Thursday 25 November 2010

f*ck you public transport

Hi guys!

Oh what a day, what a day, crazy!
I'll tell you about it in a kinda journal style today because I saw/red it over at Head to Heart yesterday and liked it a lot :)
But I'm sure it doesn't come across as cute as hers.

8.05 AM
I'm tired but arrive at the bus stop earlier than usual. Need to take the earlier bus to copy something for my first seminar this morning.

8.25 AM
Still at the bus stop. The bus was supposed to come at 8.15. Called the public transport company and heard that the bus goes 19 minutes behind schedule. Awesome, got up earlier in vain.

8.40 AM
Fat woman in the bus yells at me, I yell back correcting her grammatically wrong sentence. Bad temper...

9.10 AM
Finally arrive at uni. Still need the papers for the seminar so I head to the philosophy library. Have to discover that the reserved book shelf is empty. Ask librarian, head over to the big main library. Find the book there but realize that I don't know which chapter to copy. Look up the seminar's website and see that all texts are online and only waited for me to print them out, gaaaaah... Head to the library's printer room but the only coin-operated printer is broken. Don't own a copy card...

10.00 AM
I skip the seminar, get a coffee and kill time in the student's council room.

dress: thrifted via ebay, cardi: h&m, belt: vintage, tights: department store, boots: bullboxer, headband: accessorize

11.15 AM
Next class "The Historical Avantgarde": have to recite a dadaistical poem in English. It mostly consists of the word "laugh", I do well, I'm glad I didn't slutter. Art history students whisper about my nice pronunciation.

1.00 PM
At the bus stop again. Want to take the bus to work. Bus is overcrowded, have to wait for the next one. Gaah what's with the public transport today?!

1.50 PM
Arrive at work. Eat my first snack of the day: ciabatta sandwich with tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and green pesto. Yum! Drink my second coffee with lots of milk.

4.15 PM
Have my 5 minutes cigarette break. Use it to call the public transport company and make a complaint.

6.00 PM
Closing time! Tinkered with the idea of going to the gym but my headache and the darkness outside make me wanna go home.

6.45 PM
Finally arrive at home. The public transport was behind schedule again...

Can you believe it? The tube and buses were one big mess, so annoying!
But fortunately I'm in a good mood though because I have sage tea, honey waffles and my laptop in front of me ;)

That was my day. How was yours?
Have a good time!

P.S. Sorry for the overexposed photos, I couldn't get better ones with my crappy cam :-/
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  1. Gosh, that sounds awful. The bus messing you around!
    You look lovely though, you have ebay skills! You always seem to be finding these amazing little gems from ebay! I'm quite jealous of your skills...haha

  2. Ohje ich kenne das mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Bei uns tauchen die Straßenbahnen sogar oft gar nicht auf und ich muss dann zur Uni laufen :-(
    Ich bin neidisch auf deinen Balkon, sieht gemütlich aus.
    Das Haarband steht dir, solltest du öfter so tragen!

  3. Adorable black dress!

  4. Oh no! I HATE it when the bus is late! Screws up your whole day! I just wish that the bus went NEAR my new office. Stupid management. Stupid transfer. Stupid Stupid. :S
    We can be grumpy together? :P

  5. Wow, today was not a good for public transport or you! Glad that after all that you were in a good mood. I seriously wouldn't be (and I would totally skip the fym as well..)

    Glad you can relate to horrible lighting and not a great camera.

    Also I hope today is a lot better!!


  6. This is why ilovemycar.At least you looked stylish!
    Have a happy weekend.

  7. Awhh! My heart melts! Hahah! Thanks for mentioning me but the way you did it is much smarter than mine!

    I used to end up chasing after public transport because it arrived 5 minutes early (can't you believe that?!). Ended up having people staring horribly over me and I never went to that bus stop anymore. Hahah!

    Have a tremendous weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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