Sunday 22 June 2014

foxes and a story about asymmetric legs

foxes and a story about asymmetric legs outfit post title

Hello loves!

Today I'm presenting you some foxes and my *so not ready for summer legs* in semi-transparent black tights. What a combo huh?
First things first: the foxes. This cardigan is one of those unintentional Ebay bargains - you forget that you bid on it and *Bam!* it's yours for only 5 bucks. I've always loved anything fox-printed so I was very happy about the won auction. The colours are pretty autumny actually, but here in Germany the temperatures drop to autumn level in summer a lot so the colour combo is just fine for the recent weather. The knit is really soft and cozy too, so nice! Paired with my summery shorts and sneakers it was the perfect outfit for a chilly summer day.

Okay, now for the aformentioned not ready for summer legs. Actually it's the same every year: Not only do I dread summer because of the heat and high air humidity, no, I dread it even more because in said weather there is no chance I can hide my legs.
I've always hated them for the red birthmarks that crawl up my right leg from the toes to the butt. Granted. I'm over it, I have learned to deal with people staring at it. But what actually really bothers me is the fact that my legs are asymmetric. No joke, take a closer look at the second pic in this post, look at the calves and you will see what I'm talking about. The red birthmarks on my leg somehow shrink the tissue and that's the reason my left leg is bigger than the right one. In most pics you won't see the difference because I've become pretty good at concealing it of course. But believe me, it's such a pain in the butt for me to find fitting jeans...
Anyways, most days I feel confident enough to still wear shorts or skirts and show my legs because A) I know people don't notice unless I tell them about the asymmetry and B) I am trying really hard to love myself with all my flaws inside and outside and get rid of this constant urge to critizise my body. I'm sure all of you know what I mean when in my last post I said that the road to self-confidence and to loving your own body is a struggle, it's really hard, especially with media trying to manipulate the image you have of yourself.
So it's enough now!

Today I feel good enough to post these pictures and say

*Yes I have asymmetrical legs and yes there's a bit of cellulite in the pics too, so what?!*.

I critizise myself way too often, tell myself I'm a freak, a mutant, too fat and whatnot. But it's enough now.
There's still a long road ahead but I can see progress already and posts like this one here are indicators for a slow but steady improvement that's taking place in my head.

What do you think my dear readers? How do you feel about yourselves?
It really is not easy nowadays but we should all try to not pull ourselves or each other down.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Your "not ready for Summer legs" look beautiful in those semi-transparent black tights. That foxes cardigan is a lovely outfit piece, and what a bargain! Your eye-makeup, lipstick and hair all look pretty as usual.

  2. Cute outfit and I adore that owl necklace :)

  3. Oh, der Cardigan ist ja wirklich total toll!


  4. Sau arg süß der Cardigan!!! Find die Farben auch voll hübsch, Passt perfekt zu den Vans und macht sich sehr gut mit den Shorts :-)

  5. I think we all have something that we dislike about ourselves. I have quite a few scars from a terrible accident many years ago and my legs a little different in size too from not being able to walk on one leg for almost 3 years. So I totally understand where you are coming from but don't let it bother you! You look gorgeous! I just adore that cardigan! The print is so fun and at only $5 that is amazing!


  6. Love your piercing.the makeup its so fresh
    Great look dear
    Keep intouch

  7. Damn, you are way too hard on yourself! They do say we are our own worst critics, haha. But you're right, I never noticed. This was a great post though, because we all have our own issues. I have a list, as I'm sure I'm not the only one. I feel too though as you get older perhaps we come to terms with our imperfections, and maybe even learn to cherish them?!

    And adorable fox cardi!

  8. Bester Cardigan, den ich seit langem gesehen habe! Top!

    Liebste Grüße,
    Vanessa von Vaneshion

  9. Life would be boring, if we were all the same - you are a real beauty in more than just the way you look :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  10. Cute cardi, dear!!


  11. huups, ich hatte dich irgendwie aus den augen verloren ... so viel neues hier ... neuer mann bald neue heimat, uni fertig .. wow. bin gespannt auf deine erlebnisse in australien!

  12. Ach Schmaaarn, deine asymmetrischen Beinchen hätte ich im Leben nie erkannt. Und mal ganz im ernst, ich glaube ehrlich gesagt nicht, dass jemand zwei genau gleich geformte und proportionierte Beine hat. Also ist bei dir alles im Lot, glaub mir! =) Das Outfit ist übrigens ganz süß, für Sommer und Herbst gleichermaßen geeignet. :)

    LG, Sabrina

  13. love the cardigan and the shoes!!! adorable!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  14. I think you look great and I love that sweater! I think a lot of people have asymmetric/uneven legs. I don't think mine are. Symmetricality is boring anyways ;-)

  15. *don't think mine are symmetrical, I mean :-P

  16. Der Cardigan mit den Füchsen ist so süß und ist wirklich perfekt für das Wetter im Moment.
    Und dass deine Beine asymmetrisch sein sollen, das wäre mir wirklich niemals aufgefallen, wir kritisieren immer Dinge an uns, die andere nicht einmal sehen können, wir dürfen nicht so hart zu uns selbst sein. :)

    Liebe Grüße

  17. I love ebay bargain...


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