Thursday, 4 November 2010

drab week

(photo taken from twigirl2 at deviantart)

Hi guys!

It's one of those weeks that just doesn't seem to end. I feel tired, uninspired, I have to work so much and I'm still having a constant battle with my health because fall = cystitis season.

At the moment the selective criteria for my outfits are: must be warm, must be comfortable, must be weather-proof.
And then it's getting dark so early that the light for good photos is gone when I come home after work. I love fall, but the bad light on grey days sucks
(at least when you don't own a DSLR).

But next week will be better, so I hope I'll be able to come up with some outfit pics and interesting topics to blog about.

I hope you're having a better time this week!
Have a nice day!

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  1. I know the feeling, the end of this week isn't too far away, so hang in there!


  2. Aww sorry to hear about how lame your week is going :( I used to get bad cystitis too and what I found really helped me is buying these cranberry capsules that you take once or twice a day. Where I live you can buy a bottle of these pills (they look like vitamins) from a chemist and then take these when you feel you're starting to get cystitis symptoms coming on. They are really good at stopping the problem if you take them soon as symptoms appear!
    Hope this helps :)

  3. ich fühle mit dir, ich bin auch ein bisschen empfindlich mit meiner Blase. Es gibt in der Apotheke nen Tee, der hilft bei mir immer echt gut, der ist nicht in Beuteln, sondern so pulver in nem Becher, ich glaub die marke heißt irgendwas mit heumann...Und ich nehm auch immer solche Cranberry Tabletten wie meine Vorkommentatorin(? :D)
    Ich hoffe dein Wochenende wird besser als deine restliche Woche :)

  4. Danke :) Ja da erinnerst du mich an was. Ich hab das auch noch nicht bekommen. Merkwürdig^^

  5. Aww how nice of you guys, thanks so much!
    Well, I've been having this massive cystitis problem (approximately 1 cystitis per month) for years now and I drink an instant cranberry drink from the pharmacy and the tea Corinna mentioned everyday.
    But thanks for your suggestions though, it's so nice to know you care about my problems :)

  6. It's drab here, I'm loving it! Fabulous, we've had too much sun and heat lately! XX!

  7. I agree with your outfit criteria. But luckily we had some sunny days recently :)

    Hoffe dir gehts bald besser! Ich leide auch immer wieder daran im Winter. Ich schwöre auch auf diesen Tee und getrocknete Cranberries. :)

  8. Totally get it! The daylight saving time is going to end tomorrow, therefore it will be all dark by 4.30 PM and I was still at work! lol Now I only got weekends to get pictures with sky.

    Have a fabulous weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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