Monday 15 November 2010

chat and good food

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a nice weekend?!
Well, mine was not very exciting but it was nice and included lots of yummy food and chat with people I like.

Oh by the way: I apologize for the poor quality photos! They are kinda crappy because it was already dark outside when I took them and my sleazy camera can't handle artificial light, especially not indoors.
(Note to self: don't forget to take outfit shots as long as there's daylight!!!)

dress + belt: h&m, cardi: zara, leggings: ergee, boots: bullboxer, necklace: bijou brigitte

Friday after work I met a friend in the city to have supper with her. We discovered a very cool new snack bar that only serves organic food, so we had organic salads and pasta and even a non-alcoholic organic piñ
a colada drink. It was all so delicious!
If one of you happens to be in Düsseldorf: it's called "Frischwerk" and is located at the Carlsplatz in the old town.
Afterwards we decided to just go and have an after-work pint at our favourite little pub (the "Schaukelstühlchen") because we were both tired and not in the mood for party. There's nothing like a relaxed supper with a friend on a Friday night :)

This is the organic food (I forgot to take photos of the pasta, sorry):

the salad (with grilled mushrooms, yum!)

and a little panino with pesto, cheese and rucola

Yesterday evening we had a date with our neighbourhood. We have very nice neighbours here in our apartment building, we all know and like each other and I find it so lovely that some of us always plan meetings to discuss the next "neighbourhood celebration" or things like that. The next upcoming event is our yearly pre-Christmas party in the entrance hall and yesterday we met at a tavern to plan it.
It was such a nice evening, we had yummy food (again), beer and chit chat. My salad was exquisite, it had strips of fillet of pork in a honey-mustard-jus on top, aaw I wanna eat this everyday hhmm...

Unfortunately I don't have photos because I would have felt a bit strange explaining the neighbours why I take pictures of our food ;)

But the photos show what I wore yesterday evening, that's something at least.

It's a pity you can't really see the fringes on the front of my dress, they look so cool. I'll wear it again soon and take proper photos then.

Have a nice Sunday!
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  1. I love that dress!!! Das steht dir so gut :) Sag mal hast du das erst kürzlich gekauft?

    Der Salat schaut sehr lecker aus! :)

  2. Seems like you had a great weekend.ilove the last outfit.Stylish!
    Have a happy workweek.

  3. Dein Kleid ist sehr interessant und wunderschön!
    Schwarze Waschmaschine? Sieht man selten.

  4. Ein tolles Kleid. Sind das Stoffstrifen die vorne runter hängen?

    Eine außergewöhnliche Schlüsselkette

  5. woooooow!! I love this outfit so much!! I would love to have your cardi as I am totally obsessed with leopard print! :D:D
    and the dress looks awesome, love those fringes... :))
    as always, I'm getting pretty hungry watching your food pics, aaaaah, YUMMY! I really like vegetables :) rucola and pesto sandwich, sounds delicious... :P

  6. I adore this dress!! It's so gorgeous, it looks wonderful on you! Love the cardigan with it :)

  7. Cute cardigan!


  8. Ich kann dir nur sagen: Das Armband ist ein Traum <3

  9. I love that dress and the prints on your long cardigan already! And those food look super delish! Yummy!

    Have a festive day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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