Wednesday 31 August 2011

birds can fly so high and they can shit on your head


Hi guys!

So, Budapest again. I'm happy to be back! It will definitely be my last stay here for this year but maybe I'll return in 2012, we'll see.
Anyway, it's lovely weather - pleasant 24 degrees - and I enjoyed walks through the streets around my hotel after work yesterday and today. I still have to think about which places I would like to visit after the girls from the office had already shown me all famous sights a few weeks ago. But actually there are so many pretty and interesting places here that I don't worry abour running out of options. There still is Memento Park (a park with an exhibition of Communism statues), the Gellért Hill with the Statue of Liberty (yes they have one too), the zoo and urban amusement park, the synagogue etc. and as I'll stay here over the weekend this time I'm thinking about visiting a mummy exhibition in one of the city's museums. See, I'll have a great time here until next Wednesday! And then when I go back home there will be Nina's wedding the day after, what a great sequence of wonderful events!

♥ dress: h&m ♥ cardi + belt: primark ♥ shoes: head ♥

Sorry, only outfit pics at the hotel room today. I was out and about in the streets after work but I didn't have my camera with me because I was too lazy to go to the hotel and grab it. I promise to look for some nicer places to take pictures in the next days... However it's so hard without a tripod! I need to buy one soon...
Anyway, just a breezy and comfy everyday outfit for a sunny day spent at the office. This dress is one of my favourites: light fabric, soft denim blue, versatile and comfortable to wear and I also love the swallows cardi, it makes the look a bit more interesting.

Now for something different. I didn't have much time to take photos yet, so here are only the three best snapshots I took since yesterday morning:

seat 21F ;)

one of the many churches at nightfall

the disadvantages of a hotel life: no fridge = only snacks and fastfood

Hope you've had a nice week so far!
Good night!

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Tuesday 30 August 2011

3f night (friends, food and fun)

Hi guys!

I have arrived in Budapest for the second time in two months this morning and although I don't like to be away from home without a companion I'm happy to be back for another ten days.
But before I post about my stay here I first have to show you the photos of our monthly girls night from Saturday: our friend Julia is not only a dentist-to-be but also a passionate cook. She cooked a four-course-dinner for us and put so much effort in it, so cute of her!

Here are the pics:

the first course

not straight but at least we're all in the photo (self-timer)

one of the two main courses (Mediterranean casseroles yum)

our dentist-to be has denture-ice cubes :D

an ice-denture in the coke :)

comfy and loose outfit for a food night

an attempt on crushing ice

cocktail shaking action no. 1

cocktail shaking action no. 2

a super-delicious driver-friendly cocktail

Julia even made us cupcakes with our initials on them, so cool!

Nom nom nom...

Hope you all had a fab weekend too!
Good night from Budapest! :)

Saturday 27 August 2011

i am everything i am not


Hi guys!

How are you?
It's Saturday morning, I have lots of plans for today but before the actual action can begin I'm relaxing with coffee and sandwiches at my desk. I love it when you're able to take all the time you want for breakfast :)
Unfortunately I'm also dyeing my roots, which means I'm sitting here with aluminium foil on my head and feel the urgent desire to scratch my scalp off! So annoying when you can't scratch! Still 20 minutes to go.... be strong.....

♥ shirt + shorts: h&m ♥ blazer: pimkie ♥ shoes: head ♥

To tell you something about the outfit: it might sound stupid but I've wanted to try a shorts-with-tights-look for so long. The last time I wore such a combo was years ago during my emo/punk time when I combined pinstripe shorts with leopard tights. Somehow I never bought shorts but rather dresses and skirts the last years so that the amount of shorts in my wardrobe has decreased to two pairs. One of these pairs is - how else could it be - darkblue! I didn't feel like wearing a skirt yesterday so I gave the shorts a try, et voilà, the photos show the result. I think it's okay but I'm not 100% convinced to wear it like that more often. What do you think?
Yay or nay?

♥ brooch: swapped at kleiderkreisel ♥ necklace: ebay ♥ tea pot ring: six ♥ bow bracelet: monki ♥

The whole week was hot and sticky and now the weekend is cold and rainy, what are we to think about it? I'm going to visit some old friends in the village where I used to live this afternoon and afterwards our monthly girls night takes place. This time Julia, our dentist-to-be, will cook for us and we'll mix cocktails, which will be fun because we've never done this. I'll try to take as many photos as possible so you will maybe see some of the food and mischief tomorrow ;)

Happy Saturday!

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Thursday 25 August 2011

we could hang out every night and watch the sun go down


Hi guys!

Oh I love these days when I only have to work until three o'clock, now I'm at home with a vanilla chai and a cheese sandwich, browsing the web for nice things. Random nice things, I love to just click around to discover cool bands, blogs, clothing, concerts or other events and so on. Also I have ordered some stuff for a friend's wedding the week after next week. Oh we girls have prepared very nice surprises, I can't wait for it! Of course I can't tell you what it is yet, I have to keep it a secret in case Nina stumbles upon my blog. I definitely don't want to ruin the surprise, so... but you can already expect a huge wonderful wedding post of Nina's wedding in two weeks ;)

♥ shirt: bershka ♥ jacket + skirt: h&m ♥ belt + bag: primark ♥

Now for something completely different: have you noticed that this is slowly but steady turning from Bad Taste Toast to The Blog Of The Blue H&M Skirt? I wore it here, here, here and here in red. I hope it doesn't bore you? I can't get enough of this skirt, I love it, so simple and versatile and perfect. I've been a sucker for darkblue lately, even more than before.
I've also developed a love for darkgreen during the last months because I'm totally in autumn mood already. In German there's this saying "Grün und blau schmückt die Sau" which means that green and blue look terrible together in an outfit, but seriously, who said this anyway? Whoever it was was completely wrong!

♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ bracelet: six ♥

Alright, it's Thursday and I can already start into a long weekend today! No work tomorrow, yaayy! Instead of working I'll run errands, visit a friend at work, prepare wedding party things, wrap a secret santa gift (do you call it secret santa although it's not Christmas??)... lots of nice things. And I can't wair for more lovely weekend activity!

Have a wonderful day! :)

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this love's going to drag us down


Hi guys!

I've survived the last two days of bright sunshine and heat but I really didn't feel like taking outfit photos when sweating like hell. Fortunately this afternoon the temperature went down to what is more comfortable to me, now it's 21 degrees celsius and I'm feeling good again.
So I grabbed one of the new summer dresses that I was not able to wear yet and you know what? Remember when I mentioned that I don't have many pieces that match my new frog green cardi? Well this dress has the exact same shade of green in it. Hooray! The little pleasures in life...

♥ dress + shoes: thrifted ♥ cardi: zara ♥ belt: new yorker ♥

Haha, me under our dying sunflower... By the way the cardi was too long and looked strange with the dress so I simply knotted it. Actually I never had the idea of knotting a cardigan before although I sometimes knot shirts and blouses. I think knotting cardis will be my new trick to shorten them. Yes genius, I know. Probably all others have already been doing this for years. Oh well... ;)

♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: six ♥

Oh, did I mention that I'm going to go back to Budapest next week? My company sends me for another training programme with three more new student workers and I'll teach them out database again. I can't wait to meet the girls again and spend some more time in this awesome city! Thanks to my company I somewhat have a kind of vacation this year, without them I would have to wait until next year for our trip to Ireland.
How exciting that my blog somehow travels with me, at least as much as the free internet at the hotels allows it. Bad Taste Toast went to Budapest so far, if my plans work out I'll maybe blog from Prague this Christmas (not sure yet though) and then next year from Ireland and Scotland and God knows from where else. I'm definitely looking forward to all of it.

Oh and what I also wanted to show you:
this is Waleska, my dad's adorable new dog. She's a 4-year-old Jack Russell lady. So cute!

I hope you are all having a lovely day!

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Monday 22 August 2011

fall accessories overkill

Hi guys!

I'm a bit disappointed. Here in Germany we didn't really have summer weather this year, which makes me very happy (no allergies, no insect bites, no endless sweating...) but now at the end of August the weather decides to turn summery. Sticky 28° degrees celsius and an air humidity of 70%, horrible if you ask me.
I was already in a fall mood and was looking forward to cloudy mild days and now that!

As a pure act of defiance I hereby take a dive into the pure wonderfulness of accessories for the coming fall:


Alice Hanna via Asos


Disaster Designs via Bertine











Element via Zalando



Nixon via Frontline

Scotch&Soda via Zalando




Miss Selfridge



Fossil via Goertz

Tom Tailor via Otto

Finest Imaginary



Vintage via American Apparel

River Island

Rosie & Roses via Kolibrishop

Bijou Brigitte


Pieces via Kolibrishop

Oh I could go on and on like that for hours! There are so so so many lovely pieces this year and the fall collections all include my favourite colours: mustard, darkred, navyblu, cognacbrown...
I can't wait for fall! I definitely need to buy some more accessories soon.

Have a lovely day!

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