Wednesday 17 November 2010

winter shopping list

Hi guys!

I didn't have time to take outfit pics today but I promise I will take some tomorrow. I hate that my camera can't manage to take good photos in these dark autumn days :-/

Anyways, I'm wishfully waiting for my next salary payment because I have a wishlist in my head, a wishlist full of items I definitely need before winter finally arrives.

I need:

a plain classic coat

(both asos)

a big black bag

(only via


one of these cozy faux fur scarves


a cute and comfy knit dress

(mirastern via dawanda)

a chic hat
(yes I'm ready to dare wearing hats ^^)


a cozy colourful hat with earflaps

(nancy 2349 via etsy)

(nogginsnbobbins via etsy)

and definitely a pair of lace up wedges

(da...shu? via zalando)


What do you think? Cool stuff?
Do you have a winter shopping list too?

Have a great day!

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  1. all of these are gorgeous! we have such similar tastes it's great.
    love the fur scarf it's perfect for this weather. you're making me want to go shopping. hahah

  2. Love the lace-up wedges and the fur scarf. Perfect for fall!

    Following you. :)

  3. just bought a bowler hat a few days ago! LOVE IT!!! :D:D it's similar to the black one on the pic, but smaller... :))
    also love those furry scarves, saw one just like that yesterday in H&M! I'll have to buy it soon :P:P

  4. I was just working on my wishlist these past 2 evenings! I have a jacket much like those in the first picture. Tip - make sure it has a belt! Mine doesn't ...and now after wearing it last winter, it feels so frumpy and loose :( Cute hats! Just watch out for those little static demons, or you'll have some Medusa hair! haha, don't ask how I know this...


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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