Thursday 25 August 2011

this love's going to drag us down

Hi guys!

I've survived the last two days of bright sunshine and heat but I really didn't feel like taking outfit photos when sweating like hell. Fortunately this afternoon the temperature went down to what is more comfortable to me, now it's 21 degrees celsius and I'm feeling good again.
So I grabbed one of the new summer dresses that I was not able to wear yet and you know what? Remember when I mentioned that I don't have many pieces that match my new frog green cardi? Well this dress has the exact same shade of green in it. Hooray! The little pleasures in life...

♥ dress + shoes: thrifted ♥ cardi: zara ♥ belt: new yorker ♥

Haha, me under our dying sunflower... By the way the cardi was too long and looked strange with the dress so I simply knotted it. Actually I never had the idea of knotting a cardigan before although I sometimes knot shirts and blouses. I think knotting cardis will be my new trick to shorten them. Yes genius, I know. Probably all others have already been doing this for years. Oh well... ;)

♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: six ♥

Oh, did I mention that I'm going to go back to Budapest next week? My company sends me for another training programme with three more new student workers and I'll teach them out database again. I can't wait to meet the girls again and spend some more time in this awesome city! Thanks to my company I somewhat have a kind of vacation this year, without them I would have to wait until next year for our trip to Ireland.
How exciting that my blog somehow travels with me, at least as much as the free internet at the hotels allows it. Bad Taste Toast went to Budapest so far, if my plans work out I'll maybe blog from Prague this Christmas (not sure yet though) and then next year from Ireland and Scotland and God knows from where else. I'm definitely looking forward to all of it.

Oh and what I also wanted to show you:
this is Waleska, my dad's adorable new dog. She's a 4-year-old Jack Russell lady. So cute!

I hope you are all having a lovely day!

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  1. Tolles Kleid bzw. Outfit!
    Ich liebe die Farben, so schön. :)

    Noch eine Frage: machst du deine Fotos mit dem Selbstauslöser? Ich versuche das auch immer, aber ich bin entweder nie ganz drauf & oder so blöd von unten abgelichtet. :(

  2. amazing colors and amazing outfit!

  3. This is such a great look on you, I love all the bright colours!! And that cardigan tied up over the dress is really perfect. Ohh ireland? Thats one place I'm really wanting to go to, thats where my dads family is from

  4. Oh my gosh I want to dognap your dog! Ok not really dognap her but she's sooo cute, I've wanted a jack russel for ageees

  5. I love that dress, it actually looks similar to one I'm planning to wear to a theme park tomorrow!
    Thank you so much for your quick response about Asos, and I am so glad I asked you because I was SO close to ordering a whole pile of things but had this nagging "too good to be true" feel and felt that I should find someone that's dealt with them before. You've saved me a lot of money and disappointment!

    I would love to recommend you ShopRuche though, I have bought lots of things from there this year (having recently received my latest package which contains a lot of my summer wardrobe for this coming summer) and they are great! I actually don't think their shipping would be very expensive to Europe either because their shipping to Australia is pretty fairly priced. And of course their stuff is great!

  6. thats a gorgeous dress..i love the patch of flowers on really stands out from the stripes. your dads dog is soooo adorable, i love jack russells :)

  7. First off: I can't believe you thrifted that dress! It's amazing! So jealous. And that last pic. of the little doggy is too die for. SO. Darn. Cute.

    Second, thank you kindly for your sweet comment. Made my day! xx

    Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  8. wooah die kette ist geil! :D
    ich hab mir jetz auf eba für wenig geld son ähnliches armband ersteigert ;)
    scheinbar sind hirsche die neuen eulen :D

    ähm, "kuhle sachen" ja... alles was man gut für fotoshootings gebrauchen kann, aussergewöhnliches, das kann von schmuck - masken - klamotten bis hin zu möbel einrichtungen alles sein :D
    es brauch halt nu das "gewisse etwas" das es sich gut auf fotos macht ;)


  9. Good to see that you are still colorful and happy!


  10. Lovely outfit, the colours are gorgeous! :)

  11. Kette und Ring gefallen mir super gut! :) Ich finde es auch interessant zu lesen, wenn man von anderen Orten oder Ländern bloggt :)


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