Tuesday 30 November 2010

recent buys (shoemania)

Hi guys!

My day was boring, so instead of writing something I'll show you my bargain purchases of the last days:

comfy and cozy soft Norwegian style slippers for at home (7 Euro from Deichmann)

a pair of ugg-like knit boots that I wanted for wearing them around the house or to the supermarket or so. I think they look stupid as "normal" outdoor shoes...and they're not even water-proof, that's why I wanted cheap ones and now I finally found them (8 Euro via Ebay)

two pairs of unworn Primark shoes (both for about 8 Euro and both via Ebay)
They make me happy because there is no Primark in my area here so these are normally hard to get.

DVD "Michel aus Lönneberga" (7,99 Euro from Saturn)

My German and Swedish readers will remember this TV show!
I loved to watch it when I was younger, it's about a Swedish boy called Michel (in the Swedish original his name was Emil). He lives on the Katthult farm (which still exists today) in the village Lönneberga, where he plays tricks on everyone. The most famous episode is when Michel puts his head into the soup bowl and doesn't get out anymore.
Perfect for curling up on the sofa and reveling in childhood memories :)

I'll be back with something more interesting tomorrow (I'll be in the city to do some christmas shopping, can't wait to roam the shops!)

Have a lovely day!
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  1. I have knittet uggs in just that colour. They are so comfy!

  2. cute slippers! reminding me i need a pair badly:)

  3. I basically LOVE all your purchases! Those ankle boots are so adorable, and love the prints on that oxford! I suck at finding great deals, most of the times I ended up paying more but too lazy to return them, eek! So silly heheh..

    Have a blissful day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. Those little leopard print shoes are lovely!
    Btw, I loved the cous cous recipe that you posted the other day, I'll try to remember to look it up again next time I buy cous cous :)

  5. You just won the artist interview giveaway on my blog :) congratulations! x

  6. Adore the Primark Shoes, they're absolutly lovely. :)

    Brauche liebe Hilfe bei Blogger Projekt:

  7. HI Honey!!! your blog is such a sweety!!
    i'm following you HOPE you'll do the same :)
    i have the same norwegian slipper but in red!! gosh they keep my feet so warm and they're so comfortable!!!
    sweet kisses

  8. Wow, I love them all! The first two pairs look so comfy and the leopard and black ones are just cool.
    xoxo from Hannie


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