Thursday 27 June 2013

pause, play


Hi guys!

I'm sorry it's been so quiet around here this week but I had tons of things  that kept me busy, so again there was no time for blogging.
And from today until Sunday I'll be at Mair1 festival - woohoo, finally a festival weekend again! Haven't had one for what feels like forever, so looking forward to it! :)
Hope I'll be able to post lots of festival pics next week.

Until then have a great time! 

Monday 24 June 2013

food porn


Hi guys!

Over the past months I have collected some snapshots of delicious treats - whenever I find something especially delicious I take a photo. I know how you guys love to look at yummy things, so here is a little food porn collection of what I enjoyed most on different dinner dates with friends and family. 

fingerfood catering for my mum's birthday bash

home-made salad

dinner date with my girls
(Cuban steak at Colina and afterwards brownies and strudel at Brownies)

inside out rolls from my favourite sushi bar Bento Box

coffee date with my mum at Sugarbird Cupcakes

Hope you're not hungry now! ;)
Happy Sunday!

Wednesday 19 June 2013



Hello folks!

Gosh, it's Tuesday already! My last post in which I stated to be away from the blog until the weekend feels like I wrote it just yesterday. I am too busy, seriously. And on top of the busyness my internet provider had some problems in the last couple of days, so that I was offline for the whole weekend - I had to switch on the TV, can you believe it? I hadn't watched actual TV since the 26th of January (I remember that because it was my house warming party and I had to turn it on for the guests who wanted to see some stupid show back then). I really never watch TV, it was horrible. I'm so glad my internet is back!

Well, now for something different: summer is here. Real summer, like 32°C summer. I'm having a hard time putting together an outfit for tomorrow because today was hot already, but tomorrow the temperatures will be somewhere around 36°C (at least that's what the forecast says).
Phew, summer is really not my season (look at my chalk white legs, they can tell because they haven't seen sunlight for a year or so).
Anyway, despite the aristocratic whiteness (ha!) this year I feel confident enough to wear short shorts (yes there are long shorts too, just so you know). In the last years I was too self-critical and unconfident about my legs. No matter what others say, I'm still convinced they are my most unattractive body parts - they are bulky and the right one has these red birthmarks from top to bottom (or shall I say butt to toe). But now at least my legs are slimmer than before so I thought I could give the shorts a go and it actually works. There's still a part of me that feels strange about exposing my weakest spot but then again I see other girls with all different types of "leg shapes" rocking shorts or hot pants - so f*ck it, I'm in with the shorts.
I will stop rambling about self-dissatisfaction now because I know we all have our problem areas and lots of girls would be more than happy with my legs - but actually the goal should be to be happy and confident with your own legs, stomach, butt, etc.
I know that's hard but it's worth trying (I'm still in the process of getting there myself).

Wow it's midnight already, my days really don't have enough hours at the moment. I need to prepare my salad for tomorrow, drink my Ayurvedic purification tea (more about it soon) aaand prepare some clothes I sold on Ebay for shipping.
Give me a waistcoat and a pocket watch, my life feels like this all of the time (tihihi so cute!).

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

overexposed blouse


Hello guys!

I'm dropping in to post a new outfit because I probably won't be able to blog again before the weekend. The next three days will be spent at the office by day and at my martial arts class or with friends by night - and somewhere in between I need to read lots of stuff for my upcoming bachelor thesis, aaaargh... The days are not long enough if you ask me! me. 
I wore this yesterday to run some errands downtown. I thought it would be too warm with the cardigan on, but as you simply can't trust the weather forecast these days, it was the right decision to take it with me because despite the sunshine, the wind was still a bit chilly.
So sorry for the overexposed blouse - I didn't expect it to turn out so bright in the photos. It's a pity that you can barely see the restrained and pretty kind of reptile print. It's so light, breezy and comfy and when not tucked in, it is a high-low blouse (which you might see in an other outfit post soon). And the best thing about it: only 9.95 €. It's from the recent H&M collection, so if you need a wisp of nothing for summer you should go and grab it. I think they have it in other colours too.

Alright, I need to continue reading "The Philosophy of Humor and Laughter" now - believe me it's not as funny as it sounds, it's actually a summary of the most important philosophers and their theories about humour from ancient Greece to modern age. Phew, lots of brainwork involved....

Happy Tuesday!

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Sunday 9 June 2013

these boots are made for ulysses


Hi guys!

Well, when I took these outfit photos last week it was rather unpleasant weather, but now it's finally warm here and the real summer has arrived, so this will (hopefully) be the last outfit post including a jacket, tights and scarf for a while.
I totally wanted to sport my new dress that day and had to combine it rather autumnish due to the weather. It's such a pretty floral print, not too vintagy, not too bold. The dress is chic on its own but I also love how it looks "dressed down rocker style" with the leather jacket and flats.

So, how is your weekend?
Mine actually began early, namely on Thursday night, at a pub music quiz event thing. Three guys played 7 inch records from their private collections and the other people had to guess the song title and band. It was great fun because there were songs from all different decades so everyone had the chance to make a few points. I scored with Nancy Sinatra and Franz Ferdinand. The winner (not me) got a vintage record case filled with trashy records! :)
Yesterday I had a good night with friends as well and today I'm keeping it cool and comfy at home. I just made some peanutbutter cookies that I plan to munch later while watching a movie or two.

I hope tomorrow will be a sunny day too so I can sit in a café and read a little for my bachelor thesis or meet a friend. I'm also considering a visit to the flea market but I'm not sure if I want to get up early or sleep in - I'll probably end up sleeping in anyway... ;)

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday 5 June 2013

life lately : may recap


Hi guys!

Here is a little photo recap of some things that happened in May.
Event-wise it was a pretty good month, only the weather was not as springy as it should have been.

Here we go with one of my teenage dreams that came true: I saw The Ataris live in concert and got to chat with Kris Roe. God, I really felt like 17 again! :)

Another great day was when I went to a high rope course for the very first time in my life. It was great fun but unfortunately I have no photos because I didn't want to carry my phone with me when climbing around in the tree tops. I only got a photo of the bruises I got from the steel ropes, damn I bruise easily like a ripe fruit...

One of the highlights food-wise was the Spanish Night I had with some friends and former colleagues. We cooked together and stuffed our faces with lots of yummy things.
Another food highlight was the birthday brunch of my father's girlfriend with a richly spread table and fresh flowers from their garden.

Then I also went to a flea market with two friends to get rid of some old stuff. Look at the cool things we had on sale!

And last but not least I have some dog goodness for you! For those of you who don't know them yet: Waleska, my dad's Jack Russell, a cute little bulldog advertising barrel doghouses at a May market and Juna (brown), Braskar (black) and Cora (brown and black), my best friend's dogs.

Hope you enjoyed this photo overload of what I did in May!


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