Friday, 19 November 2010


Hi guys!

The photos are from yesterday because today I had an appointment at the dentist's and didn't look nice ;)
It's one of those stressful weeks again: I had to work a lot, tried to get up earlier to get a seat in the lecture halls at uni, I'm almost broke but had to buy birthday presents, I'm agonizing over Christmas presents and don't have good ideas.....

cardi: vintage, blouse: h&m, skirt: thrifted via ebay, belt: thrifted, lggings: ergee, shoes: akira, necklace + bag: accessorize

And I'm SO uninspired concerning outfits which frustrates me. I thrifted lots of new pieces via Ebay that wait to be combined but I'm lacking of creativity and then there's the crappy weather and low light and my crappy cam and all.

I felt like a little child that had to tally up 2 + 2 when I was combining brown with brown and earthy tones yesterday. I know everybody has such phases, but what to do against it? Anyone got some advice for me?

I'll spend my evening in my pyjamas on the sofa watching TV, eating pasta, curling up in a cozy blanket.

Have a great day!
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  1. Für unkreativ ist das Outfit aber toll. ^^ Lass mal, mich macht das Wetter auch fertig..könnte den ganzen Tag im Bett liegen.

  2. I love the earthy colours of your outfit, the colours are so perfect for fall/winter. You look so lovely and cosy.

  3. Love the browns, very flattering on you! XX!

  4. I really like the browns :) I love neutrals lately, all sorts and combinations, can't get enough of 'em!

  5. haha .. i love wearing pajama, eating ice cream and watching tv ... though i dont' get to do it often ;( - you look lovely in browns ... xx

  6. Hehe, i always love brown in every single fashion thingy. So perfect with fall season :)


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