Thursday 11 November 2010

uni madness

Hi guys!

Yes, I'm finally back to blogging - and I mean real posts, not the gap filler posts of the last week ;)

So today was a good day: no work, only uni. I noticed that I haven't told you about this term's courses yet and I'm not sure if you're interested in Philosophy and Anglistics, but I'm lacking of a good topic today so... :)

First course this morning was "modern age philosophy" where we get an overview about the most important contemporary philosophers like Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Kant etc. I really like it! It's so nice to just sit back and listen (well of course it's only nice if you're interested in it).

Next was an Anglistics course called "Morpho-Syntax", gawd that's something I don't like at all. It is about a certain field of language studies but I'm not good at it so I really have no idea about what it's exactly about ;)
I remember something with constituency tests in sentences?!

Okay, I promise I'll listen more attentively next time...

parka: vero moda, dress + cardi + skirt (under the dress) + belt: h&m, leggings: ergee, scarf: accessorize, bag: vintage via ebay, boots: no-name via ebay

You know what sucked most about uni? Well, you can see that I wore a dress. The first course this morning was so well attended that I didn't get a seat, so I had to sit on the floor, or to be more precise: on the stairs on the side of the seat rows in the lecture hall - with a dress!
Oh my, can you imagine how uncomfortable it was to sit there without revealing too much? I hate such situations. In the last 30 minutes my right foot even went to sleep from the strange posture, awesome.
It's not so nice to see that the tuition fees are spend on a huge new building for the economists although the Philosophical Faculty overflows with students.

Anyway, that was my day. Well, half of it (the other half is gladly staying inside while outside fall is presenting its coldest and nastiest weather).

Oh and look at the beautiful necklace I wore today! (photo below)
It's the "Hannah's Vinyard Vintage Heart Necklace" from the lovely Blanc et Caramel shop! I won a giveaway over at her blog some weeks ago and was allowed to choose something for 25$ from her range of goodies.
Go take a look if you don't already now Chani and her blog and shop, she sells absolutely fantastic jewelry and deco items! Oh and she has an Etsy Shop too!

necklace: blanc et caramel shop (see links above)

Have a wonderful day my dear readers!

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  1. Was für ein wunderschönes Kleidchen oder ist es eher Tunika?
    Total süß siehst du aus!

  2. Ach ich kenne das mit auf dem Boden sitzen in der Uni auch. Bei uns sind die kleinen Hörsäle immer so voll, dass man keinen Platz findet. Mir schlafen die Füße auch dauernd ein. Du studierst auch Philosophie oder hast du nur ein paar Kurse?
    Das Kleid ist total mein Fall. Könnt ich dir glatt wegmopsen. ^^

  3. Hi Carina, how are you? ^^
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way, I really like your bag,hehe...
    Regarding your question, sometimes I found it on google, some was from other blogs or website :D Good to see you and I definitely will still read your blog~ :)

  4. i absolutely love your bag+cardi.xx

  5. Das freut mich, dass die Kette gut angekommen ist und dass sie dir gefällt! Steht dir super ;) Wie immer, supersüsser Style.
    Das mit dem Auf-der-Uni-Treppe-mit-Rock-Sitzen kenn ich auch, ich trage ja immer nur Röcke und auch damals in Basel gabs manche Vorlesungen, wo unglaublich viel los war. Aber durchs Fahrradfahren war ich auch schon kritischere Situationen gewöhnt :) Da hilft im Winter auf jeden Fall eine blickdichte Strumpfhose!
    LG, Chani
    PS: Den Cardi kauf ich mir jetzt auch!

  6. @ Emma: Dankeschön! Ach ich weiß nichit, ich benutzt es als kleid und Tunika :)

    @ Saskia: Ja ich studier Philo im Nebenfach, du auch? Wusst ich gar nicht, voll cool :)

    @ Gerald: Thank you so much, it's good to hear from you. You seem to have a sense of finding such awesome photos because I never do ;) I'm fine, I hope you're doing well too?

  7. love polka dots and red lipstick combo!

  8. LOVE every little detail of this outfit! The military style parka is wonderful and it's so cool and juxtaposing the way you're wearing it with a polka dot dress :D

  9. You have been a busy bee! Welcome back:) The polka dot dress is so fun and I love ur cardi!!

  10. I loveee your dress. And you've been up to so much! It's nice to see that you're back to blogging. :D
    I love the belt with the dress, and your boots and coat. You look really cosy and ready for winter. <3

  11. Ja...ich studiere das als 2. Lehramtsfach ^^


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