Wednesday 31 August 2011

birds can fly so high and they can shit on your head

Hi guys!

So, Budapest again. I'm happy to be back! It will definitely be my last stay here for this year but maybe I'll return in 2012, we'll see.
Anyway, it's lovely weather - pleasant 24 degrees - and I enjoyed walks through the streets around my hotel after work yesterday and today. I still have to think about which places I would like to visit after the girls from the office had already shown me all famous sights a few weeks ago. But actually there are so many pretty and interesting places here that I don't worry abour running out of options. There still is Memento Park (a park with an exhibition of Communism statues), the Gellért Hill with the Statue of Liberty (yes they have one too), the zoo and urban amusement park, the synagogue etc. and as I'll stay here over the weekend this time I'm thinking about visiting a mummy exhibition in one of the city's museums. See, I'll have a great time here until next Wednesday! And then when I go back home there will be Nina's wedding the day after, what a great sequence of wonderful events!

♥ dress: h&m ♥ cardi + belt: primark ♥ shoes: head ♥

Sorry, only outfit pics at the hotel room today. I was out and about in the streets after work but I didn't have my camera with me because I was too lazy to go to the hotel and grab it. I promise to look for some nicer places to take pictures in the next days... However it's so hard without a tripod! I need to buy one soon...
Anyway, just a breezy and comfy everyday outfit for a sunny day spent at the office. This dress is one of my favourites: light fabric, soft denim blue, versatile and comfortable to wear and I also love the swallows cardi, it makes the look a bit more interesting.

Now for something different. I didn't have much time to take photos yet, so here are only the three best snapshots I took since yesterday morning:

seat 21F ;)

one of the many churches at nightfall

the disadvantages of a hotel life: no fridge = only snacks and fastfood

Hope you've had a nice week so far!
Good night!

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  1. ohhh your bird sweater is sooo cute, and that dress is really pretty. Great combination for sure, and it sounds like youre having a wonderful time. Its the worst when theres no fridge!! I hate buying all my meals

  2. Wenn das mal kein Kate Nash Song ist, ich liebe ihn :-)
    Bin schon etwas neidisch, denn Budapest ist so toll!
    Irgendwie sind Tiermotive wieder voll "in"...hab gestern in der Stadt fast in jedem Geschäft ähnliche Kleidungsstücke gesehen u.a. auch mit Pferden.

  3. Hihi- Danke ;)
    Ich mag dein Outfit und 24° ist wirklich super. Hier scheint heute zum Glück auch mal wieder die Sonne :) Wird gleich genutzt, um ein Eis essen zu gehen :D

  4. I were also in Budapest from 6 to 15 august :-) at the sziget festival on an island on the donau. AMAZING days!!

    Next year we'll also stay to see the city


  5. Very nice pics plus I it would be nice to be a bird for one day to shit on bad people's head, LOL ! I like your blog, if you want we could follow each other, let me know if you follow my blog and I will surely follow back !

    Fashion and Cookies

  6. Love your outfit, I'd wear it any day! Hope you're having a fun time in Budapest, it's so nice that you get to see so much as part of your work :D


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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