Sunday 27 July 2014

life lately - summer edition

life lately - summer edition blog post title

Hello people!

I put together another life lately post so you can see what I've been doing and why I haven't blogged regularly.
I'm not a summer girl but I'm still trying to enjoy myself here in Düsseldorf because there are only three months left before I'll leave for Perth.

I bought this shirt last year when I was in Prague and it turned out to be the perfect fan shirt for the World Cup!

I was invited to Hans im Glück in Cologne, we had delicious burgers and yummy cocktails. A great night with great friends!

These are just some of the many toppings we offer at Tenten Yoghurt. Yum!

My favourite place to buy them: Kaffeepiraten!

Our monthly ladies night was a bbq party on Julia's roof-deck. It's always a blast to meet my girls!

It was a long night but great fun and I'm looking forward to seeing the result!

What have you guys been up to lately? How do you spend your summer?

Have a lovely day everyone!

Monday 21 July 2014

my mum's wedding

my mum's wedding outfit post title

Hi lovelies!

I've been waiting to publish this post for so long because I was curious about the professional photos and then it took the photographer ages to upload them to his gallery but now they are finally online and my post is complete.
Voilà: my mum's wedding!
It took place in May, shortly after her birthday and it couldn't have been more perfect.
A little bit of background info: when my mum got married to my dad they were  both very young and didn't have much money so their wedding was simple and convenient, nothing like the pompous deluxe weddings we seen on TV and also not even like the common "normal budget" weddings.
Long story short: after a unspectacular first wedding and a divorce now her second (and hopefully last) wedding had to be amazing - and it was!

She had a customized white suit (for some reason she was totally over white dresses), a beautiful bouquet of red roses, she had picked a delicious wedding cake and a beautiful romantic country style location.
In the morning we had our hair done at the local smalltown hairdresser's shop (who went a bit crazy on me with the curler), afterwards we went to the registry office for the official part and eventually had a big celebration at a country restaurant and guest house far into the night. Luckily the closest friends and family members were so privileged to even have rooms for the night there.

Thanks to the overexposure it looks like I'm wearing white tights but no, these are actually my legs (in transparent tights).
As for the outfit: the crop blazer was a flea market find, the dress is Pimkie, the necklace is Primark and the shoes Deichmann.
The price for the whole outfit was less than 40 €.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, no? ;)
One week after the wedding the newly-weds left for Gran Canaria to spend their honeymoon there.
And now they are living happily ever after...

Have a nice day!

Wednesday 16 July 2014

sunny backyard

sunny backyard outfit post title


I hope everyone of you had a good start of the week?
Well I definitely did because I had the day off yesterday and boy was I glad about it - after Germany won the World Cup on Sunday I celebrated a little too much and got home really late. So Monday basically was sleeping in and staying at home in pyjamas without make up all day - I love it!

As for the progress of my plans: The other day I got my contract for the internship in Online Marketing, yaay! I will start on August the 1st and I can't wait to see and do somthing new. I would really love to work in Marketing now that I've finished my studies so I'll try to learn as much as possible.

That's it for today, I don't have much to say. I'm still waiting for my Australia visa to be confirmed and apart from that I spend most of my time at the office or behind the café or frozen yogurt shop counter.
Now I have to leave to still arrive in time for a lovely acoustic concert at my favourite hangout, so have a nice day guys!

Until next post!

Saturday 12 July 2014

new goals and a new dress

new goals and a new dress outfit post title

Hello lovelies!

The other day I told you that concerning my move to Australia everything seems to be falling into place finally. Now some things are up to me too, for example the visa, the flight, the budget for my first weeks without a job there.
On Monday I applied for my visa and as the money for it was taken from my account today I'm pretty sure I'll hear back from the agency soon.
The next step will be my apartment. As soon as I receive the confirmation for my visa I will give my landlord a notification and cancel my contract. From that time onwards I will have to get rid of everything I don't want to put into storage (luckily I'll be able to put all my stuff into my dad's basement). Also and most importantly I need to book a flight soon (the sooner the cheaper).
And last but not least and actually the biggest goal hovering above everything else: the budget. I will work a lot and try to save up as much as possible in the course of the next three months.
These are the things I'm determined to achieve until October.

Hand in hand with these goals above will go a shopping ban. I have bought some last important things last week that I wanted and needed but from now on I won't spend any more money on clothing, accessories and such. I will only allow myself to swap because it's a good way of compensating the shopping lust and I can still get rid of pieces I don't wear anymore, so actually swapping is always a win-win situation.
The only exception, something I really HAVE to buy, is a big suitcase!

So I've set my goals, I've written them down (which always helps) and now I have to work for them. And I want to work for them! Australia I'll be coming soon! :)

As for the outfit: the dress is a lovely new piece that I bought second hand via Ebay before my shopping ban. It was an absolute bargain, only 6 € and the adorable tiny dots and the cute collar made me fall in love with it immediately. It's a dress that doesn't need many accessories because it works on its own, that's why I only wore my favourite belt and the golden bracelet with it. Simple basics like denim jacket and black sneakers and I was ready to go.
How do you like it?

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday 9 July 2014


novelties outfit post title


The other day the German summer decided to be hot and humid for two days which was the perfect occasion for me to wear out my new maxi dress. I had been looking for a nice one for months but for some reasons most of the ones I tried on made me look very pregnant or were just not flattering because I'm rather short and rarely ever wear high heels. So a flattering long dress that would go with flats was number one on my wish list. I ran from shop to shop every time I was downtown and finally - and surprisingly - found this gem at C&A. I don't shop there often but that day it was the right decision to enter the store because when I left I carried the dress in my bag and my wallet contained only 19 € less than before.

Back home I immediately thought about how to style it and came to the conclusion that I would have to combine it with sandals or sneakers because flats looked odd. Furthermore the print is pretty bold so I kept everything else rather simple.
Can you believe it is the first time in ages that I bought sandals for summer too? I think the last time I wore sandals was in elementary school because my mum forced me to. I really dislike feet, especially toes, they just look ugly to me, that's why I don't want to expose them. This year however I figured that sandals with a closed toe part would be a good compromise.

To sum this up: I have never in my whole life looked so summery! It's unusual for me to look like this but the dress and sandals are growing on me, I'm slowly letting go of the urge to wear jeans and sneakers in the summer time.

What about you? Have you tried out something new clothing-wise lately?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday 7 July 2014

an old chestnut

an old chestnut outfit post title


Wow over 600 GFC followers, thanks a lot guys!
I can just say it again: welcome new readers and thank you so much for following along and supporting my little personal corner of the internet here!
I put lots of time, effort and heart into the blog to keep it running and it's really amazing to see the outcome.
Yesterday for example I took the tram home, sat down and a girl turned around and said "Hi, I read your blog!"
(If you're reading this: Hello A. it was so nice to meet you!).
This would've never happened to me some years ago, but as my readership has grown I guess that's just how a blogger's life goes right?
You guys don't really know me but you see and read a lot about my life here, hence you have an idea of who I am. I however don't know who you are (except for those who have a blog too), so of course I am curious about my readers. It's so interesting to meet people who read along and to hear what they think about my creative output.
I really enjoyed our nice little tram chat and later on thought that if all my readers are that nice I can be really happy.

As for the outfit: I know colour blocking is an old chestnut round the blogosphere but I think it's still fun so I put together this completely new colour combo which I had never worn before.
I think this nude shirt will become a new favourite in no time because it's so simple, versatile and breezy. It didn't cost me anything but shipping costs because I swapped it with someone via Kleiderkreisel (the German equivalent to Swapstyle).

Oh by the way the winners of the Lingering Petrichor Giveaway will be drawn and published on my Facebook timeline tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!

Friday 4 July 2014

the natural progress of things

the natural progress of things outfit post title

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new readers, I'm glad you follow along now! Thanks a lot for supporting my little blog here!
I hope your week has been a nice one so far?
I have so many news I don't know where to begin.
First of all I was finally able to get an overview of my budget for going to Australia in autumn. I will have to work a lot over the summer but I will eventually be able to finally go to Perth an see my boyfriend again yaayy! Also I'll apply for a new passport and for the visa next week and I'm so so happy to finally see some progress because I really can't wait to go and explore Down Under!
Furthermore my boyfriend finally found a new place for himself where I can move in too as soon as I'm there.
Everything seems to be falling into place slowly, it's such a good feeling!

In addition to all these good news I also got the ball rolling in regards to an internship. If everything works out I'll be an intern in Online Marketing before I leave Germany in autumn. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because that would be a great opportunity to gain experience for potential future jobs in Perth.
And in case of financial emergency there's still the coffee shop job so at the moment I'm pretty booked out job-wise. Oh well, despite lots of work I'm happy to see that I'm finally getting somewhere with my plans.

As for the outfit I probably have to explain that German summer weather is unsettled. Last week when I took these pictures it was rather chilly and rainy outside and now that I post the look it's 26°C and clear blue sky. So don't be confused when I post summery and not so summery outfits in turns. I'm not crazy but the weather is!

By the way don't forget to enter my recent giveaway if you haven't already!
Lovely necklaces are up for grabs!

Happy Thursday!


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