Friday 12 November 2010

colour me happy

Hi guys!

Today I thought I could brighten up the cloudy, rainy and stormy day with a bit of yellow and florals. Perfect occasion to wear my new Zara cardi! I bought it two weeks ago, I had to because I fell in love at first sight with the cute brown elbow patches it has.
Perfect match for my new favourite tunic/dress with the colourful floral pattern.

cardi + jeans: zara, tunic + circle scarf: h&m, belt: new yorker, shoes: akira, bag: primark via ebay, ring: six

So I had an appointment at the dermatologist's this morning. I tell you this guy is a trip! He looked at my rash for about 2 seconds and afterwards spent about 15 minutes on telling me about the hospital he used to work at. Before I was wondering why you still have to wait half an hour at the least although you had an appointment, well now I know why...

When I left the doctor's it was still pretty early forenoon so I decided to get breakfast and take a walk around the old town. Somehow I felt drawn to the Rhine, hence I took my coffee and my feta-olives pastry puff and walked to the water front. Ah beautiful even in bad weather! Seeing the Rhine and the promenade always reminds me of how I love Düsseldorf after all.
I had a bad start when I moved here but over the years - and especially after my Mum sold our house in the tiny village where I grew up - I think I couldn't have found a better place to live.

I've been collecting photos of spots in Düsseldorf the last weeks, I'll post them as soon as I have enough pretty ones.

These are my new shoes, they're so perfect for fall!

After breakfast at the Rhine promenade (oh my God was it crazy stormy there!) I walked back to the tube station and made detours to a book shop and to H&M on the way. I wasn't in the mood to start a big shopping-spree, I just wanted to look around a bit.
Eventually I couldn't resist buying these:

Left: I absolutely want to travel to Scandinavia someday, now that I own this beautiful illustrated book I can at least travel there in my mind.
Right: The other book is a travelogue of a man who visited countries that are not recommended to tourists (Ivory Coast, Congo, Armenia, Afghanistan etc.), can't wait to read it!

Look at this adorable scarf, there's a fox or something (?!) on it aaaw :)
H&M has wonderful fall accessories. I also bought a navy shirt, fingerless gloves and a flower headband.

Furthermore - back home - I started reading a new book and snacked on a creamcheese bagel.
I've read only a few pages so far but I already love the book! I loved its two predecessors too.
Have you ever read Frank McCourt? Maybe you know his bestseller "Angela's Ashes"?
I always thought that's literature for older people (due to a very old Irish lecturer at uni who recommended it) but I was so wrong! The way he describes situations and his writing style in general are so simple, honest and touching - the funny passages as well as the sad ones.
I'm still so happy that I came across this writer in one of my courses - thanks to Mr. Gough :)

How is/was your day guys? Do you feel the same about the place you live when you go to certain spots?

Have a nice day!

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  1. It looks like a super awesome day of yours! Awhhh, the color of your new cardi is absolutely lovely! I still couldn't find the mustard color cardi that I want! You make me missing walking around the town now because it's been freezing here too and I don't think I can handle it lol

    Have a cheerful weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  2. Oh Carina, you look gorgeous!! :)) I LOVE THE FOX SCARF!! And looking at that tasty bagel I am so HUNGRY!! :D Period days, LOL...what can I say...

    Have a great weekend!! :)))

  3. your posts put me in a shopping spree! loved the books and zara coat! you look great!

  4. Yuo look so adorable in that outfit, that cardi matches your tunic perfectly! It sounds like you had a fun day (even with the doctor's visit, and it's really annoying how they are ALWAYS behind!) I think you always have the love hate relationship with where you live, I know I do. But some days I just really see why I love it here. And yes come visit scandinavia! When you come to Norway you can visit me ;)

  5. Bei deinen Outfits gibt es fast immer "ein Teil" was ich besonders mag. So wie hier dein Cardi mit den Flicken auf den Ellenbogen.Toll!
    Und deine Schuhe sind auch super.

  6. gorgeous!

  7. @ all: thank you so so much, I really enjoyed reading your comments after I came back home some minutes ago :)

    @ Wangari: Oh yes! I'd love to! If there wasn't the problem with the money I'd take a plane to Scandinavia immediately and go on a round trip through all the countries :) I'll let you know in due time ;)

  8. Loving that mustard yellow, gorgeous! XX!

  9. I absolutely love your outfit!! So cute!
    I have been under the weather for about a week and a half now, so I am trying to get back to blogging more and a regular routine!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Loving your sweet sweater and tunic my friend...i can so see we wearing that.

    Weekend hugs. xoxoxo

  11. dein outfit ist wie die sonne! *schwärm*
    ich sollte auch was helles anziehen, hier regnet es seit tagen...

  12. Die senfgelbe Strickjacke ist richtig super, vorallem mit den Ellenbogenschoner aus braunem Leder. Gefällt mir gut.

  13. looooove this outfit, dear! thanks so much for the link!!! :):) good luck!

  14. Hey Miss Carina :)
    Wonderful post, just love seeing your great outfits, your purchases and look forward to seeing your Düsseldorf pics!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    gi gi

  15. I already thought this outfit was cute but when I saw the elbow patches on the sweater I was really REALLY loving it!!

  16. sowas von süß und tolle schüchen ;) ich liebe diese farben :) xxx


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