Saturday 30 June 2012

the baggies


Hi guys!

Yes, I know it's rare to see me wearing pants - especially in the summertime, but on Thursday it was so sticky outside that I just had to dig out my light and breezy cotton baggies from the closet. I don't like wearing skirts without tights so much (the summmer legs problem, a well-known complex of mine), so these pants are my favourites for these days with high air humidity.Remember my other pair of breezy pants, the jodhpurs? Now I'm doing "the baggies".

I wore this to uni the day before yesterday and on a trip to different home depots and furniture shops afterwards. I was looking for a matching set of soap dispenser, toilet brush and rubbish bin for our bathroom. Yes, that's just my glamourous life... And the story gets even more glamourous: we recently got a new toilet lid and plan to buy a new bath mat and I'm very fussy about matching home accessories.Now you may officially call me a dork because I blog about toilet accessories...
Anyway, at least I spent some time roaming the yard of Schloss Eller afterwards and took outfit pics.

Today is clean up the apartment day, so I'll be with this in the afternoon. Tonight I'm invited to dinner by my mum and her boyfriend, so I'm looking forward to either Greek or Mexican food (depending on where we get a table), yay!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

P.S. Whoops, I'm stupid. For the record: the t-shirt is not as stated from Forvert,
but from Element.

Friday 29 June 2012

little numbers

Hi guys!

Ha, I changed my blog design again. If you happened to see the new one I came up with yesterday: I wasn't really content with the colour combo. Also I thought it had to be a bit more playful, so I worked on it again this afternoon and now it's much more "me" and the colours fit better.
I think I'll leave it like this for a while now (until I get the next urge to change it that is).

This is what I wore to the office on Monday. It was pretty chilly outside (around 16° C), therefore the black tights again - in June! That's crazy! Especially when I tell you that it was around 28° C today. This unsettled weather kills me...
Anyway, about the outfit: the dress is a gift my mum bought me last summer. It has become one of my favourites for lazy mornings because it will go with almost anything, any print or colour. That day I decided to stick to simple grey though, combined with a bit of black glitter on the bag. Cute and comfy look - comfy is so important for work because I tend to fidget around on my desk chair all of the time, cross my legs, change to tailor seat, rest my feet on the heating under the desk and so on.
It actually sucks being forced to sit there for several hours - I'd love to have one of these adjustable desks that you can run up and down by remote control, so you are also able to work standing. But for me as a student worker? Dream on...

Oh by the way, remember when I told you I went to the allergy test? These photos were taken that day - that's why I have these blue numbers on my arms! ;)
It was a bad idea to wear short sleeves... I couldn't manage to rub off the marker after my appointment, so I had to go home by tram with the notes on my arm haha, it was really funny.

It would be great if you had a few seconds to let me know what you think of the final version of my blog design now! :)

Have a fantastic day!

Thursday 28 June 2012

in the name of the toast


Hi guys!

Yeees, a new design for the little old blog! I was planning a change of the design for so long but always procrastinated it due to a lack of creativity, however yesterday evening I spontaneously started to work on it and this is the result: everything is toast-themed! And a bit neon-ish. I hope you like it! :)
I'm not a pro designer at all, but I can see I improve from attempt to attempt. I like how the layout has become more and more coherent in the course of the last years.
I even have a real About Me section now, not only a link to my blogger profile. Go take a look if you like to see the little Q&A I included there.

This is a cute little springy outfit I wore last week. As you can see I wore my new bag again, it has become an all time favourite so quickly, I adore the size and leather and colour. It will appear very often in future outfit posts, that's for sure!
This outfit also includes my new wildcat necklace - raawwr ;) I was able to snatch it at Promod at what they call pre-sale special. It's so amazing: if you own a Promod member card (which I do of course), you were able to get a sale discount on items that were not officially marked down back then last week.
So I was able to get a perfectly cute nude pink dress with black heart print for 50% off before anyone else, which is really cool because once the real official sales begin, it's ridiculously hard to find the right size somewhere!
To cut a long story short: the necklace was 50% off for member card owners too, I got it for something around 6€ only. Score! I just love sales!

Please tell me your opinions about my new blog design guys, okay?

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday 27 June 2012

the world looks better through your eyes


Hi guys!

Alright, so I'm finally back to posting outfit photos. It was a bit quiet around the blog last week because I'm having a big problem with my hayfever medicine - these pills just really knock me out! I slept a lot in the afternoons and didn't manage to finish all my to-do lists. But I had an appointment at the doctor's yesterday and I will get new medicine and an immunisation therapy and then everything will be fine. Can't wait for this to happen!

 ♥  coat + dress: h&m ♥ cardigan: zara ♥ belt: primark ♥ bag: liebeskind  ♥ shoes: sun & shadow  ♥  necklace: new yorker  ♥ ring: ebay ♥

This is my new bag! I adore it so much! You might know that normally I'm a thrifter, but a few months ago i decided to save money and "invest" in more expensive classic full leather bag for I know I'll have and love it a long time. So with my birthday money I got me this beautiful brown Liebeskind bag in a used vintage brown look. It's so soft and pretty, it's amazing!
And of course I would not be me if I had not tried to get it for less than shop price, right? I bought it via Ebay for about 40% less. Still it was new, the only defect was a missing clip button inside of the mini front pocket. Perfect bargain!

Okay, while writing this I'm dyeing my hair in a reddish mahogany brown because I was in the mood for a slight change. I'm looking forward to the result - well, hopefully it will be good!

Have a nice day everyone!

now playing: ed sheeran - firefly

Monday 25 June 2012



Hi guys!

I've been a bit short of cash lately, so I had to go on shopping ban again. Thank God there is the possibility to swap on the German swapping platform Kleiderkreisel! I have swapped so many lovely stuff there lately. It's just so great to get rid of pieces I don't wear anymore, receive something new instead and all this without spending more than a few bucks for the shipping.

These four pieces here have cost me less than 10€ in total.

See? The only thing I actually bought is the H&M dress with butterfly print - and 3€ are still a steal, no?
I have become such a happy swapper, seriously! So cool to be able to spend less money on clothing (you might already know how thrifty I am) and more money on things like furniture, camera accessories, concert tickets etc.

How about you? Has the swapping fever caught you as well?
If you have my size, I'm also interested in swapping with other bloggers and writing posts about it. Contact me if you'd like to do this. :)
Or maybe some of my German readers are members of Kleiderkreisel too and would like me to check out their catalogue?

Have a lovely day!

Saturday 23 June 2012

be beautiful!


Hi guys!

Today there is this a nice little feature of me over at the Vedette Shapewear blog "Beauty Behind The Curves", check it out if you like.
They have asked me and other lovely fellow bloggers to contribute a picture with a slogan for their Love Your Body project and this is what I came up with, telling every girl to be confident about their curves while wearing my Contessa bodysuit. Hope you like it?

You should check out the other blogger's contributions too, their so amazing and motivating! You can find them all HERE, just click the title to see the photo.

Have a fab day everyone! :)

P.S. Sorry for the mini-hiatus round here, I will be back to normal blogging in the course of the next days! ;)

Monday 18 June 2012

the things we carry


Hi guys!

You can't believe how happy I am right now about being able to write this! I had a trojan virus on my computer earlier today - seriously, what asshole nerd hackers create this shit?! I was having a coffe, casually browsing the normal websites I visit and suddenly everything goes white and I have a screen telling me the Federal Criminal Agency has blocked my computer for investigation and I would have to pay 100$ to unlock everything again. Are they kidding me?? The official real BKA (that's how the Agency is called in Germany) would a) not want to be paid in Dollars but in Euro and b) they would send me a letter or send agents to my place. So WTF??
The sad thing is that many people believe this crap and pay 100$ to whoever created this virus. How mean!
I'm so glad I was able to do some troubleshooting with Patrick on the phone and delete all the crappy trojan virus stuff with his instructions. I'm very lucky to have an IT technician boyfriend.

♥ jacket: new yorker ♥ sweater: forever 21 ♥ skirt: vero moda (via kleiderkreisel) ♥ belt, tights + shoes: primark ♥ hair bow: h&m ♥ necklace: six ♥ ring: ebay ♥

Okay, enough getting worked up about this virus (however I'm still annoyed!)...
This is a nice little ensemble that I wore to the office last week. It features my new floral skirt, which actually is not new but second hand and swapped via Kleiderkreisel. I love this website so much! I was able to swap so many things in the last two weeks, it's so cool that you get new pieces without spending money! And I also sold a few items too to supplement my bank account. I'll show you some of the swapped items in a special post soon.

Alright, that's it for today. Now I'll catch up on all the internet stuff I wasn't able to do earlier because of the virus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen again! You evil hackers out there suck!

Have a nice day!

Friday 15 June 2012

coffee date at café 62


Hi guys!

TGIF! How nice to have a weekend full of fun plans ahead!
But still I'd like to go back to Monday with this post because I visited my mum and she showed me a really lovely little café. I went there after work, so this is what I wore to the office and afterwards.

♥ cardigan + belt: primark ♥ shirt: h&m ♥ skirt: reserved ♥ shoes: sun & shadow ♥ necklace: new yorker ♥ ring: ebay ♥

My mum lives in a small town near Cologne, namely Pulheim, and took me to this café called 62 that she had seen before but never visited. Actually it's a mixture of interior decoration shop and café, very small and cozy and decorated with all the beautiful articles that are up for sale. Pretty clever, because yo can see how this key cabinet looks on the wall and how that tea light holder looks on the table. 
By the way the café is called 62 because the owner (one of my mum's neighbours) was born in 1962.
Unfortunately they don't have a website, but the address can be found here.

Isn't this adorable? I could have bought everything there - so pretty! And don't get me started about the cake, wow! It was so so delicious, my mum had espresso tarte and I had almond cake - both handmade of course and served with a dab of whipped cream, a little scoop of vanilla ice cream and a tiny glass of amaretto liqueur, mmmhhhhhhh so good.

Seriously, if one of my (probably rather German) readers happens to find him-/herself in the area of Pulheim I can really recommend this magical little place for a little stop to eat, drink and admire the pretty interior! They don't only serve cake, but also breakfast, hearty snacks and exquisite teas there, so everything the heart desires. ;)
Mum and me will definitely go there again soon!

Now I wish you all a very happy Friday!


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