Saturday 27 November 2010

needing your help: hat or not?

Hi guys!

Remember the pretty black hat I had on my winter shoppinglist the other day? Well, I ordered it from the H&M Onlineshop and now it has been lying around here for days and I'm still thinking about if I'd really wear it out or not.
Thank God H&M gives you 14 days to try on the items before you have to send them back.

Somehow I like it on me but I cannot form an objective opinion about it because I find it so pretty and my view might be dazzled by this ;)

(product pic via h&

So, what do YOU think? Keep or send back?
Does it give my looks the perfect quirky-cool touch or do I look like a dork?

Please leave an honest comment, I can take it ;)
You can also take part in the voting I posted over at my Chictopia.

Thanks and have a lovely Saturday!
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  1. der hut ist toll!
    behalte ihn auf jeden fall!
    mit einem Hut ist man immer passend angezogen, vorallem in dieser jahreszeit :-)
    ich möchte auch umbedingt noch einen!!!!

    ich wünsch dir ebenfalls ein schönes wochenende und viel schnee !

  2. I think it looks absolutely awesome, a definite keeper!!

    haha I get the swedish schoolgirl link about my pictures, btw :D

  3. keep! auf jeden fall behalten, steht dir gut.

  4. I adore it! I actually have the same one, and honestly it's so easy to wear. And you look so lovely in it! I think it really does suit you, I think you should keep it for sure! You look very doll-like with it because of your long hair, it's pretty.

  5. I like it! I can't pull of hats for the life of me, so I'm a bit jealous of how good it looks on you! It's a keeper, fer sure. :)

  6. I think it looks really good!

    I really like hats but I also don't wear them much, so I see your dilemma! I would keep it though.

  7. From these head shots it seems to suit you, the dark eyeliner seems to tie it in to your look :)

  8. Great hat! Great in black!

  9. I think it looks really great on you! I would definitely keep it! :)

  10. I think it suits you well! Very cute!!
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  11. Steht dir super gut! Also ich sage:"Hat!"

  12. Awhh... I like it! And you look fab wearing it! Keep it! (;

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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