Sunday 28 November 2010


Hi guys!

How have you been? Hope you've had a nice weekend so far?
We had two friends here yesterday evening, it was so much fun. We don't see them often because they live where I used to live before I moved to Düsseldorf (a tiny village in the country near the border to the Netherlands).
So we had planned to go and have a drink in the old town with them, but before we had a super-funny evening here at home with beer and cookies and Guitar Hero and Gran Turismo.
I was so involved in playing PS3 that I completely forgot to take photos.

sweater: gina tricot, jeans: h&m, necklace + scarf: accessorize, shoes: thrifted, tote bag: emily the strange

At midnight we finally decided to go to the old town to eat something and for letting our guests have a typical Düsseldorfer Altbier. So we took the tube there and the funny thing is: our two guests were so overwhelmed by all the crowded pubs, all the people in the streets, well let's say by the "big city nightlife" in general, that they couldn't decide where to eat or what to drink and felt uncomfortable in the crowd.
Eventually we took a taxi back home, went to McDonald's, grabbed some beer at the petrol station and there we were back in our living room. Our total time spent in the old town was about 15 minutes.
There's no place like home right? ;)

How do you like my new oversized sweater?
This is what I wore yesterday, perfect comfy everyday look. It's finally freezing here in our part of Germany and I can't wait for us to get this winter's first snow! I love snow, I love winter! Everyone else hates it but I'm a fan of the cold. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country...
Anyway, the sweater is so soft and cozy! This and its wonderfully loose fit made it impossible for me to resist. Since we have Gina Tricot in the city I refuse to buy knitwear somewhere else (well except for 2nd hand via Ebay), they simply have the coziest knitwear and their knitwear is most often even cheaper than H&M.

Here you can finally see where the title of today's post comes from.
Yes I know I'm a bit late, Halloween is long over, but I haven't shown you this tote before although I use it pretty often.
So say Hi to Emily ;)

Alright, so now there's a couscous salad that wants to be made (I'll post the recipe in the next days) and lots of laundry is waiting too.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Adorable! I like so much your green sweater!

  2. Now you do look comfy...cozy and darling. I need to get myself one of those sweaters....hugs for a great week. xoxox

  3. I so so so adore your oversize sweater and that Emily the Strange tote, so adorable! Hahah.. I also adore your excitement about winter and the snow, I love snow too and usually people stare at me as if I'm crazy when I express my love lol It totally sounds to be as a super fine weekend, that's the thing about big city, it never sleeps!

    Have an enjoyable day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. Love your oversize sweater..looks so comfy!..and that bag is so cute! Glad that you had fun with your friends, I realy want a day like yours, just to sit with friends and feel good! Loving winter too!

  5. I do love your sweater :) It looks great with the skinnies!
    So how bout you and I trade places then?? Cuz I HATE cold! You can have it all my friend!! :) Maybe I'll bring a lil' with me to Germany haha...

  6. That sweater is wonderful, it's like a dress!
    Can't wait to see the cous cous recipe, I love cous cous and even had it for dinner last night :P

  7. die kette ist süss!

  8. your dress is so cute and I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR BAAAAAAAAAAAG!!!! <3


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