Tuesday 30 August 2011

3f night (friends, food and fun)

Hi guys!

I have arrived in Budapest for the second time in two months this morning and although I don't like to be away from home without a companion I'm happy to be back for another ten days.
But before I post about my stay here I first have to show you the photos of our monthly girls night from Saturday: our friend Julia is not only a dentist-to-be but also a passionate cook. She cooked a four-course-dinner for us and put so much effort in it, so cute of her!

Here are the pics:

the first course

not straight but at least we're all in the photo (self-timer)

one of the two main courses (Mediterranean casseroles yum)

our dentist-to be has denture-ice cubes :D

an ice-denture in the coke :)

comfy and loose outfit for a food night

an attempt on crushing ice

cocktail shaking action no. 1

cocktail shaking action no. 2

a super-delicious driver-friendly cocktail

Julia even made us cupcakes with our initials on them, so cool!

Nom nom nom...

Hope you all had a fab weekend too!
Good night from Budapest! :)

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  1. This looks like sooo much fun!! I love when people make me food, this meal looks ridiculously good. And your outfit is so cute, the pattern and colours are great :)

  2. I have never been to Budapest before but I wish to go in the future (: looks interesting! What a lovely friend you have too to cook a four course meal haha I think I only ever managed 1 and a half course meal for my family x

  3. sounds like u guys had a lovely time, those cupcakes look perfect!

  4. looks like a lot of fun. i love your floral dress. :)

  5. ahaha the dentature ice cubes made me laugh. at first i was like O.o what is THAT? O.o ahahah

  6. ah ice cube dentures!! amazing! x

  7. That looks so delicious!! Those ice cubes are too funny :) Your friend also has a very lovely apartment, I love the paint colors in the dining room.


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