOME outfit!!


  6. This is a really cute combination! I like the graphic t underneath the shirt, and the belt with the skirt. I'm very happy I found your blog. You have a really cool style, lots of interesting posts, and great writing, which makes reading each entry a joy.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!


  7. love ur outfit! so pretty! :)

  8. hey danke fürs folgen!

    finde deinen blog auch wirklich sehr nice.


  9. you are soo cute! love your skirt!

  10. Das outfit gefällt mir sehr gut! :) Der Rock steht dir super!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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