Friday, 8 July 2011

dear, you're sitting on tea towels

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Hi guys!

On Tuesday I went to the doctor without an appointment , so I had to wait a little. Fortunately they had some copies of "Schöner Wohnen" (a home design and interior magazine) in the waiting room so I could pas sthe time reading and looking at all the beautiful home decoration. I love this magazine! I would never buy it but I love to read it at the doctor's :)
Everytime I flip the page I'm like "Aww I want a room like that!", every single page is amazing, seriously!

So I found an article about Suzie Standford and was amazed. This Australian lady collects old tea towels and tapestry with outstanding prints and puts them together to upholster vintage arm chairs with them! Beautiful, creative, rad idea! I love it! Look at this:

This is stunning, no? I love this idea of turning old tea towels into modern interior. I wish I had such an arm chair! One day maybe, one day... at least I can look at the pictures and dream ;)

By the way: before I had discovered Mrs. Stanford's arm chairs I saw a kind of home story about a Dutch TV host and she had such an arm chair at home! She said that the arm chair was the one her beloved mother had died in and to honour her the host had her mother's tea towel collection made into a cover for this special arm chair. I found the story very touching and admired the pretty piece of furniture. And then suddenly some days later I stumble upon an article about a woman who designs these arm chairs! Fate? ;)

Furthermore Suzie Stanford designs really cool lamps made of spoons! Sometime I envy people like her for their unfailing creativity... Apart from the seating furniture and lamps she also designs one off pieces or whole interior concepts. You can see it all on her pretty website

I could look at these photos for hours :)

Have a wonderful day folks!

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  1. das nenne ich was besonderes :D

  2. What an awesome idea, I'd love some of these chairs in my house!

  3. cute blog

  4. those chairs are definitely the neatest!! i couldn't decide if i would want wallpaper or printed chairs or printed rugs in my home. maybe all of the above, haha!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


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