Thursday 7 July 2011

going medieval

Hi guys!

Here is the promised post about last Sunday when I went to a medieval market with a friend. I can't show you many photos because a) I took them with my mobile phone and the quality is not that good and b) this friend of mine doesn't want the photos of her being online here on my blog, so I can only share a few snapshots of the market itself and of what I wore.

It was a nice little market and the location was perfect: an old small castle called Schloss Eller. However I found it pretty disappointing that we had to pay 5€ to enter. I mean, a market is a place where you spend money on certain thinghs right? So why do you have to pay money to enter? Actually we had to pay money to enter to be able to spend money inside. Helloo?! And they hadn't even mentioned it on their banners before.

♥ jacket: new yorker ♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ plaid shirt: dr. denim ♥ necklace + scarf. primark ♥ jeans + shoes: h&m ♥

My outfit was casual and comfortable. I think apart from the jeans you don't know the other pieces yet, although i wear them so often. Actually this is a typical everyday look for me! My beloved plaid dress/shirt, which has a really strange fit but which I had to have because of the beautiful colours, my trashy 5€ black velvet shoes and my new favourite khaki perfection jacket from the recent sale. Just add golden accessoires and you have a typical casual Bad Taste Toast look :)

As for the medieval market we had a good time despite the entrance fee. There were lots of stands with medieval-inspired jewelry, clothing, toys, household articles, soaps and spices. You could also watch the medieval actors bake bread (in these stone ovens like the one in the photo above), forge weapons, carve figurines and re-enact swordplays.
I picked up something cute when we were watching the swordplay: a little girl behind us looked at the actors and how they did this sword choreography and asked her father "Daddy are they allowed to do this?" and later on when they re-enacted a quarrel and wrestled she asked "Daddy is this judo?" :D

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I love this plaid dress, it's awesome!! And with this khaki jacket its perfect. This market sounds like a lot of fun! I wish we had something like this, so cool

  2. I love these photos, looks like you had great time!! I adore your dress :)

  3. 5 Euros to enter? How annoying is that! But for the sake of a medieval fair, I bet it was worth it in the end- it looked like it was a good time!

  4. Hallo meine Liebe,

    ich hoffe Dir geht es gut :)!?

    Tolle Bilder...ich mag Dein Outfit...besonders die Jacke :)

    W√ľnsch Dir einen tollen FR

    with love

  5. love the layering you've done!


  6. love the green jacket! green is one of my fav colors this season!

  7. A medieval fair sounds very fun! And that entrance fee does sound a bit absurd when you buy things inside!
    It must be nice to be able to wear a coat. Today was soo hot here. I think I will like a change of weather soon!


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