Sunday 29 September 2013

all this getting high brings me down


Hi guys!

How was your week?
I'm sorry I neglected the blog a bit but the last days were crazy again.
Learning how to open beer bottles with a lighter and slowly starting to have a crush on someone who will move to the other end of the world soon are only two of the many great things I've achieved lately...
I'm also pretty busy preparing everything for my upcoming Budapest/Prague trip. So as you can see life's a whirlwind at the moment.

Today I'm keeping it really simple and comfy with my favourite jeans, boots and a lovely little top. I love me a simple and pretty striped shirt and jeans combo, there's nothing better for a lazy afternoon on a crisp sunny day in autumn.
I'll head for the oldtown later to meet a friend, grab some food and take a walk along the riverside. For this I think I'll have to add a wool jacket or something to the look because the wind is pretty chilly.

That's it for today.
I promise I'll drop in and post again before my holiday. I still have a recipe for chocolate pudding muffins and a hair post up my sleeve...

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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Monday 23 September 2013

counting stars

counting stars outfit post title
Hi loves!
How are you? Hope everything's fine and you're enjoying the first days of real autumn right now.
Well I totally do! It's not hot but still warm enough to wear dresses with sheer tights. Awesome much?!
For example the outfit in the photos which I put together around my lovely new bag!
I teamed up with a really cool online shop called and was totally thrilled about it because they offer all the stuff I love, namely a huge variety of surfer, snowboarder and skater clothing and accessories. Even if I was never really good at skateboarding and never had the chance to try snowboardnig or surfing, these are still my roots, this is where I come from, who I hung out with and what I feel good in.
Surfdome was so kind to send me an item of choice and I just had to go for this great weekender bag! Among others they offer a range of awesome Mi-Pac bags and backpacks in lots of different cool styles. My very favourite was this star-printed one.
I'll be travelling a lot in October, so this bag will be the perfect companion for hand luggage and it'll totally pop between all the boring grey and black ones at the airport.
As for reviewing the Mi-Pac Duffel Stars Bag I don't have anything to complain about. It is really spacious, has the perfect size for hand luggage, as a gym bag or for weekend trips, is made of robust polyester, jazzed up with the star print and lovely faux suede accents and comes with two handles and a padded shoulder pad.
Also the print doesn't come off when you scratch along a wall or such (because, clumsy as I am, I already managed to try this out by accident).
I'm completely happy with my new star-printed buddy and I'm sure it will be great for my upcoming trips!

Many many thanks to Surfdome and their friendly staff for this courtesy! I can definitely recommend their online shop to you (just so you know, they are UK-based but offer international shipping).
You can also support them and take a closer look at their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Youtube!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Friday 20 September 2013

cats and dogs

cats and dogs outfit post title
Hello loves!

How are you? I hope you're having a good week?
Mine has been uneventful so far, apart from some good news: I have teamed up with, a lovely online shop for everything a girl's heart could desire clothing-wise. Their range consists of many beautiful dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories (you might remember my autumn/winter wish list?). Playful and cute print dresses, effortlessly cool oversized jumpers, sexy crop tops - you can find it all there for reasonable prices. They even order free international shipping, how good is that?!

PersunMall were so kind to send me this adorable little dog print blouse and I really couldn't wait for it to arrive. It's the Vintage Style Dog See-Through Shirt and as you can see it's the cutest piece ever!
When I first took it out of the bag I must admit it seemed a bit short. Online I had seen that it comes in a high-low style, which is awesome, but the front is really short and I wanted to save the world from seeing me in a belly top, so I went for the more elegant version and wore a high-waisted skirt with it.
As for the quality, it is made of breezy very light polyester, very comfortable and not itchy on the skin. Furthermore the fabric does not wrinkle, so I can decide wether I want to wear the shirt tucked in or not without any sign of wrinkles.
But what I like most about it are - of course - the cute dog print and the little golden collar tips.
How do you like this lovely little ensemble that makes cats and dogs collide? :)
A big *Thank you!* to PersunMall for sponsoring me this pretty blouse.
By the way if you would like to support them you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger or Youtube.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday 17 September 2013

the highway signs say we're close

the highway signs say we're close outfit post title

Just another manic Monday huh? I wish it was Sunday!
No not really, my weekend was exhausting, especially Sunday when I went to the flea market to sell some stuff.
I was a bit stupid - I had a little kitchen party on Friday with some people and didn't get much sleep. So on Saturday I wanted to go to bed earlier - which didn't work because we met some interesting people and I couldn't resist spending the night talking and drinking with them. Hence on Sunday I had to get up and go to the flea market after only two hours of sleep. Phew, zombie much?!
It was nice on the market though and I was able to get rid of some more stuff I didn't need anymore.
My outfit screams "Autumn!!!" doesn't it? I am so glad I can dig out all my cozy big warm cardigans again! This one in the photos is one of my favourites, the ethno pattern and asymmetrical shape make it look like a comfy blanket. And the short leather jacket over the long cardi is such a nice contrast. I saw this in an older Flashes of Style outfit post on Pinterest the other day and totally had to try it. And it rocks, perfect layering for rainy cloudy days.
Also it's time for my beloved boots again, yaayy! I love these light brown ones to bits because they are so versatile and simple.
Oh how I love these dark and cold September nights: I'm here at my desk with a cup full of Swiss Miss goodness, wrapped up in a fleece blanket, dimmed light, music playing in the background, blogging - a cozy night at home couldn't be better.
Have you already switched to autumn mode? What are your plans for this season? Maybe something nice like going to the pumpkin patch, trying new recipes for homemade soups or cakes? Baking is another thing I love about autumn/winter - summer ist just not right for baking sessions with the hot oven and all.
I can't wait for tomorrow to bake some chocolate pudding muffins for a friend's birthday! :)

What have you been up to?
Have a good week!

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Wednesday 11 September 2013

I gave you something you can never give back

I gave you something you can never give back outfit post title

Hi guys!

It finally is autumn now. Regular readers might already know that all summer long I've been raving about how I love autumn and how I'm looking forward to wearing jumpers and scarves and tights again - well it's that time again now. Thank God the heat is over. I don't have to worry about how my pale legs with the hammy calves look in shorts, I don't have to think about how to best divert people's gazes from my red birthmarks on the leg to other more pleasant body parts. Also I don't have to be grumpy about sweating what feels like thirty litres an hour (and runining my hair with it), suffering from insect bites or heat rashes everyday and so on...

I could name you a thousand more reasons why I love autumn/winter so much, but let's just stick to the most important one: the atmosphere.
The transition from mildly warm summer nights with sunlight lingering on the horizon until 10 pm to crisp cool autumn nights with cloudy skies and rain has come pretty quickly now. Last week it was still summer here, this week it's clearly autumn. There is the smell of rain and wet fallen leaves in the air, a gloomy feeling about these drab and misty days. A little drizzle here, a little thunder and lightning there.
But it's also the season of golden trees, leaves and sunsets, all shimmering in different shades of red, brown and yellow. The season of taking a walk through the forest in a cozy jacket and rubber boots or roam the city and enjoy the smell of pumpkin-flavoured food and drinks on every corner.
It's time to put up candles at home, spread out warm blankets, hang lanterns into the windows, dig out the wool socks and favourite books for a little reading session in the armchair with a hot cup of cocoa and some cookies while outside in the dark the wind is blowing fallen leaves through the streets.
The whole atmosphere is getting cozier, that's what I love most.
Of course I can also paint lots of beautiful summer pictures in my head, but they are by far not as pleasant to me as all the autumnal thoughts. I could happily drown in them at the moment. 

You might wonder why I never complain about the cold as much as I do about summer heat. Well, I feel like I'm a rather cold person. Might sound strange at first, but let me explain: I can be a pretty cheerful and friendly person on the outside. I am polite, helpful, interested in lots of stuff, talkative, outgoing - but the people who see me like that only know less than half of the truth about me. I'm not saying I'm fake, definitely not, but I have my secrets, I have profound thoughts in my head that can make me get lost in the deep dark endless space of my brain. I like to think a lot, downright brood over all sorts of things. I like to be alone with my thoughts and observe the world and the people in it from a distant point of view.
That's why. Cold clear winter air lets me see things clearer and I like dressing for cold weather and covering up because it is similar to what I do with my mind most often. I cover it up and only let certain parts show - like when you wrap yourself up in warm garments but let certain parts like the face an hands free to be able to see, hear, grab etc.
I could go on about this for hours, try to explain how I feel about my relation to the dark season, but my observations and interpretations would probably be endless (oh yes I am truly a philosopher), so I will stop here.
By the way don't get me wrong, for the most part I'm a happy and balanced person, I just wanted to explain that there also is an other side of me that does not really show in public very often, not in actual public when I'm with other people and also not in virtual public here on the blog.
So don't worry, I'm fine. I need this gloomy side to balance my positive one. Ying and Yang so to speak.

As the outfit is not really spectacular, I hope you at least like how I tried to put the contrast of knit, lace and leather into focus in the photos. This look involves something old (the jacket), something new (the jumper) and something blue (the jeans) - but nothing borrowed, so screw the wedding analogy. It was just this Placebo songtext coming to my mind: "something borrowed, something blue, every me and every you".
Anyway, enough said for today. The only thing I would like to add is that this is my new favourite jumper of all times! It's so soft and comfy and cozy! I love the mottled black and white and the asymmetrical shape and the overall effortlessly cool style of it. It's from the recent H&M collection, matter of expense: 19,95 €. I say buy it because it's perfect!

Have a good day everyone!


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